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Decrease (d)
    absolute neutrophile count --see Neutropenia
        platelets --see Thrombocytopenia
        pressure R03.1
            due to shock following
                injury T79.4
                operation T81.19
    estrogen E28.39
        postablative E89.40
            asymptomatic E89.40
            symptomatic E89.41
    fragility of erythrocytes D58.8
        lipase (pancreatic) K90.3
        ovary in hypopituitarism E23.0
        parenchyma of pancreas K86.89
        pituitary (gland) (anterior) (lobe) E23.0
            posterior (lobe) E23.0
    functional activity R68.89
    glucose R73.09
    hematocrit R71.0
    hemoglobin R71.0
    leukocytes D72.819
        specified NEC D72.818
    libido R68.82
    lymphocytes D72.810
    platelets D69.6
    respiration, due to shock following injury T79.4
    sexual desire R68.82
    tear secretion NEC --see Syndrome, dry eye
        fat K90.49
        glucose R73.09
        pancreatic K90.3
        salt and water E87.8
    vision NEC H54.7
    white blood cell count D72.819
        specified NEC D72.818