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Congestion, congestive
    bladder N32.89
    bowel K63.89
    brain G93.89
    breast N64.59
    bronchial J98.09
    catarrhal J31.0
    chest R09.89
    chill, malarial --see Malaria
    circulatory NEC I99.8
    duodenum K31.89
    eye --see Hyperemia, conjunctiva
    facial, due to birth injury P15.4
    general R68.89
    glottis J37.0
    heart --see Failure, heart, congestive
    hepatic K76.1
    hypostatic (lung) --see Edema, lung
    intestine K63.89
    kidney N28.89
    labyrinth --see subcategory H83.8
    larynx J37.0
    liver K76.1
    lung R09.89
        active or acute --see Pneumonia
    malaria, malarial --see Malaria
    nasal R09.81
    nose R09.81
    orbit, orbital --see also Exophthalmos
        inflammatory (chronic) --see Inflammation, orbit
    ovary N83.8
    pancreas K86.89
    pelvic, female N94.89
    pleural J94.8
    prostate (active) N42.1
    pulmonary --see Congestion, lung
    renal N28.89
    retina H35.81
    seminal vesicle N50.1
    spinal cord G95.19
    spleen (chronic) D73.2
    stomach K31.89
    trachea --see Tracheitis
    urethra N36.8
    uterus N85.8
        with subinvolution N85.3
    venous (passive) I87.8
    viscera R68.89