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Cellulitis (diffuse) (phlegmonous) (septic) (suppurative) L03.90
    abdominal wall L03.311
    anaerobic A48.0
    ankle --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    anus K61.0
    arm --see Cellulitis, upper limb
    auricle (ear) --see Cellulitis, ear
    axilla L03.11-
    back (any part) L03.312
    breast (acute) (nonpuerperal) (subacute) N61.0
        nipple N61.0
    broad ligament
        acute N73.0
    buttock L03.317
    cervical (meaning neck) L03.221
    cervix (uteri) --see Cervicitis
    cheek (external) L03.211
        internal K12.2
    chest wall L03.313
    chronic L03.90
    clostridial A48.0
    corpus cavernosum N48.22
        finger --see Cellulitis, finger
        toe --see Cellulitis, toe
    Douglas' cul-de-sac or pouch
        acute N73.0
    drainage site (following operation) T81.49
    ear (external) H60.1-
    eosinophilic (granulomatous) L98.3
    erysipelatous --see Erysipelas
    external auditory canal --see Cellulitis, ear
    eyelid --see Abscess, eyelid
    face NEC L03.211
    finger (intrathecal) (periosteal) (subcutaneous) (subcuticular) L03.01-
    foot --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    gangrenous --see Gangrene
    genital organ NEC
        female (external) N76.4
        male N49.9
            multiple sites N49.8
            specified NEC N49.8
    gluteal (region) L03.317
    gonococcal A54.89
    groin L03.314
    hand --see Cellulitis, upper limb
    head NEC L03.811
        face (any part, except ear, eye and nose) L03.211
    heel --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    hip --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    jaw (region) L03.211
    knee --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    labium (majus) (minus) --see Vulvitis
    lacrimal passages --see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages
    larynx J38.7
    leg --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    lip K13.0
    lower limb L03.11-
        toe --see Cellulitis, toe
    mouth (floor) K12.2
    multiple sites, so stated L03.90
    nasopharynx J39.1
    navel L03.316
        newborn P38.9
            with mild hemorrhage P38.1
            without hemorrhage P38.9
    neck (region) L03.221
    nipple (acute) (nonpuerperal) (subacute) N61.0
    nose (septum) (external) J34.0
    orbit, orbital H05.01-
    palate (soft) K12.2
    pectoral (region) L03.313
    pelvis, pelvic (chronic)
        female --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
            acute N73.0
        following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
        male K65.0
    penis N48.22
    perineal, perineum L03.315
    periorbital L03.213
    perirectal K61.1
    peritonsillar J36
    periurethral N34.0
    periuterine --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
        acute N73.0
    pharynx J39.1
    preseptal L03.213
    rectum K61.1
    retroperitoneal K68.9
    round ligament
        acute N73.0
    scalp (any part) L03.811
    scrotum N49.2
    seminal vesicle N49.0
    shoulder --see Cellulitis, upper limb
    specified site NEC L03.818
    submandibular (region) (space) (triangle) K12.2
        gland K11.3
    submaxillary (region) K12.2
        gland K11.3
    thigh --see Cellulitis, lower limb
    thumb (intrathecal) (periosteal) (subcutaneous) (subcuticular) --see Cellulitis, finger
    toe (intrathecal) (periosteal) (subcutaneous) (subcuticular) L03.03-
    tonsil J36
    trunk L03.319
        abdominal wall L03.311
        back (any part) L03.312
        buttock L03.317
        chest wall L03.313
        groin L03.314
        perineal, perineum L03.315
        umbilicus L03.316
    tuberculous (primary) A18.4
    umbilicus L03.316
    upper limb L03.11-
        axilla --see Cellulitis, axilla
        finger --see Cellulitis, finger
        thumb --see Cellulitis, finger
    vaccinal T88.0
    vocal cord J38.3
    vulva --see Vulvitis
    wrist --see Cellulitis, upper limb