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Delay, delayed
    any plane in pelvis
        complicating delivery O66.9
    birth or delivery NOS O63.9
    closure, ductus arteriosus (Botalli) P29.38
    coagulation --see Defect, coagulation
    conduction (cardiac) (ventricular) I45.9
    delivery, second twin, triplet, etc O63.2
    development R62.50
        global F88
        intellectual (specific) F81.9
        language F80.9
            due to hearing loss F80.4
        learning F81.9
        pervasive F84.9
        physiological R62.50
            specified stage NEC R62.0
        reading F81.0
        sexual E30.0
        speech F80.9
            due to hearing loss F80.4
        spelling F81.81
    ejaculation F52.32
    gastric emptying K30
    menarche E30.0
    menstruation (cause unknown) N91.0
    milestone R62.0
    passage of meconium (newborn) P76.0
    primary respiration P28.9
    puberty (constitutional) E30.0
    separation of umbilical cord P96.82
    sexual maturation, female E30.0
    sleep phase syndrome G47.21
    union, fracture --see Fracture, by site
    vaccination Z28.9