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Degeneration, degenerative
    adrenal (capsule) (fatty) (gland) (hyaline) (infectional) E27.8
    amyloid --see also Amyloidosis E85.9
    anterior cornua, spinal cord G12.29
    anterior labral S43.49-
    aorta, aortic I70.0
        fatty I77.89
    aortic valve (heart) --see Endocarditis, aortic
    arteriovascular --see Arteriosclerosis
    artery, arterial (atheromatous) (calcareous) --see also Arteriosclerosis
        cerebral, amyloid E85.4 [I68.0]
        medial --see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
    articular cartilage NEC --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage, by site
    atheromatous --see Arteriosclerosis
    basal nuclei or ganglia G23.9
        specified NEC G23.8
    bone NEC --see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
    brachial plexus G54.0
    brain (cortical) (progressive) G31.9
        alcoholic G31.2
        arteriosclerotic I67.2
        childhood G31.9
            specified NEC G31.89
        cystic G31.89
            congenital Q04.6
            alcoholism G31.2
            beriberi E51.2
            cerebrovascular disease I67.9
            congenital hydrocephalus Q03.9
                with spina bifida --see also Spina bifida
            Fabry-Anderson disease E75.21
            Gaucher's disease E75.22
            Hunter's syndrome E76.1
                cerebral E75.4
                generalized E75.6
            mucopolysaccharidosis --see Mucopolysaccharidosis
            myxedema E03.9 [G32.89]
            neoplastic disease --see also Neoplasm D49.6 [G32.89]
            Niemann-Pick disease E75.249 [G32.89]
            sphingolipidosis E75.3 [G32.89]
            vitamin B12 deficiency E53.8 [G32.89]
        senile NEC G31.1
    breast N64.89
    Bruch's membrane --see Degeneration, choroid
    capillaries (fatty) I78.8
        amyloid E85.89 [I79.8]
    cardiac --see also Degeneration, myocardial
        valve, valvular --see Endocarditis
    cardiorenal --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
    cardiovascular --see also Disease, cardiovascular
        renal --see Hypertension, cardiorenal
    cerebellar NOS G31.9
        alcoholic G31.2
        primary (hereditary) (sporadic) G11.9
    cerebral --see Degeneration, brain
    cerebrovascular I67.9
        due to hypertension I67.4
    cervical plexus G54.2
    cervix N88.8
        due to radiation (intended effect) N88.8
            adverse effect or misadventure N99.89
    chamber angle H21.21-
    changes, spine or vertebra --see Spondylosis
    chorioretinal --see also Degeneration, choroid
        hereditary H31.20
    choroid (colloid) (drusen) H31.10-
        atrophy --see Atrophy, choroidal
        hereditary --see Dystrophy, choroidal, hereditary
    ciliary body H21.22-
    cochlear --see subcategory H83.8
    combined (spinal cord) (subacute) E53.8 [G32.0]
        with anemia (pernicious) D51.0 [G32.0]
            due to dietary vitamin B12 deficiency D51.3 [G32.0]
        in (due to)
            vitamin B12 deficiency E53.8 [G32.0]
                anemia D51.9 [G32.0]
    conjunctiva H11.10
        concretions --see Concretion, conjunctiva
        deposits --see Deposit, conjunctiva
        pigmentations --see Pigmentation, conjunctiva
        pinguecula --see Pinguecula
        xerosis --see Xerosis, conjunctiva
    cornea H18.40
        calcerous H18.43
            band keratopathy H18.42-
        familial, hereditary --see Dystrophy, cornea
        hyaline (of old scars) H18.49
        keratomalacia --see Keratomalacia
        nodular H18.45-
        peripheral H18.46-
        senile H18.41-
        specified type NEC H18.49
    cortical (cerebellar) (parenchymatous) G31.89
        alcoholic G31.2
        diffuse, due to arteriopathy I67.2
    corticobasal G31.85
    cutis L98.8
        amyloid E85.4 [L99]
    dental pulp K04.2
    disc disease --see Degeneration, intervertebral disc NEC
    dorsolateral (spinal cord) --see Degeneration, combined
    extrapyramidal G25.9
    eye, macular --see also Degeneration, macula
        congenital or hereditary --see Dystrophy, retina
    facet joints --see Spondylosis
        liver NEC K76.0
            alcoholic K70.0
    grey matter (brain) (Alpers') G31.81
    heart --see also Degeneration, myocardial
        amyloid E85.4 [I43]
        atheromatous --see Disease, heart, ischemic, atherosclerotic
        ischemic --see Disease, heart, ischemic
    hepatolenticular (Wilson's) E83.01
    hepatorenal K76.7
    hyaline (diffuse) (generalized)
        localized --see Degeneration, by site
    infrapatellar fat pad M79.4
    intervertebral disc NOS
            myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, myelopathy
            radiculitis or radiculopathy --see Disorder, disc, with, radiculopathy
        cervical, cervicothoracic --see Disorder, disc, cervical, degeneration
                myelopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with myelopathy
                neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy --see Disorder, disc, cervical, with neuritis
        lumbar region M51.36
                myelopathy M51.06
                neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.16
        lumbosacral region M51.37
                neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy or sciatica M51.17
        sacrococcygeal region M53.3
        thoracic region M51.34
                myelopathy M51.04
                neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy M51.14
        thoracolumbar region M51.35
                myelopathy M51.05
                neuritis, radiculitis, radiculopathy M51.15
    intestine, amyloid E85.4
    iris (pigmentary) H21.23-
    ischemic --see Ischemia
    joint disease --see Osteoarthritis
    kidney N28.89
        amyloid E85.4 [N29]
        cystic, congenital Q61.9
        fatty N28.89
        polycystic Q61.3
            adult type (autosomal dominant) Q61.2
            infantile type NEC (autosomal recessive) Q61.19
                collecting duct dilatation Q61.11
    Kuhnt-Junius --see also Degeneration, macula H35.32-
    lens --see Cataract
    lenticular (familial) (progressive) (Wilson's) (with cirrhosis of liver) E83.01
    liver NEC (diffuse) K76.89
        amyloid E85.4 [K77]
        cystic K76.89
            congenital Q44.6
        fatty NEC K76.0
            alcoholic K70.0
        hypertrophic K76.89
        parenchymatous, acute or subacute K72.00
            with coma K72.01
        pigmentary K76.89
        toxic (acute) K71.9
    lung J98.4
    lymph gland I89.8
        hyaline I89.8
    macula, macular (acquired) (age-related) (senile) H35.30
        angioid streaks H35.33
        atrophic age-related H35.31-
        congenital or hereditary --see Dystrophy, retina
        cystoid H35.35-
        drusen H35.36-
        dry age-related H35.31-
        exudative H35.32-
        hole H35.34-
        nonexudative H35.31-
        puckering H35.37-
        toxic H35.38-
        wet age-related H35.32-
    membranous labyrinth, congenital (causing impairment of hearing) Q16.5
    meniscus --see Derangement, meniscus
    mitral --see Insufficiency, mitral
    Mönckeberg's --see Arteriosclerosis, extremities
    motor centers, senile G31.1
    multi-system G90.3
    mural --see Degeneration, myocardial
    muscle (fatty) (fibrous) (hyaline) (progressive) M62.89
        heart --see Degeneration, myocardial
    myelin, central nervous system G37.9
    myocardial, myocardium (fatty) (hyaline) (senile) I51.5
        with rheumatic fever (conditions in I00) I09.0
            active, acute or subacute I01.2
                with chorea I02.0
            inactive or quiescent (with chorea) I09.0
        hypertensive --see Hypertension, heart
        rheumatic --see Degeneration, myocardial, with rheumatic fever
        syphilitic A52.06
    nasal sinus (mucosa) J32.9
        frontal J32.1
        maxillary J32.0
    nerve --see Disorder, nerve
    nervous system G31.9
        alcoholic G31.2
        amyloid E85.4 [G99.8]
        autonomic G90.9
        fatty G31.89
        specified NEC G31.89
    nipple N64.89
    olivopontocerebellar (hereditary) (familial) G23.8
    osseous labyrinth --see subcategory H83.8
    ovary N83.8
        cystic N83.20-
        microcystic N83.20-
    pallidal pigmentary (progressive) G23.0
    pancreas K86.89
        tuberculous A18.83
    penis N48.89
    pigmentary (diffuse) (general)
        localized --see Degeneration, by site
        pallidal (progressive) G23.0
    pineal gland E34.8
    pituitary (gland) E23.6
    popliteal fat pad M79.4
    posterolateral (spinal cord) --see Degeneration, combined
    pulmonary valve (heart) I37.8
    pulp (tooth) K04.2
    pupillary margin H21.24-
    renal --see Degeneration, kidney
    retina H35.9
        hereditary (cerebroretinal) (congenital) (juvenile) (macula) (peripheral) (pigmentary) --see Dystrophy, retina
        Kuhnt-Junius --see also Degeneration, macula H35.32-
        macula (cystic) (exudative) (hole) (nonexudative) (pseudohole) (senile) (toxic) --see Degeneration, macula
        peripheral H35.40
            lattice H35.41-
            microcystoid H35.42-
            paving stone H35.43-
                pigmentary H35.45-
                vitreoretinal H35.46-
            senile reticular H35.44-
        pigmentary (primary) --see also Dystrophy, retina
            secondary --see Degeneration, retina, peripheral, secondary
        posterior pole --see Degeneration, macula
    saccule, congenital (causing impairment of hearing) Q16.5
    senile R54
        brain G31.1
        cardiac, heart or myocardium --see Degeneration, myocardial
        motor centers G31.1
        vascular --see Arteriosclerosis
    sinus (cystic) --see also Sinusitis
        polypoid J33.1
    skin L98.8
        amyloid E85.4 [L99]
        colloid L98.8
    spinal (cord) G31.89
        amyloid E85.4 [G32.89]
        combined (subacute) --see Degeneration, combined
        dorsolateral --see Degeneration, combined
        familial NEC G31.89
        fatty G31.89
        funicular --see Degeneration, combined
        posterolateral --see Degeneration, combined
        subacute combined --see Degeneration, combined
        tuberculous A17.81
    spleen D73.0
        amyloid E85.4 [D77]
    stomach K31.89
    striatonigral G23.2
    suprarenal (capsule) (gland) E27.8
    synovial membrane (pulpy) --see Disorder, synovium, specified type NEC
    tapetoretinal --see Dystrophy, retina
    thymus (gland) E32.8
        fatty E32.8
    thyroid (gland) E07.89
    tricuspid (heart) (valve) I07.9
    tuberculous NEC --see Tuberculosis
    turbinate J34.89
    uterus (cystic) N85.8
    vascular (senile) --see Arteriosclerosis
        hypertensive --see Hypertension
    vitreoretinal, secondary --see Degeneration, retina, peripheral, secondary, vitreoretinal
    vitreous (body) H43.81-
    Wallerian --see Disorder, nerve
    Wilson's hepatolenticular E83.01