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Depression (acute) (mental) F32.9
    agitated (single episode) F32.2
    anaclitic --see Disorder, adjustment
    anxiety F41.8
        persistent F34.1
    arches --see also Deformity, limb, flat foot
    atypical (single episode) F32.89
        recurrent episode F33.8
    basal metabolic rate R94.8
    bone marrow D75.89
    central nervous system R09.2
    cerebral R29.818
        newborn P91.4
    cerebrovascular I67.9
    chest wall M95.4
    climacteric (single episode) F32.89
        recurrent episode F33.8
    endogenous (without psychotic symptoms) F33.2
        with psychotic symptoms F33.3
    functional activity R68.89
    hysterical F44.89
    involutional (single episode) F32.89
        recurrent episode F33.8
    major F32.9
        with psychotic symptoms F32.3
        recurrent --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
    manic-depressive --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
    masked (single episode) F32.89
    medullary G93.89
    menopausal (single episode) F32.89
        recurrent episode F33.8
    metatarsus --see Depression, arches
    monopolar F33.9
    nervous F34.1
    neurotic F34.1
    nose M95.0
    postnatal (NOS) F53.0
    postpartum (NOS) F53.0
    post-psychotic of schizophrenia F32.89
    post-schizophrenic F32.89
    psychogenic (reactive) (single episode) F32.9
    psychoneurotic F34.1
    psychotic (single episode) F32.3
        recurrent F33.3
    reactive (psychogenic) (single episode) F32.9
        psychotic (single episode) F32.3
    recurrent --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
    respiratory center G93.89
    seasonal --see Disorder, depressive, recurrent
    senile F03
    severe, single episode F32.2
    situational F43.21
    skull Q67.4
    specified NEC (single episode) F32.89
    sternum M95.4
    visual field --see Defect, visual field
    vital (recurrent) (without psychotic symptoms) F33.2
        with psychotic symptoms F33.3
        single episode F32.2