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Difficult, difficulty (in)
    acculturation Z60.3
    feeding R63.3
        newborn P92.9
            breast P92.5
            specified NEC P92.8
        nonorganic (infant or child) F98.29
    intubation, in anesthesia T88.4
    mechanical, gastroduodenal stoma K91.89
        causing obstruction --see also Obstruction, intestine, postoperative K91.30
        need to immediately re-void R39.191
        position dependent R39.192
        specified NEC R39.198
    reading (developmental) F81.0
        secondary to emotional disorders F93.9
    spelling (specific) F81.81
        with reading disorder F81.89
        due to inadequate teaching Z55.8
    swallowing --see Dysphagia
    walking R26.2
        conditions NEC Z56.5
        schedule Z56.3