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Dehiscence (of)
    amputation stump T87.81
    cesarean wound O90.0
    closure of
        cornea T81.31
        craniotomy T81.32
        fascia (muscular) (superficial) T81.32
        internal organ or tissue T81.32
        laceration (external) (internal) T81.33
        ligament T81.32
        mucosa T81.31
        muscle or muscle flap T81.32
        ribs or rib cage T81.32
        skin and subcutaneous tissue (full-thickness) (superficial) T81.31
        skull T81.32
        sternum (sternotomy) T81.32
        tendon T81.32
        traumatic laceration (external) (internal) T81.33
    episiotomy O90.1
    operation wound NEC T81.31
        external operation wound (superficial) T81.31
        internal operation wound (deep) T81.32
    perineal wound (postpartum) O90.1
    traumatic injury wound repair T81.33
    wound T81.30
        traumatic repair T81.33