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    abdomen R10.0
    acute reaction F43.0
    addisonian E27.2
    adrenal (cortical) E27.2
    celiac K90.0
    Dietl's N13.8
    emotional --see also Disorder, adjustment
        acute reaction to stress F43.0
        specific to childhood and adolescence F93.8
    glaucomatocyclitic --see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
    heart --see Failure, heart
    nitritoid I95.2
        correct substance properly administered --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, adverse effect
        overdose or wrong substance given or taken --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
    oculogyric H51.8
        psychogenic F45.8
    Pel's (tabetic) A52.11
    psychosexual identity F64.2
    renal N28.0
    sickle-cell D57.00
            acute chest syndrome D57.01
            splenic sequestration D57.02
    state (acute reaction) F43.0
    tabetic A52.11
    thyroid --see Thyrotoxicosis with thyroid storm
    thyrotoxic --see Thyrotoxicosis with thyroid storm