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    anus K59.8
        venule --see Hemorrhoids
    aorta (focal) (general) --see Ectasia, aorta
        with aneuysm --see Aneurysm, aorta
        congenital Q25.44
    artery --see Aneurysm
    bladder (sphincter) N32.89
        congenital Q64.79
    blood vessel I99.8
    bronchial J47.9
            exacerbation (acute) J47.1
            lower respiratory infection J47.0
    calyx (due to obstruction) --see Hydronephrosis
    capillaries I78.8
    cardiac (acute) (chronic) --see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
        congenital Q24.8
            valve NEC Q24.8
                pulmonary Q22.3
        valve --see Endocarditis
    cavum septi pellucidi Q06.8
    cervix (uteri) --see also Incompetency, cervix
        incomplete, poor, slow complicating delivery O62.0
    colon K59.39
        congenital Q43.1
        psychogenic F45.8
        toxic K59.31
    common duct (acquired) K83.8
        congenital Q44.5
    cystic duct (acquired) K82.8
        congenital Q44.5
    duct, mammary --see Ectasia, mammary duct
    duodenum K59.8
    esophagus K22.8
        congenital Q39.5
        due to achalasia K22.0
    eustachian tube, congenital Q17.8
    gallbladder K82.8
    gastric --see Dilatation, stomach
    heart (acute) (chronic) --see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
        congenital Q24.8
        valve --see Endocarditis
    ileum K59.8
        psychogenic F45.8
    jejunum K59.8
        psychogenic F45.8
    kidney (calyx) (collecting structures) (cystic) (parenchyma) (pelvis) (idiopathic) N28.89
    lacrimal passages or duct --see Disorder, lacrimal system, changes
    lymphatic vessel I89.0
    mammary duct --see Ectasia, mammary duct
    Meckel's diverticulum (congenital) Q43.0
        malignant --see Table of Neoplasms, small intestine, malignant
    myocardium (acute) (chronic) --see Hypertrophy, cardiac
    organ or site, congenital NEC --see Distortion
    pancreatic duct K86.89
    pericardium --see Pericarditis
    pharynx J39.2
    prostate N42.89
        artery (idiopathic) I28.8
        valve, congenital Q22.3
    pupil H57.04
    rectum K59.39
    saccule, congenital Q16.5
    salivary gland (duct) K11.8
    sphincter ani K62.89
    stomach K31.89
        acute K31.0
        psychogenic F45.8
    submaxillary duct K11.8
    trachea, congenital Q32.1
    ureter (idiopathic) N28.82
        congenital Q62.2
        due to obstruction N13.4
    urethra (acquired) N36.8
    vasomotor I73.9
    vein I86.8
    ventricular, ventricle (acute) (chronic) --see also Hypertrophy, cardiac
        cerebral, congenital Q04.8
    venule NEC I86.8
    vesical orifice N32.89