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Change (s) (in) (of) --see also Removal
    arteriosclerotic --see Arteriosclerosis
    bone --see also Disorder, bone
        diabetic --see Diabetes, bone change
    bowel habit R19.4
    cardiorenal (vascular) --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
    cardiovascular --see Disease, cardiovascular
    circulatory I99.9
    cognitive (mild) (organic) R41.89
    color, tooth, teeth
        during formation K00.8
        posteruptive K03.7
    contraceptive device Z30.433
    corneal membrane H18.30
        Bowman's membrane fold or rupture H18.31-
        Descemet's membrane
            fold H18.32-
            rupture H18.33-
    coronary --see Disease, heart, ischemic
    degenerative, spine or vertebra --see Spondylosis
    dental pulp, regressive K04.2
    dressing (nonsurgical) Z48.00
        surgical Z48.01
    heart --see Disease, heart
    hip joint --see Derangement, joint, hip
    hyperplastic larynx J38.7
        nasal sinus J34.89
        turbinate, nasal J34.3
        upper respiratory tract J39.8
    indwelling catheter Z46.6
    inflammatory --see also Inflammation
        sacroiliac M46.1
    job, anxiety concerning Z56.1
    joint --see Derangement, joint
    life --see Menopause
    mental status R41.82
    minimal (glomerular) --see also N00-N07 with fourth character .0 N05.0
    myocardium, myocardial --see Degeneration, myocardial
    of life --see Menopause
    pacemaker Z45.018
        pulse generator Z45.010
    personality (enduring) F68.8
        due to (secondary to)
            general medical condition F07.0
        secondary (nonspecific) F60.89
    regressive, dental pulp K04.2
    renal --see Disease, renal
    retina H35.9
        myopic --see also Myopia, degenerative H44.2-
    sacroiliac joint M53.3
    senile --see also condition R54
    sensory R20.8
    skin R23.9
        acute, due to ultraviolet radiation L56.9
            specified NEC L56.8
        chronic, due to nonionizing radiation L57.9
            specified NEC L57.8
        cyanosis R23.0
        flushing R23.2
        pallor R23.1
        petechiae R23.3
        specified change NEC R23.8
        swelling --see Mass, localized
        texture R23.4
        arm --see Mononeuropathy, upper limb
        leg --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb
    vascular I99.9
    vasomotor I73.9
    voice R49.9
        psychogenic F44.4
        specified NEC R49.8