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Dislocation (articular)
    with fracture --see Fracture
    acromioclavicular (joint) S43.10-
        with displacement
            100%-200% S43.12-
            more than 200% S43.13-
        inferior S43.14-
        posterior S43.15-
    ankle S93.0-
    astragalus --see Dislocation, ankle
    atlantoaxial S13.121
    atlantooccipital S13.111
    atloidooccipital S13.111
    breast bone S23.29
    capsule, joint - code by site under Dislocation
    carpal (bone) --see Dislocation, wrist
    carpometacarpal NEC (joint) S63.05-
        thumb S63.04-
    cartilage - code by site under Dislocation (joint)
    cervical spine (vertebra) --see Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
    chronic --see Dislocation, recurrent
    clavicle --see Dislocation, acromioclavicular joint
    coccyx S33.2
    congenital NEC Q68.8
    coracoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
    costal cartilage S23.29
    costochondral S23.29
    cricoarytenoid articulation S13.29
    cricothyroid articulation S13.29
    dorsal vertebra --see Dislocation, vertebra, thoracic
    ear ossicle --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
    elbow S53.10-
        congenital Q68.8
        pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, elbow
        radial head alone --see Dislocation, radial head
        recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, elbow
        traumatic S53.10-
            anterior S53.11-
            lateral S53.14-
            medial S53.13-
            posterior S53.12-
            specified type NEC S53.19-
    eye, nontraumatic --see Luxation, globe
    eyeball, nontraumatic --see Luxation, globe
        distal end --see Dislocation, knee
        proximal end --see Dislocation, hip
        distal end --see Dislocation, ankle
        proximal end --see Dislocation, knee
    finger S63.25-
        index S63.25-
        interphalangeal S63.27-
            distal S63.29-
                index S63.29-
                little S63.29-
                middle S63.29-
                ring S63.29-
            index S63.27-
            little S63.27-
            middle S63.27-
            proximal S63.28-
                index S63.28-
                little S63.28-
                middle S63.28-
                ring S63.28-
            ring S63.27-
        little S63.25-
        metacarpophalangeal S63.26-
            index S63.26-
            little S63.26-
            middle S63.26-
            ring S63.26-
        middle S63.25-
        recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, finger
        ring S63.25-
        thumb --see Dislocation, thumb
    foot S93.30-
        recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, foot
        specified site NEC S93.33-
        tarsal joint S93.31-
        tarsometatarsal joint S93.32-
        toe --see Dislocation, toe
    fracture --see Fracture
    glenohumeral (joint) --see Dislocation, shoulder
    glenoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
    habitual --see Dislocation, recurrent
    hip S73.00-
        anterior S73.03-
            obturator S73.02-
        central S73.04-
        congenital (total) Q65.2
            bilateral Q65.1
            partial Q65.5
                bilateral Q65.4
                unilateral Q65.3-
            unilateral Q65.0-
        developmental M24.85-
        pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, hip
        posterior S73.01-
        recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, hip
    humerus, proximal end --see Dislocation, shoulder
    incomplete --see Subluxation, by site
    incus --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
    infracoracoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
    innominate (pubic junction) (sacral junction) S33.39
        acetabulum --see Dislocation, hip
    interphalangeal (joint(s))
        finger S63.279
            distal S63.29-
                index S63.29-
                little S63.29-
                middle S63.29-
                ring S63.29-
            index S63.27-
            little S63.27-
            middle S63.27-
            proximal S63.28-
                index S63.28-
                little S63.28-
                middle S63.28-
                ring S63.28-
            ring S63.27-
        foot or toe --see Dislocation, toe
        thumb S63.12-
    jaw (cartilage) (meniscus) S03.0-
    joint prosthesis --see Complications, joint prosthesis, mechanical, displacement, by site
    knee S83.106
        cap --see Dislocation, patella
        congenital Q68.2
        old M23.8X-
        patella --see Dislocation, patella
        pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, knee
        proximal tibia
            anteriorly S83.11-
            laterally S83.14-
            medially S83.13-
            posteriorly S83.12-
        recurrent --see also Derangement, knee, specified NEC
        specified type NEC S83.19-
    lacrimal gland H04.16-
    lens (complete) H27.10
        anterior H27.12-
        congenital Q12.1
        ocular implant --see Complications, intraocular lens
        partial H27.11-
        posterior H27.13-
        traumatic S05.8X-
    ligament - code by site under Dislocation
    lumbar (vertebra) --see Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
    lumbosacral (vertebra) --see also Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
        congenital Q76.49
    mandible S03.0-
    meniscus (knee) --see Tear, meniscus
        other sites - code by site under Dislocation
    metacarpal (bone)
        distal end --see Dislocation, finger
        proximal end S63.06-
    metacarpophalangeal (joint)
        finger S63.26-
            index S63.26-
            little S63.26-
            middle S63.26-
            ring S63.26-
        thumb S63.11-
    metatarsal (bone) --see Dislocation, foot
    metatarsophalangeal (joint(s)) --see Dislocation, toe
    midcarpal (joint) S63.03-
    midtarsal (joint) --see Dislocation, foot
    neck S13.20
        specified site NEC S13.29
        vertebra --see Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
    nose (septal cartilage) S03.1
    occipitoatloid S13.111
    old --see Derangement, joint, specified type NEC
    ossicles, ear --see Discontinuity, ossicles, ear
    partial --see Subluxation, by site
    patella S83.006
        congenital Q74.1
        lateral S83.01-
        recurrent (nontraumatic) M22.0-
            incomplete M22.1-
        specified type NEC S83.09-
    pathological NEC M24.30
        ankle M24.37-
        elbow M24.32-
        foot joint M24.37-
        hand joint M24.34-
        hip M24.35-
        knee M24.36-
        lumbosacral joint --see subcategory M53.2
        pelvic region --see Dislocation, pathological, hip
        sacroiliac --see subcategory M53.2
        shoulder M24.31-
        wrist M24.33-
    pelvis NEC S33.30
        specified NEC S33.39
        finger or hand --see Dislocation, finger
        foot or toe --see Dislocation, toe
    prosthesis, internal --see Complications, prosthetic device, by site, mechanical
    radial head S53.006
        anterior S53.01-
        posterior S53.02-
        specified type NEC S53.09-
    radiocarpal (joint) S63.02-
    radiohumeral (joint) --see Dislocation, radial head
    radioulnar (joint)
        distal S63.01-
        proximal --see Dislocation, elbow
        distal end --see Dislocation, wrist
        proximal end --see Dislocation, radial head
    recurrent M24.40
        ankle M24.47-
        elbow M24.42-
        finger M24.44-
        foot joint M24.47-
        hand joint M24.44-
        hip M24.45-
        knee M24.46-
            patella --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent
        patella --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent
        sacroiliac --see subcategory M53.2
        shoulder M24.41-
        toe M24.47-
        vertebra --see also subcategory M43.5
            atlantoaxial M43.4
                with myelopathy M43.3
        wrist M24.43-
    rib (cartilage) S23.29
    sacrococcygeal S33.2
    sacroiliac (joint) (ligament) S33.2
        congenital Q74.2
        recurrent --see subcategory M53.2
    sacrum S33.2
    scaphoid (bone) (hand) (wrist) --see Dislocation, wrist
        foot --see Dislocation, foot
    scapula --see Dislocation, shoulder, girdle, scapula
    semilunar cartilage, knee --see Tear, meniscus
    septal cartilage (nose) S03.1
    septum (nasal) (old) J34.2
    sesamoid bone - code by site under Dislocation
    shoulder (blade) (ligament) (joint) (traumatic) S43.006
        acromioclavicular --see Dislocation, acromioclavicular
        chronic --see Dislocation, recurrent, shoulder
        congenital Q68.8
        girdle S43.30-
            scapula S43.31-
            specified site NEC S43.39-
        humerus S43.00-
            anterior S43.01-
            inferior S43.03-
            posterior S43.02-
        pathological --see Dislocation, pathological NEC, shoulder
        recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, shoulder
        specified type NEC S43.08-
        cervical --see Dislocation, vertebra, cervical
        congenital Q76.49
        due to birth trauma P11.5
        lumbar --see Dislocation, vertebra, lumbar
        thoracic --see Dislocation, vertebra, thoracic
    spontaneous --see Dislocation, pathological
    sternoclavicular (joint) S43.206
        anterior S43.21-
        posterior S43.22-
    sternum S23.29
    subglenoid --see Dislocation, shoulder
    symphysis pubis S33.4
    talus --see Dislocation, ankle
    tarsal (bone(s)) (joint(s)) --see Dislocation, foot
    tarsometatarsal (joint(s)) --see Dislocation, foot
    temporomandibular (joint) S03.0-
    thigh, proximal end --see Dislocation, hip
    thorax S23.20
        specified site NEC S23.29
        vertebra --see Dislocation, vertebra
    thumb S63.10-
        interphalangeal joint --see Dislocation, interphalangeal (joint), thumb
        metacarpophalangeal joint --see Dislocation, metacarpophalangeal (joint), thumb
    thyroid cartilage S13.29
        distal end --see Dislocation, ankle
        proximal end --see Dislocation, knee
    tibiofibular (joint)
        distal --see Dislocation, ankle
        superior --see Dislocation, knee
    toe (s) S93.106
        great S93.10-
            interphalangeal joint S93.11-
            metatarsophalangeal joint S93.12-
        interphalangeal joint S93.119
        lesser S93.106
            interphalangeal joint S93.11-
            metatarsophalangeal joint S93.12-
        metatarsophalangeal joint S93.12-
    tooth S03.2
    trachea S23.29
        distal end S63.07-
        proximal end --see Dislocation, elbow
    ulnohumeral (joint) --see Dislocation, elbow
    vertebra (articular process) (body) (traumatic)
        cervical S13.101
            atlantoaxial joint S13.121
            atlantooccipital joint S13.111
            atloidooccipital joint S13.111
            joint between
                C0 and C1 S13.111
                C1 and C2 S13.121
                C2 and C3 S13.131
                C3 and C4 S13.141
                C4 and C5 S13.151
                C5and C6 S13.161
                C6and C7 S13.171
                C7and T1 S13.181
            occipitoatloid joint S13.111
        congenital Q76.49
        lumbar S33.101
            joint between
                L1and L2 S33.111
                L2and L3 S33.121
                L3 and L4 S33.131
                L4and L5 S33.141
        nontraumatic --see Displacement, intervertebral disc
        partial --see Subluxation, by site
        recurrent NEC --see subcategory M43.5
        thoracic S23.101
            joint between
                T1 and T2 S23.111
                T2 and T3 S23.121
                T3 and T4 S23.123
                T4 and T5 S23.131
                T5 and T6 S23.133
                T6 and T7 S23.141
                T7 and T8 S23.143
                T8 and T9 S23.151
                T9 and T10 S23.153
                T10 and T11 S23.161
                T11 and T12 S23.163
                T12 and L1 S23.171
    wrist (carpal bone) S63.006
        carpometacarpal joint --see Dislocation, carpometacarpal (joint)
        distal radioulnar joint --see Dislocation, radioulnar (joint), distal
        metacarpal bone, proximal --see Dislocation, metacarpal (bone), proximal end
        midcarpal --see Dislocation, midcarpal (joint)
        radiocarpal joint --see Dislocation, radiocarpal (joint)
        recurrent --see Dislocation, recurrent, wrist
        specified site NEC S63.09-
        ulna --see Dislocation, ulna, distal end
    xiphoid cartilage S23.29