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Calculus, calculi, calculous
    ampulla of Vater --see Calculus, bile duct
    anuria (impacted) (recurrent) --see also Calculus, urinary N20.9
    appendix K38.1
    bile duct (common) (hepatic) K80.50
            calculus of gallbladder --see Calculus, gallbladder and bile duct
            cholangitis K80.30
                    cholecystitis --see Calculus, bile duct, with cholecystitis
                    obstruction K80.31
                acute K80.32
                        chronic cholangitis K80.36
                            with obstruction K80.37
                        obstruction K80.33
                chronic K80.34
                        acute cholangitis K80.36
                            with obstruction K80.37
                        obstruction K80.35
            cholecystitis (with cholangitis) K80.40
                with obstruction K80.41
                acute K80.42
                        chronic cholecystitis K80.46
                            with obstruction K80.47
                        obstruction K80.43
                chronic K80.44
                        acute cholecystitis K80.46
                            with obstruction K80.47
                        obstruction K80.45
            obstruction K80.51
    biliary --see also Calculus, gallbladder
        specified NEC K80.80
            with obstruction K80.81
    bilirubin, multiple --see Calculus, gallbladder
    bladder (encysted) (impacted) (urinary) (diverticulum) N21.0
    bronchus J98.09
    calyx (kidney) (renal) --see Calculus, kidney
    cholesterol (pure) (solitary) --see Calculus, gallbladder
    common duct (bile) --see Calculus, bile duct
    conjunctiva --see Concretion, conjunctiva
    cystic N21.0
        duct --see Calculus, gallbladder
    dental (subgingival) (supragingival) K03.6
        bladder N21.0
        kidney N20.0
    epididymis N50.89
    gallbladder K80.20
            bile duct calculus --see Calculus, gallbladder and bile duct
            cholecystitis K80.10
                with obstruction K80.11
                acute K80.00
                        chronic cholecystitis K80.12
                            with obstruction K80.13
                        obstruction K80.01
                chronic K80.10
                        acute cholecystitis K80.12
                            with obstruction K80.13
                        obstruction K80.11
                specified NEC K80.18
                    with obstruction K80.19
            obstruction K80.21
    gallbladder and bile duct K80.70
            cholecystitis K80.60
                with obstruction K80.61
                acute K80.62
                        chronic cholecystitis K80.66
                            with obstruction K80.67
                        obstruction K80.63
                chronic K80.64
                        acute cholecystitis K80.66
                            with obstruction K80.67
                        obstruction K80.65
            obstruction K80.71
    hepatic (duct) --see Calculus, bile duct
    hepatobiliary K80.80
        with obstruction K80.81
    ileal conduit N21.8
    intestinal (impaction) (obstruction) K56.49
    kidney (impacted) (multiple) (pelvis) (recurrent) (staghorn) N20.0
        with calculus, ureter N20.2
        congenital Q63.8
    lacrimal passages --see Dacryolith
    liver (impacted) --see Calculus, bile duct
    lung J98.4
    mammographic R92.1
    nephritic (impacted) (recurrent) --see Calculus, kidney
    nose J34.89
    pancreas (duct) K86.89
    parotid duct or gland K11.5
    pelvis, encysted --see Calculus, kidney
    prostate N42.0
    pulmonary J98.4
    pyelitis (impacted) (recurrent) N20.0
        with hydronephrosis N13.2
    pyelonephritis (impacted) (recurrent) --see category N20
        with hydronephrosis N13.2
    renal (impacted) (recurrent) --see Calculus, kidney
    salivary (duct) (gland) K11.5
    seminal vesicle N50.89
    staghorn --see Calculus, kidney
    Stensen's duct K11.5
    stomach K31.89
    sublingual duct or gland K11.5
        congenital Q38.4
    submandibular duct, gland or region K11.5
    submaxillary duct, gland or region K11.5
    suburethral N21.8
    tonsil J35.8
    tooth, teeth (subgingival) (supragingival) K03.6
    tunica vaginalis N50.89
    ureter (impacted) (recurrent) N20.1
        with calculus, kidney N20.2
            with hydronephrosis N13.2
                with infection N13.6
    urethra (impacted) N21.1
    urinary (duct) (impacted) (passage) (tract) N20.9
        with hydronephrosis N13.2
            with infection N13.6
        in (due to)
        lower N21.9
            specified NEC N21.8
    vagina N89.8
    vesical (impacted) N21.0
    Wharton's duct K11.5
    xanthine E79.8 [N22]