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Cataract (cortical) (immature) (incipient) H26.9
        neovascularization --see Cataract, complicated
    age-related --see Cataract, senile
        and posterior axial embryonal Q12.0
        pyramidal Q12.0
    associated with
        galactosemia E74.21 [H28]
        myotonic disorders G71.19 [H28]
    blue Q12.0
    central Q12.0
    cerulean Q12.0
    complicated H26.20
            neovascularization H26.21-
            ocular disorder H26.22-
        glaucomatous flecks H26.23-
    congenital Q12.0
    coraliform Q12.0
    coronary Q12.0
    crystalline Q12.0
    diabetic --see Diabetes, cataract
    drug-induced H26.3-
    due to
        ocular disorder --see Cataract, complicated
        radiation H26.8
    electric H26.8
    extraction status Z98.4-
    glass-blower's H26.8
    heat ray H26.8
    heterochromic --see Cataract, complicated
    hypermature --see Cataract, senile, morgagnian type
    in (due to)
        chronic iridocyclitis --see Cataract, complicated
        diabetes --see Diabetes, cataract
        endocrine disease E34.9 [H28]
        eye disease --see Cataract, complicated
        hypoparathyroidism E20.9 [H28]
        malnutrition-dehydration E46 [H28]
        metabolic disease E88.9 [H28]
        myotonic disorders G71.19 [H28]
        nutritional disease E63.9 [H28]
    infantile --see Cataract, presenile
    irradiational --see Cataract, specified NEC
    juvenile --see Cataract, presenile
    malnutrition-dehydration E46 [H28]
    morgagnian --see Cataract, senile, morgagnian type
    myotonic G71.19 [H28]
    myxedema E03.9 [H28]
        embryonal Q12.0
        sclerosis --see Cataract, senile, nuclear
    presenile H26.00-
        combined forms H26.06-
        cortical H26.01-
        lamellar --see Cataract, presenile, cortical
        nuclear H26.03-
        specified NEC H26.09
        subcapsular polar (anterior) H26.04-
            posterior H26.05-
        zonular --see Cataract, presenile, cortical
    secondary H26.40
        Soemmering's ring H26.41-
        specified NEC H26.49-
        to eye disease --see Cataract, complicated
    senile H25.9
        brunescens --see Cataract, senile, nuclear
        combined forms H25.81-
        coronary --see Cataract, senile, incipient
        cortical H25.01-
        hypermature --see Cataract, senile, morgagnian type
        incipient (mature) (total) H25.09-
            cortical --see Cataract, senile, cortical
            subcapsular --see Cataract, senile, subcapsular
        morgagnian type (hypermature) H25.2-
        nuclear (sclerosis) H25.1-
        polar subcapsular (anterior) (posterior) --see Cataract, senile, incipient
        punctate --see Cataract, senile, incipient
        specified NEC H25.89
        subcapsular polar (anterior) H25.03-
            posterior H25.04-
    snowflake --see Diabetes, cataract
    specified NEC H26.8
    toxic --see Cataract, drug-induced
    traumatic H26.10-
        localized H26.11-
        partially resolved H26.12-
        total H26.13-
    zonular (perinuclear) Q12.0