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Dermatitis (eczematous) L30.9
    ab igne L59.0
    acarine B88.0
    actinic (due to sun) L57.8
        other than from sun L59.8
    allergic --see Dermatitis, contact, allergic
    ambustionis, due to burn or scald --see Burn
    amebic A06.7
    ammonia L22
    arsenical (ingested) L27.8
    artefacta L98.1
        psychogenic F54
    atopic L20.9
        psychogenic F54
        specified NEC L20.89
    autoimmune progesterone L30.8
    berlock, berloque L56.2
    blastomycotic B40.3
    blister beetle L24.89
    bullous, bullosa L13.9
        mucosynechial, atrophic L12.1
        seasonal L30.8
        specified NEC L13.8
    calorica L59.0
        due to burn or scald --see Burn
    caterpillar L24.89
    cercarial B65.3
    combustionis L59.0
        due to burn or scald --see Burn
    congelationis T69.1
    contact (occupational) L25.9
        allergic L23.9
            due to
                adhesives L23.1
                cement L23.5
                chemical products NEC L23.5
                chromium L23.0
                cosmetics L23.2
                dander (cat) (dog) L23.81
                drugs in contact with skin L23.3
                dyes L23.4
                food in contact with skin L23.6
                hair (cat) (dog) L23.81
                insecticide L23.5
                metals L23.0
                nickel L23.0
                plants, non-food L23.7
                plastic L23.5
                rubber L23.5
                specified agent NEC L23.89
        due to
            cement L25.3
            chemical products NEC L25.3
            cosmetics L25.0
            dander (cat) (dog) L23.81
            drugs in contact with skin L25.1
            dyes L25.2
            food in contact with skin L25.4
            hair (cat) (dog) L23.81
            plants, non-food L25.5
            specified agent NEC L25.8
        irritant L24.9
            due to
                cement L24.5
                chemical products NEC L24.5
                cosmetics L24.3
                detergents L24.0
                drugs in contact with skin L24.4
                food in contact with skin L24.6
                oils and greases L24.1
                plants, non-food L24.7
                solvents L24.2
                specified agent NEC L24.89
    contusiformis L52
    diabetic --see E08-E13 with .620
    diaper L22
    diphtheritica A36.3
    dry skin L85.3
    due to
        acetone (contact) (irritant) L24.2
        acids (contact) (irritant) L24.5
        adhesive (s) (allergic) (contact) (plaster) L23.1
            irritant L24.5
        alcohol (irritant) (skin contact) (substances in category T51) L24.2
            taken internally L27.8
        alkalis (contact) (irritant) L24.5
        arsenic (ingested) L27.8
        carbon disulfide (contact) (irritant) L24.2
        caustics (contact) (irritant) L24.5
        cement (contact) L25.3
        cereal (ingested) L27.2
        chemical NEC (s) L25.3
            taken internally L27.8
        chlorocompounds L24.2
        chromium (contact) (irritant) L24.81
        coffee (ingested) L27.2
        cold weather L30.8
        cosmetics (contact) L25.0
            allergic L23.2
            irritant L24.3
        cyclohexanes L24.2
        dander (cat) (dog) L23.81
        Demodex species B88.0
        Dermanyssus gallinae B88.0
        detergents (contact) (irritant) L24.0
        dichromate L24.81
        drugs and medicaments (generalized) (internal use) L27.0
            external --see Dermatitis, due to, drugs, in contact with skin
            in contact with skin L25.1
                allergic L23.3
                irritant L24.4
            localized skin eruption L27.1
            specified substance --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
        dyes (contact) L25.2
            allergic L23.4
            irritant L24.89
        epidermophytosis --see Dermatophytosis
        esters L24.2
        external irritant NEC L24.9
        fish (ingested) L27.2
        flour (ingested) L27.2
        food (ingested) L27.2
            in contact with skin L25.4
        fruit (ingested) L27.2
        furs (allergic) (contact) L23.81
        glues --see Dermatitis, due to, adhesives
        glycols L24.2
        greases NEC (contact) (irritant) L24.1
        hair (cat) (dog) L23.81
            objects and materials --see Burn
            weather or places L59.0
        hydrocarbons L24.2
        infrared rays L59.8
        ingestion, ingested substance L27.9
            chemical NEC L27.8
            drugs and medicaments --see Dermatitis, due to, drugs
            food L27.2
            specified NEC L27.8
        insecticide in contact with skin L24.5
        internal agent L27.9
            drugs and medicaments (generalized) --see Dermatitis, due to, drugs
            food L27.2
        irradiation --see Dermatitis, due to, radioactive substance
        ketones L24.2
        lacquer tree (allergic) (contact) L23.7
        light NEC (sun) L57.8
            acute L56.8
            other L59.8
        Liponyssoides sanguineus B88.0
        low temperature L30.8
        meat (ingested) L27.2
        metals, metal salts (contact) (irritant) L24.81
        milk (ingested) L27.2
        nickel (contact) (irritant) L24.81
        nylon (contact) (irritant) L24.5
        oils NEC (contact) (irritant) L24.1
        paint solvent (contact) (irritant) L24.2
        petroleum products (contact) (irritant) (substances in T52.0) L24.2
        plants NEC (contact) L25.5
            allergic L23.7
            irritant L24.7
        plasters (adhesive) (any) (allergic) (contact) L23.1
            irritant L24.5
        plastic (contact) L25.3
        preservatives (contact) --see Dermatitis, due to, chemical, in contact with skin
        primrose (allergic) (contact) L23.7
        primula (allergic) (contact) L23.7
        radiation L59.8
            nonionizing (chronic exposure) L57.8
            sun NEC L57.8
                acute L56.8
        radioactive substance L58.9
            acute L58.0
            chronic L58.1
        radium L58.9
            acute L58.0
            chronic L58.1
        ragweed (allergic) (contact) L23.7
        Rhus (allergic) (contact) (diversiloba) (radicans) (toxicodendron) (venenata) (verniciflua) L23.7
        rubber (contact) L24.5
        Senecio jacobaea (allergic) (contact) L23.7
        solvents (contact) (irritant) (substances in categories T52) L24.2
        specified agent NEC (contact) L25.8
            allergic L23.89
            irritant L24.89
        sunshine NEC L57.8
            acute L56.8
        tetrachlorethylene (contact) (irritant) L24.2
        toluene (contact) (irritant) L24.2
        turpentine (contact) L24.2
        ultraviolet rays (sun NEC) (chronic exposure) L57.8
            acute L56.8
        vaccine or vaccination L27.0
            specified substance --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
        varicose veins --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
        X-rays L58.9
            acute L58.0
            chronic L58.1
    dyshydrotic L30.1
    dysmenorrheica N94.6
    escharotica --see Burn
    exfoliative, exfoliativa (generalized) L26
        neonatorum L00
    eyelid --see also Dermatosis, eyelid
        allergic H01.119
            left H01.116
                lower H01.115
                upper H01.114
            right H01.113
                lower H01.112
                upper H01.111
        contact --see Dermatitis, eyelid, allergic
        due to
            Demodex species B88.0
            herpes (zoster) B02.39
                simplex B00.59
        eczematous H01.139
            left H01.136
                lower H01.135
                upper H01.134
            right H01.133
                lower H01.132
                upper H01.131
    facta, factitia, factitial L98.1
        psychogenic F54
    flexural NEC L20.82
    friction L30.4
    fungus B36.9
        specified type NEC B36.8
    gangrenosa, gangrenous infantum L08.0
    harvest mite B88.0
    heat L59.0
    herpesviral, vesicular (ear) (lip) B00.1
    herpetiformis (bullous) (erythematous) (pustular) (vesicular) L13.0
        juvenile L12.2
        senile L12.0
    hiemalis L30.8
    hypostatic, hypostatica --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
    infectious eczematoid L30.3
    infective L30.3
    irritant --see Dermatitis, contact, irritant
    Jacquet's (diaper dermatitis) L22
    Leptus B88.0
    lichenified NEC L28.0
    medicamentosa (generalized) (internal use) --see Dermatitis, due to drugs
    mite B88.0
    multiformis L13.0
        juvenile L12.2
    napkin L22
    neurotica L13.0
    nummular L30.0
    papillaris capillitii L73.0
    pellagrous E52
    perioral L71.0
    photocontact L56.2
    polymorpha dolorosa L13.0
    pruriginosa L13.0
    pruritic NEC L30.8
    psychogenic F54
    purulent L08.0
        contagious B08.02
        subcorneal L13.1
    pyococcal L08.0
    pyogenica L08.0
    repens L40.2
    Ritter's (exfoliativa) L00
    Schamberg's L81.7
    schistosome B65.3
    seasonal bullous L30.8
    seborrheic L21.9
        infantile L21.1
        specified NEC L21.8
    sensitization NOS L23.9
    septic L08.0
    solare L57.8
    specified NEC L30.8
    stasis I87.2
            varicose ulcer --see Varix, leg, with ulcer, with inflammation
            varicose veins --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
        due to postthrombotic syndrome --see Syndrome, postthrombotic
    suppurative L08.0
    traumatic NEC L30.4
    trophoneurotica L13.0
    ultraviolet (sun) (chronic exposure) L57.8
        acute L56.8
    varicose --see Varix, leg, with, inflammation
    vegetans L10.1
    verrucosa B43.0
    vesicular, herpesviral B00.1