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Deviation (in)
    conjugate palsy (eye) (spastic) H51.0
    esophagus (acquired) K22.8
    eye, skew H51.8
    midline (jaw) (teeth) (dental arch) M26.29
        specified site NEC --see Malposition
    nasal septum J34.2
        congenital Q67.4
    opening and closing of the mandible M26.53
    organ or site, congenital NEC --see Malposition, congenital
    septum (nasal) (acquired) J34.2
        congenital Q67.4
    sexual F65.9
        bestiality F65.89
        erotomania F52.8
        exhibitionism F65.2
        fetishism, fetishistic F65.0
            transvestism F65.1
        frotteurism F65.81
        masochism F65.51
        multiple F65.89
        necrophilia F65.89
        nymphomania F52.8
        pederosis F65.4
        pedophilia F65.4
        sadism, sadomasochism F65.52
        satyriasis F52.8
        specified type NEC F65.89
        transvestism F64.1
        voyeurism F65.3
    teeth, midline M26.29
    trachea J39.8
    ureter, congenital Q62.61