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Diarrhea, diarrheal (disease) (infantile) (inflammatory) R19.7
    achlorhydric K31.83
    allergic K52.29
        due to
            colitis --see Colitis, allergic
            enteritis --see Enteritis, allergic
    amebic --see also Amebiasis A06.0
        with abscess --see Abscess, amebic
        acute A06.0
        chronic A06.1
        nondysenteric A06.2
    bacillary --see Dysentery, bacillary
    balantidial A07.0
    cachectic NEC K52.89
    Chilomastix A07.8
    choleriformis A00.1
    chronic (noninfectious) K52.9
    coccidial A07.3
    Cochin-China K90.1
        strongyloidiasis B78.0
    Dientamoeba A07.8
    dietetic --see also Diarrhea, allergic K52.29
    drug-induced K52.1
    due to
        bacteria A04.9
            specified NEC A04.8
        Campylobacter A04.5
        Capillaria philippinensis B81.1
        Clostridium difficile
            not specified as recurrent A04.72
            recurrent A04.71
        Clostridium perfringens (C) (F) A04.8
        Cryptosporidium A07.2
        drugs K52.1
        Escherichia coli A04.4
            enteroaggregative A04.4
            enterohemorrhagic A04.3
            enteroinvasive A04.2
            enteropathogenic A04.0
            enterotoxigenic A04.1
            specified NEC A04.4
        food hypersensitivity --see also Diarrhea, allergic K52.29
        Necator americanus B76.1
        S. japonicum B65.2
        specified organism NEC A08.8
            bacterial A04.8
            viral A08.39
        Staphylococcus A04.8
        Trichuris trichiuria B79
        virus --see Enteritis, viral
        Yersinia enterocolitica A04.6
    dysenteric A09
    endemic A09
    epidemic A09
    flagellate A07.9
    Flexner's (ulcerative) A03.1
    functional K59.1
        following gastrointestinal surgery K91.89
        psychogenic F45.8
    Giardia lamblia A07.1
    giardial A07.1
    hill K90.1
    infectious A09
    malarial --see Malaria
    mite B88.0
    mycotic NEC B49
    neonatal (noninfectious) P78.3
    nervous F45.8
    neurogenic K59.1
    noninfectious K52.9
    postgastrectomy K91.1
    postvagotomy K91.1
    protozoal A07.9
        specified NEC A07.8
    psychogenic F45.8
        bacterium NEC A04.8
        virus NEC A08.39
    strongyloidiasis B78.0
    toxic K52.1
    trichomonal A07.8
    tropical K90.1
    tuberculous A18.32
    viral --see Enteritis, viral