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    cartilage --see Sprain
    cervix, annular N88.8
        complicating delivery O71.3
    choroid (old) (postinfectional) (simple) (spontaneous) H31.40-
        hemorrhagic H31.41-
        serous H31.42-
    ligament --see Sprain
    meniscus (knee) --see also Derangement, knee, meniscus, specified NEC
        current injury --see Tear, meniscus
        due to old tear or injury --see Derangement, knee, meniscus, due to old tear
    retina (without retinal break) (serous) H33.2-
        with retinal:
            break H33.00-
                giant H33.03-
                multiple H33.02-
                single H33.01-
            dialysis H33.04-
        pigment epithelium --see Degeneration, retina, separation of layers, pigment epithelium detachment
        rhegmatogenous --see Detachment, retina, with retinal, break
        specified NEC H33.8
        total H33.05-
        traction H33.4-
    vitreous (body) H43.81