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Disorder (of) --see also Disease
    acantholytic L11.9
        specified NEC L11.8
        psychotic --see Psychosis, acute
        stress F43.0
    adjustment (grief) F43.20
            anxiety F43.22
                with depressed mood F43.23
            conduct disturbance F43.24
                with emotional disturbance F43.25
            depressed mood F43.21
                with anxiety F43.23
            other specified symptom F43.29
    adrenal (capsule) (gland) (medullary) E27.9
        specified NEC E27.8
    adrenogenital E25.9
        drug-induced E25.8
        iatrogenic E25.8
        idiopathic E25.8
    adult personality (and behavior) F69
        specified NEC F68.8
    affective (mood) --see Disorder, mood
    aggressive, unsocialized F91.1
    alcohol-related F10.99
            amnestic disorder, persisting F10.96
            anxiety disorder F10.980
            dementia, persisting F10.97
            intoxication F10.929
                with delirium F10.921
                uncomplicated F10.920
            mood disorder F10.94
            other specified F10.988
            psychotic disorder F10.959
                    delusions F10.950
                    hallucinations F10.951
            sexual dysfunction F10.981
            sleep disorder F10.982
    alcohol use
        mild F10.10
                    anxiety disorder F10.180
                    bipolar and related disorder F10.14
                    depressive disorder F10.14
                    psychotic disorder F10.159
                    sexual dysfunction F10.181
                    sleep disorder F10.182
                alcohol intoxication F10.129
                    delirium F10.121
            in remission (early) (sustained) F10.11
        moderate or severe F10.20
                    anxiety disorder F10.280
                    bipolar and related disorder F10.24
                    depressive disorder F10.24
                    major neurocognitive disorder, amnestic-confabulatory type F10.26
                    major neurocognitive disorder, nonamnestic-confabulatory type F10.27
                    mild neurocognitive disorder F10.288
                    psychotic disorder F10.259
                    sexual dysfunction F10.281
                    sleep disorder F10.282
                alcohol intoxication F10.229
                    delirium F10.221
            in remission (early) (sustained) F10.21
    allergic --see Allergy
    alveolar NEC J84.09
        cystathioninuria E72.19
        cystinosis E72.04
        cystinuria E72.01
        glycinuria E72.09
        homocystinuria E72.11
        metabolism --see Disturbance, metabolism, amino-acid
            specified NEC E72.89
        neonatal, transitory P74.8
        renal transport NEC E72.09
        transport NEC E72.09
    amnesic, amnestic
        alcohol-induced F10.96
            with dependence F10.26
        due to general medical condition (secondary to) F04
        psychoactive NEC-induced F19.96
                abuse F19.16
                dependence F19.26
        sedative, hypnotic or anxiolytic-induced F13.96
            with dependence F13.26
    amphetamine-type substance use
        mild F15.10
            in remission (early) (sustained) F15.11
        moderate F15.20
            in remission (early) (sustained) F15.21
        severe F15.20
            in remission (early) (sustained) F15.21
    amphetamine use (or other stimulant)
                amphetamine-induced (or other stimulant)
                    anxiety disorder F15.180
                    bipolar and related disorder F15.14
                    depressive disorder F15.14
                    obsessive-compulsive and related disorder F15.188
                    psychotic disorder F15.159
                    sexual dysfunction F15.181
                amphetamine, cocaine, or other stimulant intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F15.122
                    without perceptual disturbances F15.129
                intoxication delirium F15.121
        moderate or severe
                amphetamine-induced (or other stimulant)
                    anxiety disorder F15.280
                    obsessive-compulsive and related disorder F15.288
                    sexual dysfunction F15.281
                    bipolar and related disorder F15.24
                    depressive disorder F15.24
                    psychotic disorder F15.259
                amphetamine, cocaine, or other stimulant intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F15.222
                    without perceptual disturbances F15.229
                intoxication delirium F15.221
    anaerobic glycolysis with anemia D55.2
    anxiety F41.9
        due to (secondary to)
            alcohol F10.980
                    abuse F10.180
                    dependence F10.280
            amphetamine F15.980
                    abuse F15.180
                    dependence F15.280
            anxiolytic F13.980
                    abuse F13.180
                    dependence F13.280
            caffeine F15.980
                    abuse F15.180
                    dependence F15.280
            cannabis F12.980
                    abuse F12.180
                    dependence F12.280
            cocaine F14.980
                    abuse F14.180
                    dependence F14.180
            general medical condition F06.4
            hallucinogen F16.980
                    abuse F16.180
                    dependence F16.280
            hypnotic F13.980
                    abuse F13.180
                    dependence F13.280
            inhalant F18.980
                    abuse F18.180
                    dependence F18.280
            phencyclidine F16.980
                    abuse F16.180
                    dependence F16.280
            psychoactive substance NEC F19.980
                    abuse F19.180
                    dependence F19.280
            sedative F13.980
                    abuse F13.180
                    dependence F13.280
            volatile solvents F18.980
                    abuse F18.180
                    dependence F18.280
        generalized F41.1
        illness F45.21
            with depression (mild) F41.8
            specified NEC F41.3
        organic F06.4
        phobic F40.9
            of childhood F40.8
        specified NEC F41.8
    aortic valve --see Endocarditis, aortic
    aromatic amino-acid metabolism E70.9
        specified NEC E70.8
    arteriole NEC I77.89
    artery NEC I77.89
    articulation --see Disorder, joint
    attachment (childhood)
        disinhibited F94.2
        reactive F94.1
    attention-deficit hyperactivity (adolescent) (adult) (child) F90.9
            presentation F90.2
            type F90.2
            impulsive presentation F90.1
            type F90.1
            presentation F90.0
            type F90.0
        specified type NEC F90.8
    attention-deficit without hyperactivity (adolescent) (adult) (child) F98.8
    auditory processing (central) H93.25
    autistic F84.0
    autism spectrum F84.0
    autoimmune D89.89
    autonomic nervous system G90.9
        specified NEC G90.8
        child or adolescent F40.10
        restrictive food intake F50.82
        acid-base E87.8
            mixed E87.4
        electrolyte E87.8
        fluid NEC E87.8
    behavioral (disruptive) --see Disorder, conduct
    beta-amino-acid metabolism E72.89
    bile acid and cholesterol metabolism E78.70
        Barth syndrome E78.71
        other specified E78.79
        Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome E78.72
    bilirubin excretion E80.6
    binge eating F50.81
        movement H51.9
                excess H51.12
                insufficiency H51.11
            internuclear ophthalmoplegia --see Ophthalmoplegia, internuclear
            palsy of conjugate gaze H51.0
            specified type NEC H51.8
        vision NEC --see Disorder, vision, binocular
    bipolar (I) (type 1) F31.9
        and related due to a known physiological condition
                manic features F06.33
                manic- or hypomanic-like episodes F06.33
                mixed features F06.34
        current episode (or most recent)
            depressed F31.9
                with psychotic features F31.5
                without psychotic features F31.30
                    mild F31.31
                    moderate F31.32
                    severe (without psychotic features) F31.4
                        with psychotic features F31.5
            hypomanic F31.0
            manic F31.9
                with psychotic features F31.2
                without psychotic features F31.10
                    mild F31.11
                    moderate F31.12
                    severe (without psychotic features) F31.13
                        with psychotic features F31.2
            mixed F31.60
                mild F31.61
                moderate F31.62
                severe (without psychotic features) F31.63
                    with psychotic features F31.64
            severe depression (without psychotic features) F31.4
                with psychotic features F31.5
        in remission (currently) F31.70
            in full remission
                most recent episode
                    depressed F31.76
                    hypomanic F31.72
                    manic F31.74
                    mixed F31.78
            in partial remission
                most recent episode
                    depressed F31.75
                    hypomanic F31.71
                    manic F31.73
                    mixed F31.77
        specified NEC F31.89
        II (type 2) F31.81
        organic F06.30
        single manic episode F30.9
            mild F30.11
            moderate F30.12
            severe (without psychotic symptoms) F30.13
                with psychotic symptoms F30.2
    bladder N32.9
        functional NEC N31.9
        in schistosomiasis B65.0 [N33]
        specified NEC N32.89
    bleeding D68.9
    blood D75.9
        in congenital early syphilis A50.09 [D77]
    body dysmorphic F45.22
    bone M89.9
        continuity M84.9
            specified type NEC M84.80
                ankle M84.87-
                fibula M84.86-
                foot M84.87-
                hand M84.84-
                humerus M84.82-
                neck M84.88
                pelvis M84.859
                radius M84.83-
                rib M84.88
                shoulder M84.81-
                skull M84.88
                thigh M84.85-
                tibia M84.86-
                ulna M84.83-
                vertebra M84.88
        density and structure M85.9
            cyst --see also Cyst, bone, specified type NEC
                aneurysmal --see Cyst, bone, aneurysmal
                solitary --see Cyst, bone, solitary
            diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis --see Hyperostosis, ankylosing
            fibrous dysplasia (monostotic) --see Dysplasia, fibrous, bone
            fluorosis --see Fluorosis, skeletal
            hyperostosis of skull M85.2
            osteitis condensans --see Osteitis, condensans
            specified type NEC M85.8-
                ankle M85.87-
                foot M85.87-
                forearm M85.83-
                hand M85.84-
                lower leg M85.86-
                multiple sites M85.89
                neck M85.88
                rib M85.88
                shoulder M85.81-
                skull M85.88
                thigh M85.85-
                upper arm M85.82-
                vertebra M85.88
        development and growth NEC M89.20
            carpus M89.24-
            clavicle M89.21-
            femur M89.25-
            fibula M89.26-
            finger M89.24-
            humerus M89.22-
            ilium M89.259
            ischium M89.259
            metacarpus M89.24-
            metatarsus M89.27-
            multiple sites M89.29
            neck M89.28
            radius M89.23-
            rib M89.28
            scapula M89.21-
            skull M89.28
            tarsus M89.27-
            tibia M89.26-
            toe M89.27-
            ulna M89.23-
            vertebra M89.28
        specified type NEC M89.8X-
    brachial plexus G54.0
    branched-chain amino-acid metabolism E71.2
        specified NEC E71.19
    breast N64.9
        agalactia --see Agalactia
        associated with
            lactation O92.70
                specified NEC O92.79
            pregnancy O92.20
                specified NEC O92.29
            puerperium O92.20
                specified NEC O92.29
        cracked nipple --see Cracked nipple
        galactorrhea --see Galactorrhea
        hypogalactia O92.4
        lactation disorder NEC O92.79
        mastitis --see Mastitis
        nipple infection --see Infection, nipple
        retracted nipple --see Retraction, nipple
        specified type NEC N64.89
    Briquet's F45.0
    bullous, in diseases classified elsewhere L14
    caffeine use
                    anxiety disorder F15.180
                    sleep disorder F15.182
        moderate or severe
                    anxiety disorder F15.280
                    sleep disorder F15.282
    cannabis use
        mild F12.10
                    anxiety disorder F12.180
                    psychotic disorder F12.159
                    sleep disorder F12.188
                cannabis intoxication delirium F12.121
                    with perceptual disturbances F12.122
                    without perceptual disturbances F12.129
            in remission (early) (sustained) F12.11
        moderate or severe F12.20
                    anxiety disorder F12.280
                    psychotic disorder F12.259
                    sleep disorder F12.288
                cannabis intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F12.222
                    without perceptual disturbances F12.229
                delirium F12.221
            in remission (early) (sustained) F12.21
        absorption, intestinal NEC E74.39
        metabolism (congenital) E74.9
            specified NEC E74.8
    cardiac, functional I51.89
    carnitine metabolism E71.40
    cartilage M94.9
        articular NEC --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage
            chondrocalcinosis --see Chondrocalcinosis
        specified type NEC M94.8X-
            articular --see Derangement, joint, articular cartilage
            multiple sites M94.8X0
    catatonia (due to known physiological condition) (with another mental disorder) F06.1
        due to known physiological condition (secondary to) F06.1
        organic F06.1
    central auditory processing H93.25
        region NEC M53.82
        root NEC (nerve) G54.2
    character NOS F60.9
    childhood disintegrative NEC F84.3
    cholesterol and bile acid metabolism E78.70
        Barth syndrome E78.71
        other specified E78.79
        Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome E78.72
    choroid H31.9
        atrophy --see Atrophy, choroid
        degeneration --see Degeneration, choroid
        detachment --see Detachment, choroid
        dystrophy --see Dystrophy, choroid
        hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, choroid
        rupture --see Rupture, choroid
        scar --see Scar, chorioretinal
        solar retinopathy --see Retinopathy, solar
        specified type NEC H31.8
    ciliary body --see Disorder, iris
        degeneration --see Degeneration, ciliary body
    coagulation (factor) --see also Defect, coagulation D68.9
        newborn, transient P61.6
    cocaine use
        mild F14.10
                amphetamine, cocaine, or other stimulant intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F14.122
                    without perceptual disturbances F14.129
                    anxiety disorder F14.180
                    bipolar and related disorder F14.14
                    depressive disorder F14.14
                    obsessive-compulsive and related disorder F14.188
                    psychotic disorder F14.159
                    sexual dysfunction F14.181
                    sleep disorder F14.182
                cocaine intoxication delirium F14.121
            in remission (early) (sustained) F14.11
        moderate or severe F14.20
                amphetamine, cocaine, or other stimulant intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F14.222
                    without perceptual disturbances F14.229
                    anxiety disorder F14.280
                    bipolar and related disorder F14.24
                    depressive disorder F14.24
                    obsessive-compulsive and related disorder F14.288
                    psychotic disorder F14.259
                    sexual dysfunction F14.281
                    sleep disorder F14.282
                cocaine intoxication delirium F14.221
            in remission (early) (sustained) F14.21
    coccyx NEC M53.3
    cognitive F09
        due to general medical condition (secondary to) F09
        persisting R41.89
            due to
                alcohol F10.97
                    with dependence F10.27
                anxiolytics F13.97
                    with dependence F13.27
                hypnotics F13.97
                    with dependence F13.27
                sedatives F13.97
                    with dependence F13.27
                specified substance NEC F19.97
                        abuse F19.17
                        dependence F19.27
    communication F80.9
        social pragmatic F80.82
    conduct (childhood) F91.9
        adjustment reaction --see Disorder, adjustment
        adolescent onset type F91.2
        childhood onset type F91.1
        compulsive F63.9
        confined to family context F91.0
        depressive F91.8
        group type F91.2
        hyperkinetic --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
        oppositional defiance F91.3
        socialized F91.2
        solitary aggressive type F91.1
        specified NEC F91.8
        unsocialized (aggressive) F91.1
    conduction, heart I45.9
    congenital glycosylation (CDG) E74.8
    conjunctiva H11.9
        infection --see Conjunctivitis
    connective tissue, localized L94.9
        specified NEC L94.8
    conversion (functional neurological symptom disorder)
            abnormal movement F44.4
            anesthesia or sensory loss F44.6
            attacks or seizures F44.5
            mixed symptoms F44.7
            special sensory symptoms F44.6
            speech symptoms F44.4
            swallowing symptoms F44.4
            weakness or paralysis F44.4
    convulsive (secondary) --see Convulsions
    cornea H18.9
        deformity --see Deformity, cornea
        degeneration --see Degeneration, cornea
        deposits --see Deposit, cornea
        due to contact lens H18.82-
            specified as edema --see Edema, cornea
        edema --see Edema, cornea
        keratitis --see Keratitis
        keratoconjunctivitis --see Keratoconjunctivitis
        membrane change --see Change, corneal membrane
        neovascularization --see Neovascularization, cornea
        scar --see Opacity, cornea
        specified type NEC H18.89-
        ulcer --see Ulcer, cornea
    corpus cavernosum N48.9
    cranial nerve --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
    cyclothymic F34.0
    defiant oppositional F91.3
    delusional (persistent) (systematized) F22
        induced F24
    depersonalization F48.1
    depressive F32.9
        due to known physiological condition
                depressive features F06.31
                major depressive-like episode F06.32
                mixed features F06.34
        major F32.9
            with psychotic symptoms F32.3
            in remission (full) F32.5
                partial F32.4
            recurrent F33.9
                with psychotic features F33.3
            single episode F32.9
                mild F32.0
                moderate F32.1
                severe (without psychotic symptoms) F32.2
                    with psychotic symptoms F32.3
        organic F06.31
        persistent F34.1
        recurrent F33.9
            current episode
                mild F33.0
                moderate F33.1
                severe (without psychotic symptoms) F33.2
                    with psychotic symptoms F33.3
            in remission F33.40
                full F33.42
                partial F33.41
            specified NEC F33.8
        single episode --see Episode, depressive
        specified NEC F32.89
    developmental F89
        arithmetical skills F81.2
        coordination (motor) F82
        expressive writing F81.81
        language F80.9
            expressive F80.1
            mixed receptive and expressive F80.2
            receptive type F80.2
            specified NEC F80.89
        learning F81.9
            arithmetical F81.2
            reading F81.0
        mixed F88
        motor coordination or function F82
        pervasive F84.9
            specified NEC F84.8
        phonological F80.0
        reading F81.0
        scholastic skills --see also Disorder, learning
            mixed F81.89
        specified NEC F88
        speech F80.9
            articulation F80.0
            specified NEC F80.89
        written expression F81.81
    diaphragm J98.6
    digestive (system) K92.9
        newborn P78.9
            specified NEC P78.89
        postprocedural --see Complication, gastrointestinal
        psychogenic F45.8
    disc (intervertebral) M51.9
                cervical region M50.00
                cervicothoracic region M50.03
                high cervical region M50.01
                lumbar region M51.06
                mid-cervical region M50.020
                sacrococcygeal region M53.3
                thoracic region M51.04
                thoracolumbar region M51.05
                cervical region M50.10
                cervicothoracic region M50.13
                high cervical region M50.11
                lumbar region M51.16
                lumbosacral region M51.17
                mid-cervical region M50.120
                sacrococcygeal region M53.3
                thoracic region M51.14
                thoracolumbar region M51.15
        cervical M50.90
                myelopathy M50.00
                    C2-C3 M50.01
                    C3-C4 M50.01
                    C4-C5 M50.021
                    C5-C6 M50.022
                    C6-C7 M50.023
                    C7-T1 M50.03
                    cervicothoracic region M50.03
                    high cervical region M50.01
                    mid-cervical region M50.020
                neuritis, radiculitis or radiculopathy M50.10
                    C2-C3 M50.11
                    C3-C4 M50.11
                    C4-C5 M50.121
                    C5-C6 M50.122
                    C6-C7 M50.123
                    C7-T1 M50.13
                    cervicothoracic region M50.13
                    high cervical region M50.11
                    mid-cervical region M50.120
            C2-C3 M50.91
            C3-C4 M50.91
            C4-C5 M50.921
            C5-C6 M50.922
            C6-C7 M50.923
            C7-T1 M50.93
            cervicothoracic region M50.93
            degeneration M50.30
                C2-C3 M50.31
                C3-C4 M50.31
                C4-C5 M50.321
                C5-C6 M50.322
                C6-C7 M50.323
                C7-T1 M50.33
                cervicothoracic region M50.33
                high cervical region M50.31
                mid-cervical region M50.320
            displacement M50.20
                C2-C3 M50.21
                C3-C4 M50.21
                C4-C5 M50.221
                C5-C6 M50.222
                C6-C7 M50.223
                C7-T1 M50.23
                cervicothoracic region M50.23
                high cervical region M50.21
                mid-cervical region M50.220
            high cervical region M50.91
            mid-cervical region M50.920
            specified type NEC M50.80
                C2-C3 M50.81
                C3-C4 M50.81
                C4-C5 M50.821
                C5-C6 M50.822
                C6-C7 M50.823
                C7-T1 M50.83
                cervicothoracic region M50.83
                high cervical region M50.81
                mid-cervical region M50.820
        specified NEC
            lumbar region M51.86
            lumbosacral region M51.87
            sacrococcygeal region M53.3
            thoracic region M51.84
            thoracolumbar region M51.85
    disinhibited attachment (childhood) F94.2
    disintegrative, childhood NEC F84.3
    disruptive F91.9
        mood dysregulation F34.81
        specified NEC F91.8
    disruptive behavior --see Disorder, conduct
    dissocial personality F60.2
    dissociative F44.9
            motor function F44.4
                and sensation F44.7
            sensation F44.6
                and motor function F44.7
        brief reactive F43.0
        due to general medical condition (secondary to) F06.8
        mixed F44.7
        organic F06.8
        other specified NEC F44.89
    double heterozygous sickling --see Disease, sickle-cell
    dream anxiety F51.5
    drug induced hemorrhagic D68.32
    drug related F19.99
        abuse --see Abuse, drug
        dependence --see Dependence, drug
    dysmorphic body F45.22
    dysthymic F34.1
    ear H93.9-
        bleeding --see Otorrhagia
        deafness --see Deafness
        degenerative H93.09-
        discharge --see Otorrhea
        external H61.9-
            auditory canal stenosis --see Stenosis, external ear canal
            exostosis --see Exostosis, external ear canal
            impacted cerumen --see Impaction, cerumen
            otitis --see Otitis, externa
            perichondritis --see Perichondritis, ear
            pinna --see Disorder, pinna
            specified type NEC H61.89-
                in diseases classified elsewhere H62.8X-
        inner H83.9-
            vestibular dysfunction --see Disorder, vestibular function
        middle H74.9-
            adhesive H74.1-
            ossicle --see Abnormal, ear ossicles
            polyp --see Polyp, ear (middle)
            specified NEC, in diseases classified elsewhere H75.8-
        postprocedural --see Complications, ear, procedure
        specified NEC, in diseases classified elsewhere H94.8-
    eating (adult) (psychogenic) F50.9
        anorexia --see Anorexia
        binge F50.81
        bulimia F50.2
        child F98.29
            pica F98.3
            rumination disorder F98.21
        pica F50.89
            childhood F98.3
    electrolyte NEC (balance) E87.8
            abortion --see Abortion by type complicated by specified condition NEC
            ectopic pregnancy O08.5
            molar pregnancy O08.5
        acidosis (metabolic) (respiratory) E87.2
        alkalosis (metabolic) (respiratory) E87.3
    elimination, transepidermal L87.9
        specified NEC L87.8
    emotional (persistent) F34.9
        of childhood F93.9
            specified NEC F93.8
    endocrine E34.9
        postprocedural E89.89
            specified NEC E89.89
    erectile (male) (organic) --see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile N52.9
        nonorganic F52.21
    erythematous --see Erythema
    esophagus K22.9
        functional K22.4
        psychogenic F45.8
    eustachian tube H69.9-
        infection --see Salpingitis, eustachian
        obstruction --see Obstruction, eustachian tube
        patulous --see Patulous, eustachian tube
        specified NEC H69.8-
    exhibitionistic F65.2
    extrapyramidal G25.9
        in diseases classified elsewhere --see category G26
        specified type NEC G25.89
    eye H57.9
        postprocedural --see Complication, postprocedural, eye
    eyelid H02.9
        cyst --see Cyst, eyelid
        degenerative H02.70
            chloasma --see Chloasma, eyelid
            madarosis --see Madarosis
            specified type NEC H02.79
            vitiligo --see Vitiligo, eyelid
            xanthelasma --see Xanthelasma
        dermatochalasis --see Dermatochalasis
        edema --see Edema, eyelid
        elephantiasis --see Elephantiasis, eyelid
        foreign body, retained --see Foreign body, retained, eyelid
        function H02.59
            abnormal innervation syndrome --see Syndrome, abnormal innervation
            blepharochalasis --see Blepharochalasis
            blepharoclonus --see Blepharoclonus
            blepharophimosis --see Blepharophimosis
            blepharoptosis --see Blepharoptosis
            lagophthalmos --see Lagophthalmos
            lid retraction --see Retraction, lid
        hypertrichosis --see Hypertrichosis, eyelid
        specified type NEC H02.89
        vascular H02.879
            left H02.876
                lower H02.875
                upper H02.874
            right H02.873
                lower H02.872
                upper H02.871
        by proxy F68.A
        imposed on another F68.A
        imposed on self F68.10
            with predominantly
                psychological symptoms F68.11
                    with physical symptoms F68.13
                physical symptoms F68.12
                    with psychological symptoms F68.13
    factor, coagulation --see Defect, coagulation
    fatty acid
        metabolism E71.30
            specified NEC E71.39
            LCAD E71.310
            MCAD E71.311
            SCAD E71.312
            specified deficiency NEC E71.318
    feeding (infant or child) --see also Disorder, eating R63.3
        or eating disorder F50.9
        specified NEC F50.9
    feigned (with obvious motivation) Z76.5
        without obvious motivation --see Disorder, factitious
        hypoactive sexual desire F52.0
        orgasmic F52.31
        sexual interest/arousal F52.22
    fetishistic F65.0
    fibroblastic M72.9
        specified NEC M72.8
        adult onset F98.5
        childhood onset F80.81
            cerebral infarction I69.323
            cerebrovascular disease I69.923
                specified disease NEC I69.823
            intracerebral hemorrhage I69.123
            nontraumatic intracranial hemorrhage NEC I69.223
            subarachnoid hemorrhage I69.023
        in conditions classified elsewhere R47.82
    fluid balance E87.8
    follicular (skin) L73.9
        specified NEC L73.8
    frotteuristic F65.81
    fructose metabolism E74.10
        essential fructosuria E74.11
        fructokinase deficiency E74.11
        fructose-1, 6-diphosphatase deficiency E74.19
        hereditary fructose intolerance E74.12
        other specified E74.19
    functional polymorphonuclear neutrophils D71
    gallbladder, biliary tract and pancreas in diseases classified elsewhere K87
    gambling F63.0
    gamma aminobutyric acid metabolism (GABA) E72.81
    gamma-glutamyl cycle E72.89
    gastric (functional) K31.9
        motility K30
        psychogenic F45.8
        secretion K30
    gastrointestinal NOS (functional) K92.9
        newborn P78.9
        psychogenic F45.8
    gender-identity or -role F64.9
        childhood F64.2
        effect on relationship F66
        of adolescence or adulthood F64.0
            nontranssexual F64.8
        specified NEC F64.8
        uncertainty F66
    genito-pelvic pain penetration F52.6
    genitourinary system
        female N94.9
        male N50.9
        psychogenic F45.8
    globe H44.9
        degenerated condition H44.50
            absolute glaucoma H44.51-
            atrophy H44.52-
            leucocoria H44.53-
        degenerative H44.30
            chalcosis H44.31-
            myopia --see also Myopia, degenerative H44.2-
            siderosis H44.32-
            specified type NEC H44.39-
        endophthalmitis --see Endophthalmitis
        foreign body, retained --see Foreign body, intraocular, old, retained
        hemophthalmos --see Hemophthalmos
        hypotony H44.40
            due to
                ocular fistula H44.42-
                specified disorder NEC H44.43-
            flat anterior chamber H44.41-
            primary H44.44-
        luxation --see Luxation, globe
        specified type NEC H44.89
    glomerular (in) N05.9
        amyloidosis E85.4 [N08]
        cryoglobulinemia D89.1 [N08]
        disseminated intravascular coagulation D65 [N08]
        Fabry's disease E75.21 [N08]
        familial lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency E78.6 [N08]
        Goodpasture's syndrome M31.0
        hemolytic-uremic syndrome D59.3
        Henoch purpura (-Schönlein) D69.0 [N08]
        malariae malaria B52.0
        microscopic polyangiitis M31.7 [N08]
        multiple myeloma C90.0- [N08]
        mumps B26.83
        schistosomiasis B65.9 [N08]
        sepsis NEC A41.- [N08]
            streptococcal A40.- [N08]
        sickle-cell disorders D57.- [N08]
        strongyloidiasis B78.9 [N08]
        subacute bacterial endocarditis I33.0 [N08]
        syphilis A52.75
        systemic lupus erythematosus M32.14
        thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura M31.1 [N08]
        Waldenström macroglobulinemia C88.0 [N08]
        Wegener's granulomatosis M31.31
    gluconeogenesis E74.4
    glucosaminoglycan metabolism --see Disorder, metabolism, glucosaminoglycan
    glycine metabolism E72.50
        d-glycericacidemia E72.59
        hyperhydroxyprolinemia E72.59
        hyperoxaluria R82.992
            primary E72.53
        hyperprolinemia E72.59
        non-ketotic hyperglycinemia E72.51
        oxalosis E72.53
        oxaluria E72.53
        sarcosinemia E72.59
        trimethylaminuria E72.52
    glycoprotein metabolism E77.9
        specified NEC E77.8
    habit (and impulse) F63.9
        involving sexual behavior NEC F65.9
        specified NEC F63.89
    hallucinogen use
        mild F16.10
                    anxiety disorder F16.180
                    bipolar and related disorder F16.14
                    depressive disorder F16.14
                    psychotic disorder F16.159
                hallucinogen intoxication delirium F16.121
                other hallucinogen intoxication F16.129
            in remission (early) (sustained) F16.11
        moderate or severe F16.20
                    anxiety disorder F16.280
                    bipolar and related disorder F16.24
                    depressive disorder F16.24
                    psychotic disorder F16.259
                hallucinogen intoxication delirium F16.221
                other hallucinogen intoxication F16.229
            in remission (early) (sustained) F16.21
    heart action I49.9
    hematological D75.9
        newborn (transient) P61.9
            specified NEC P61.8
    hematopoietic organs D75.9
    hemorrhagic NEC D69.9
        drug-induced D68.32
        due to
            extrinsic circulating anticoagulants D68.32
            increase in
                anti-IIa D68.32
                anti-Xa D68.32
                circulating anticoagulants D68.318
                increase in
                    antithrombin D68.318
                    anti-VIIIa D68.318
                    anti-IXa D68.318
                    anti-XIa D68.318
        following childbirth O72.3
    hemostasis --see Defect, coagulation
    histidine metabolism E70.40
        histidinemia E70.41
        other specified E70.49
    hoarding F42.3
    hyperkinetic --see Disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity
    hyperleucine-isoleucinemia E71.19
    hypervalinemia E71.19
    hypoactive sexual desire F52.0
    hypochondriacal F45.20
        body dysmorphic F45.22
        neurosis F45.21
        other specified F45.29
        dissociative F44.81
        of childhood F93.8
        illness anxiety F45.21
    immune mechanism (immunity) D89.9
        specified type NEC D89.89
    impaired renal tubular function N25.9
        specified NEC N25.89
    impulse (control) F63.9
        pelvic, in diseases classified elsewhere --see category N74
        penis N48.29
            abscess N48.21
            cellulitis N48.22
    inhalant use
        mild F18.10
                    anxiety disorder F18.180
                    depressive disorder F18.14
                    major neurocognitive disorder F18.17
                    mild neurocognitive disorder F18.188
                    psychotic disorder F18.159
                inhalant intoxication F18.129
                inhalant intoxication delirium F18.121
            in remission (early) (sustained) F18.11
        moderate or severe F18.20
                    anxiety disorder F18.280
                    depressive disorder F18.24
                    major neurocognitive disorder F18.27
                    mild neurocognitive disorder F18.288
                    psychotic disorder F18.259
                inhalant intoxication F18.229
                inhalant intoxication delirium F18.221
            in remission (early) (sustained) F18.21
    integument, newborn P83.9
        specified NEC P83.88
    intermittent explosive F63.81
    internal secretion pancreas --see Increased, secretion, pancreas, endocrine
    intestine, intestinal
        carbohydrate absorption NEC E74.39
            postoperative K91.2
        functional NEC K59.9
            postoperative K91.89
        psychogenic F45.8
        vascular K55.9
            chronic K55.1
            specified NEC K55.8
    intraoperative (intraprocedural) --see Complications, intraoperative
    involuntary emotional expression (IEED) F48.2
    iris H21.9
        adhesions --see Adhesions, iris
        atrophy --see Atrophy, iris
        chamber angle recession --see Recession, chamber angle
        cyst --see Cyst, iris
        degeneration --see Degeneration, iris
        in diseases classified elsewhere H22
        iridodialysis --see Iridodialysis
        iridoschisis --see Iridoschisis
        miotic pupillary cyst --see Cyst, pupillary
            abnormality --see Abnormality, pupillary
            membrane --see Membrane, pupillary
        specified type NEC H21.89
        vascular NEC H21.1X-
    iron metabolism E83.10
        specified NEC E83.19
    isovaleric acidemia E71.110
    jaw, developmental M27.0
        temporomandibular --see also Anomaly, dentofacial, temporomandibular joint M26.60-
    joint M25.9
        derangement --see Derangement, joint
        effusion --see Effusion, joint
        fistula --see Fistula, joint
        hemarthrosis --see Hemarthrosis
        instability --see Instability, joint
        osteophyte --see Osteophyte
        pain --see Pain, joint
        psychogenic F45.8
        specified type NEC M25.80
            ankle M25.87-
            elbow M25.82-
            foot joint M25.87-
            hand joint M25.84-
            hip M25.85-
            knee M25.86-
            shoulder M25.81-
            wrist M25.83-
        stiffness --see Stiffness, joint
    ketone metabolism E71.32
    kidney N28.9
        functional (tubular) N25.9
            schistosomiasis B65.9 [N29]
        tubular function N25.9
            specified NEC N25.89
    lacrimal system H04.9
        changes H04.69
            fistula --see Fistula, lacrimal
        gland H04.19
            atrophy --see Atrophy, lacrimal gland
            cyst --see Cyst, lacrimal, gland
            dacryops --see Dacryops
            dislocation --see Dislocation, lacrimal gland
            dry eye syndrome --see Syndrome, dry eye
            infection --see Dacryoadenitis
        granuloma --see Granuloma, lacrimal
        inflammation --see Inflammation, lacrimal
        obstruction --see Obstruction, lacrimal
        specified NEC H04.89
    lactation NEC O92.79
    language (developmental) F80.9
        expressive F80.1
        mixed receptive and expressive F80.2
        receptive F80.2
    late luteal phase dysphoric N94.89
    learning (specific) F81.9
        acalculia R48.8
        alexia R48.0
        mathematics F81.2
        reading F81.0
            with impairment in
                mathematics F81.2
                reading F81.0
                written expression F81.81
        specified NEC F81.89
        spelling F81.81
        written expression F81.81
    lens H27.9
        aphakia --see Aphakia
        cataract --see Cataract
        dislocation --see Dislocation, lens
        specified type NEC H27.8
    ligament M24.20
        ankle M24.27-
        attachment, spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
        elbow M24.22-
        foot joint M24.27-
        hand joint M24.24-
        hip M24.25-
        knee --see Derangement, knee, specified NEC
        shoulder M24.21-
        vertebra M24.28
        wrist M24.23-
    ligamentous attachments --see also Enthesopathy
        spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
        metabolism, congenital E78.9
        storage E75.6
            specified NEC E75.5
        deficiency (familial) E78.6
        metabolism E78.9
            specified NEC E78.89
    liver K76.9
        malarial B54 [K77]
    low back --see also Dorsopathy, specified NEC
        plexus G54.1
        root NEC (nerve) G54.4
    lung, interstitial, drug-induced J70.4
        acute J70.2
        chronic J70.3
    lymphoproliferative, post-transplant (PTLD) D47.Z1
    lysine and hydroxylysine metabolism E72.3
    major neurocognitive --see Dementia, in (due to)
        erectile (organic) --see also Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile N52.9
            nonorganic F52.21
        hypoactive sexual desire F52.0
        orgasmic F52.32
    manic F30.9
        organic F06.33
    mast cell activation --see Activation, mast cell
    mastoid --see also Disorder, ear, middle
        postprocedural --see Complications, ear, procedure
    meniscus --see Derangement, knee, meniscus
    menopausal N95.9
        specified NEC N95.8
    menstrual N92.6
        psychogenic F45.8
        specified NEC N92.5
    mental (or behavioral) (nonpsychotic) F99
        due to (secondary to)
                due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, stimulant
                due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, stimulant
            brain disease, damage and dysfunction F09
            caffeine use
                due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, stimulant
                due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, stimulant
            cannabis use
                due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, cannabis
                due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, cannabis
            general medical condition F09
            sedative or hypnotic use
                due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, sedative
                due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, sedative
            tobacco use (nicotine) --see Dependence, drug, nicotine
        following organic brain damage F07.9
            frontal lobe syndrome F07.0
            personality change F07.0
            postconcussional syndrome F07.81
            specified NEC F07.89
        infancy, childhood or adolescence F98.9
        neurotic --see Neurosis
        organic or symptomatic F09
        presenile, psychotic F03
        problem NEC
        psychoneurotic --see Neurosis
        psychotic --see Psychosis
        puerperal F53.0
        senile, psychotic NEC F03
    metabolic, amino acid, transitory, newborn P74.8
    metabolism NOS E88.9
        amino-acid E72.9
            aromatic E70.9
                albinism --see Albinism
                histidine E70.40
                    histidinemia E70.41
                    other specified E70.49
                hyperphenylalaninemia E70.1
                    classical phenylketonuria E70.0
                other specified E70.8
                tryptophan E70.5
                tyrosine E70.20
                    hypertyrosinemia E70.21
                    other specified E70.29
            branched chain E71.2
                3-methylglutaconic aciduria E71.111
                hyperleucine-isoleucinemia E71.19
                hypervalinemia E71.19
                isovaleric acidemia E71.110
                maple syrup urine disease E71.0
                methylmalonic acidemia E71.120
                organic aciduria NEC E71.118
                other specified E71.19
                proprionate NEC E71.128
                proprionic acidemia E71.121
            glycine E72.50
                d-glycericacidemia E72.59
                hyperhydroxyprolinemia E72.59
                hyperoxaluria R82.992
                    primary E72.53
                hyperprolinemia E72.59
                non-ketotic hyperglycinemia E72.51
                other specified E72.59
                sarcosinemia E72.59
                trimethylaminuria E72.52
            hydroxylysine E72.3
            lysine E72.3
            ornithine E72.4
            other specified E72.89
                beta-amino acid E72.89
                gamma-glutamyl cycle E72.89
            straight-chain E72.89
            sulfur-bearing E72.10
                homocystinuria E72.11
                methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase deficiency E72.12
                other specified E72.19
        bile acid and cholesterol metabolism E78.70
        bilirubin E80.7
            specified NEC E80.6
        calcium E83.50
            hypercalcemia E83.52
            hypocalcemia E83.51
            other specified E83.59
        carbohydrate E74.9
            specified NEC E74.8
        cholesterol and bile acid metabolism E78.70
        congenital E88.9
        copper E83.00
            Wilson's disease E83.01
            specified type NEC E83.09
        cystinuria E72.01
        fructose E74.10
        galactose E74.20
        glucosaminoglycan E76.9
            mucopolysaccharidosis --see Mucopolysaccharidosis
            specified NEC E76.8
        glutamine E72.89
        glycine E72.50
        glycogen storage (hepatorenal) E74.09
        glycoprotein E77.9
            specified NEC E77.8
        glycosaminoglycan E76.9
            specified NEC E76.8
        in labor and delivery O75.89
        iron E83.10
        isoleucine E71.19
        leucine E71.19
        lipoid E78.9
        lipoprotein E78.9
            specified NEC E78.89
        magnesium E83.40
            hypermagnesemia E83.41
            hypomagnesemia E83.42
            other specified E83.49
        mineral E83.9
            specified NEC E83.89
        mitochondrial E88.40
            MELAS syndrome E88.41
            MERRF syndrome (myoclonic epilepsy associated with ragged-red fibers) E88.42
            other specified E88.49
        ornithine E72.4
        phosphatases E83.30
        phosphorus E83.30
            acid phosphatase deficiency E83.39
            hypophosphatasia E83.39
            hypophosphatemia E83.39
                familial E83.31
            other specified E83.39
            pseudovitamin D deficiency E83.32
        plasma protein NEC E88.09
        porphyrin --see Porphyria
        postprocedural E89.89
            specified NEC E89.89
        purine E79.9
            specified NEC E79.8
        pyrimidine E79.9
            specified NEC E79.8
        pyruvate E74.4
        serine E72.89
        sodium E87.8
        specified NEC E88.89
        threonine E72.89
        valine E71.19
        zinc E83.2
    methylmalonic acidemia E71.120
    micturition NEC --see also Difficulty, micturition R39.198
        feeling of incomplete emptying R39.14
        hesitancy R39.11
        poor stream R39.12
        psychogenic F45.8
        split stream R39.13
        straining R39.16
        urgency R39.15
    mild neurocognitive G31.84
    mitochondrial metabolism E88.40
    mitral (valve) --see Endocarditis, mitral
        anxiety and depressive F41.8
        of scholastic skills (developmental) F81.89
        receptive expressive language F80.2
    mood F39
        bipolar --see Disorder, bipolar
        depressive --see Disorder, depressive
        due to (secondary to)
            alcohol F10.94
            amphetamine F15.94
                    abuse F15.14
                    dependence F15.24
            anxiolytic F13.94
                    abuse F13.14
                    dependence F13.24
            cocaine F14.94
                    abuse F14.14
                    dependence F14.24
            general medical condition F06.30
            hallucinogen F16.94
                    abuse F16.14
                    dependence F16.24
            hypnotic F13.94
                    abuse F13.14
                    dependence F13.24
            inhalant F18.94
                    abuse F18.14
                    dependence F18.24
            opioid F11.94
                    abuse F11.14
                    dependence F11.24
            phencyclidine (PCP) F16.94
                    abuse F16.14
                    dependence F16.24
            physiological condition F06.30
                    depressive features F06.31
                    major depressive-like episode F06.32
                    manic features F06.33
                    mixed features F06.34
            psychoactive substance NEC F19.94
                    abuse F19.14
                    dependence F19.24
            sedative F13.94
                    abuse F13.14
                    dependence F13.24
            volatile solvents F18.94
                    abuse F18.14
                    dependence F18.24
        manic episode F30.9
            with psychotic symptoms F30.2
            in remission (full) F30.4
                partial F30.3
            specified type NEC F30.8
            without psychotic symptoms F30.10
                mild F30.11
                moderate F30.12
                severe F30.13
        organic F06.30
            right hemisphere F07.89
        persistent F34.9
            cyclothymia F34.0
            dysthymia F34.1
            specified type NEC F34.89
        recurrent F39
        right hemisphere organic F07.89
    movement G25.9
        drug-induced G25.70
            akathisia G25.71
            specified NEC G25.79
        hysterical F44.4
        in diseases classified elsewhere --see category G26
        periodic limb G47.61
            sleep related G47.61
        specified NEC G25.89
        sleep related NEC G47.69
        stereotyped F98.4
        treatment-induced G25.9
    multiple personality F44.81
    muscle M62.9
        attachment, spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
        in trichinellosis --see Trichinellosis, with muscle disorder
        psychogenic F45.8
        specified type NEC M62.89
        tone, newborn P94.9
            specified NEC P94.8
        attachments --see also Enthesopathy
            spine --see Enthesopathy, spinal
        urethra N36.44
    musculoskeletal system, soft tissue --see Disorder, soft tissue
        postprocedural M96.89
        psychogenic F45.8
    myoneural G70.9
        due to lead G70.1
        specified NEC G70.89
        toxic G70.1
    myotonic NEC G71.19
    nail, in diseases classified elsewhere L62
    neck region NEC --see Dorsopathy, specified NEC
    neonatal onset multisystemic inflammatory (NOMID) M04.2
    nerve G58.9
        abducent NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
        accessory G52.8
        acoustic --see subcategory H93.3
        auditory --see subcategory H93.3
        auriculotemporal G50.8
        axillary G54.0
        cerebral --see Disorder, nerve, cranial
        cranial G52.9
            eighth --see subcategory H93.3
            eleventh G52.8
            fifth G50.9
            first G52.0
            fourth NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
            multiple G52.7
            ninth G52.1
            second NEC --see Disorder, nerve, optic
            seventh NEC G51.8
            sixth NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, sixth nerve
            specified NEC G52.8
            tenth G52.2
            third NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
            twelfth G52.3
        entrapment --see Neuropathy, entrapment
        facial G51.9
            specified NEC G51.8
        femoral --see Lesion, nerve, femoral
        glossopharyngeal NEC G52.1
        hypoglossal G52.3
        intercostal G58.0
            cutaneous of thigh --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, meralgia paresthetica
            popliteal --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal
        lower limb --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb
        medial popliteal --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal, medial
        median NEC --see Lesion, nerve, median
        multiple G58.7
        oculomotor NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, third nerve
        olfactory G52.0
        optic NEC H47.09-
            hemorrhage into sheath --see Hemorrhage, optic nerve
            ischemic H47.01-
        peroneal --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal
        phrenic G58.8
        plantar --see Lesion, nerve, plantar
        pneumogastric G52.2
        posterior tibial --see Syndrome, tarsal tunnel
        radial --see Lesion, nerve, radial
        recurrent laryngeal G52.2
        root G54.9
            cervical G54.2
            lumbosacral G54.1
            specified NEC G54.8
            thoracic G54.3
        sciatic NEC --see Lesion, nerve, sciatic
        specified NEC G58.8
            lower limb --see Mononeuropathy, lower limb, specified NEC
            upper limb --see Mononeuropathy, upper limb, specified NEC
        sympathetic G90.9
        tibial --see Lesion, nerve, popliteal, medial
        trigeminal G50.9
            specified NEC G50.8
        trochlear NEC --see Strabismus, paralytic, fourth nerve
        ulnar --see Lesion, nerve, ulnar
        upper limb --see Mononeuropathy, upper limb
        vagus G52.2
    nervous system G98.8
        autonomic (peripheral) G90.9
            specified NEC G90.8
        central G96.9
            specified NEC G96.8
        parasympathetic G90.9
        specified NEC G98.8
        sympathetic G90.9
        vegetative G90.9
    neurocognitive R41.9
                aggressive behavior F01.51
                combative behavior F01.51
                violent behavior F01.51
            due to vascular disease, with behavioral disturbance F01.51
            in (due to) (other diseases classified elsewhere) --see also Dementia, in (due to) F02.80
                    aggressive behavior F02.81
                    combative behavior F02.81
                    violent behavior F02.81
            without behavioral disturbance F01.50
        mild G31.84
    neurodevelopmental F89
        specified NEC F88
    neurohypophysis NEC E23.3
    neurological NEC R29.818
    neuromuscular G70.9
        hereditary NEC G71.9
        specified NEC G70.89
        toxic G70.1
    neurotic F48.9
        specified NEC F48.8
    neutrophil, polymorphonuclear D71
    nicotine use --see Dependence, drug, nicotine
    nightmare F51.5
    non-rapid eye movement sleep arousal
        sleep terror type F51.4
        sleepwalking type F51.3
    nose J34.9
        specified NEC J34.89
    obsessive-compulsive F42.9
        and related disorder due to a known physiological condition F06.8
    odontogenesis NOS K00.9
    opioid use
            opioid-induced psychotic disorder F11.959
                    delusions F11.950
                    hallucinations F11.951
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, opioid
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, opioid
        mild F11.10
                    anxiety disorder F11.188
                    depressive disorder F11.14
                    sexual dysfunction F11.181
                opioid intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F11.122
                    delirium F11.121
                    without perceptual disturbances F11.129
            in remission (early) (sustained) F11.11
        moderate or severe F11.20
                    anxiety disorder F11.288
                    anxiety disorder F11.988
                    depressive disorder F11.24
                    depressive disorder F11.94
                    sexual dysfunction F11.281
                    sexual dysfunction F11.981
                opioid intoxication
                    with perceptual disturbances F11.222
                    delirium F11.221
                    without perceptual disturbances F11.229
            in remission (early) (sustained) F11.21
    oppositional defiant F91.3
        chiasm H47.49
            due to
                inflammatory disorder H47.41
                neoplasm H47.42
                vascular disorder H47.43
        disc H47.39-
            coloboma --see Coloboma, optic disc
            drusen --see Drusen, optic disc
            pseudopapilledema --see Pseudopapilledema
        radiations --see Disorder, visual, pathway
        tracts --see Disorder, visual, pathway
    orbit H05.9
        cyst --see Cyst, orbit
        deformity --see Deformity, orbit
        edema --see Edema, orbit
        enophthalmos --see Enophthalmos
        exophthalmos --see Exophthalmos
        hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, orbit
        inflammation --see Inflammation, orbit
        myopathy --see Myopathy, extraocular muscles
        retained foreign body --see Foreign body, orbit, old
        specified type NEC H05.89
        anxiety F06.4
        catatonic F06.1
        delusional F06.2
        dissociative F06.8
        emotionally labile (asthenic) F06.8
        mood (affective) F06.30
        schizophrenia-like F06.2
    orgasmic (female) F52.31
        male F52.32
    ornithine metabolism E72.4
    overanxious F41.1
        of childhood F93.8
        with related psychological factors F45.42
        exclusively related to psychological factors F45.41
        genito-pelvic penetration disorder F52.6
    pancreatic internal secretion E16.9
        specified NEC E16.8
    panic F41.0
        with agoraphobia F40.01
    papulosquamous L44.9
        in diseases classified elsewhere L45
        specified NEC L44.8
    paranoid F22
        induced F24
        shared F24
    paraphilic F65.9
        specified NEC F65.89
    parathyroid (gland) E21.5
        specified NEC E21.4
    parietoalveolar NEC J84.09
    paroxysmal, mixed R56.9
    patella M22.9-
        chondromalacia --see Chondromalacia, patella
        derangement NEC M22.3X-
            dislocation --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent
            subluxation --see Dislocation, patella, recurrent, incomplete
        specified NEC M22.8X-
    patellofemoral M22.2X-
    pedophilic F65.4
    pentose phosphate pathway with anemia D55.1
    perception, due to hallucinogens F16.983
            abuse F16.183
            dependence F16.283
    peripheral nervous system NEC G64
    peroxisomal E71.50
            neonatal adrenoleukodystrophy E71.511
            specified disorder NEC E71.518
            Zellweger syndrome E71.510
        rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata E71.540
        specified form NEC E71.548
            group 1 E71.518
            group 2 E71.53
            group 3 E71.542
        X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy E71.529
            adolescent E71.521
            adrenomyeloneuropathy E71.522
            childhood E71.520
            specified form NEC E71.528
        Zellweger-like syndrome E71.541
         pain (somatoform) F45.41
        affective (mood) F34.9
    personality --see also Personality F60.9
        affective F34.0
        aggressive F60.3
        amoral F60.2
        anankastic F60.5
        antisocial F60.2
        anxious F60.6
        asocial F60.2
        asthenic F60.7
        avoidant F60.6
        borderline F60.3
        change due to general medical condition (secondary) F07.0
        compulsive F60.5
        cyclothymic F34.0
        dependent (passive) F60.7
        depressive F34.1
        dissocial F60.2
        emotional instability F60.3
        expansive paranoid F60.0
        explosive F60.3
        following organic brain damage F07.9
        histrionic F60.4
        hyperthymic F34.0
        hypothymic F34.1
        hysterical F60.4
        immature F60.89
        inadequate F60.7
        labile F60.3
        mixed (nonspecific) F60.89
        moral deficiency F60.2
        narcissistic F60.81
        negativistic F60.89
        obsessional F60.5
        obsessive (-compulsive) F60.5
        organic F07.9
        overconscientious F60.5
        paranoid F60.0
        passive (-dependent) F60.7
        passive-aggressive F60.89
        pathological NEC F60.9
        pseudosocial F60.2
        psychopathic F60.2
        schizoid F60.1
        schizotypal F21
        self-defeating F60.7
        specified NEC F60.89
        type A F60.5
        unstable (emotional) F60.3
    pervasive, developmental F84.9
    phencyclidine use
        mild F16.10
                    anxiety disorder F16.180
                    bipolar and related disorder F16.14
                    depressive disorder F16.14
                    psychotic disorder F16.159
                phencyclidine intoxication F16.129
                phencyclidine intoxication delirium F16.121
            in remission (early) (sustained) F16.11
        moderate or severe F16.20
                    anxiety disorder F16.280
                    bipolar and related disorder F16.24
                    depressive disorder F16.24
                    psychotic disorder F16.259
                phencyclidine intoxication F16.229
                phencyclidine intoxication delirium F16.221
            in remission (early) (sustained) F16.21
    phobic anxiety, childhood F40.8
    phosphate-losing tubular N25.0
    pigmentation L81.9
        choroid, congenital Q14.3
        diminished melanin formation L81.6
        iron L81.8
        specified NEC L81.8
    pinna (noninfective) H61.10-
        deformity, acquired H61.11-
        hematoma H61.12-
        perichondritis --see Perichondritis, ear
        specified type NEC H61.19-
    pituitary gland E23.7
        iatrogenic (postprocedural) E89.3
        specified NEC E23.6
    platelets D69.1
    plexus G54.9
        specified NEC G54.8
    polymorphonuclear neutrophils D71
    porphyrin metabolism --see Porphyria
    postconcussional F07.81
    posthallucinogen perception F16.983
            abuse F16.183
            dependence F16.283
    postmenopausal N95.9
        specified NEC N95.8
    postprocedural (postoperative) --see Complications, postprocedural
    post-transplant lymphoproliferative D47.Z1
    post-traumatic stress (PTSD) F43.10
        acute F43.11
        chronic F43.12
    premenstrual dysphoric (PMDD) F32.81
    prepuce N47.8
    propionic acidemia E71.121
    prostate N42.9
        specified NEC N42.89
    psychogenic NOS --see also condition F45.9
        anxiety F41.8
        appetite F50.9
        asthenic F48.8
        cardiovascular (system) F45.8
        compulsive F42.8
        cutaneous F54
        depressive F32.9
        digestive (system) F45.8
        dysmenorrheic F45.8
        dyspneic F45.8
        endocrine (system) F54
        eye NEC F45.8
        feeding --see Disorder, eating
        functional NEC F45.8
        gastric F45.8
        gastrointestinal (system) F45.8
        genitourinary (system) F45.8
        heart (function) (rhythm) F45.8
        hyperventilatory F45.8
        hypochondriacal --see Disorder, hypochondriacal
        intestinal F45.8
        joint F45.8
        learning F81.9
        limb F45.8
        lymphatic (system) F45.8
        menstrual F45.8
        micturition F45.8
        monoplegic NEC F44.4
        motor F44.4
        muscle F45.8
        musculoskeletal F45.8
        neurocirculatory F45.8
        obsessive F42.8
        occupational F48.8
        organ or part of body NEC F45.8
        paralytic NEC F44.4
        phobic F40.9
        physical NEC F45.8
        rectal F45.8
        respiratory (system) F45.8
        rheumatic F45.8
        sexual (function) F52.9
        skin (allergic) (eczematous) F54
        sleep F51.9
        specified part of body NEC F45.8
        stomach F45.8
    psychological F99
        associated with
            disease classified elsewhere F54
                development F66
                relationship F66
            uncertainty about gender identity F64.9
    psychomotor NEC F44.4
        hysterical F44.4
    psychoneurotic --see also Neurosis
        mixed NEC F48.8
    psychophysiologic --see Disorder, somatoform
    psychosexual F65.9
        development F66
        identity of childhood F64.2
    psychosomatic NOS --see Disorder, somatoform
        multiple F45.0
        undifferentiated F45.1
    psychotic --see Psychosis
        transient (acute) F23
    puberty E30.9
        specified NEC E30.8
    pulmonary (valve) --see Endocarditis, pulmonary
    purine metabolism E79.9
    pyrimidine metabolism E79.9
    pyruvate metabolism E74.4
    reactive attachment (childhood) F94.1
    reading R48.0
        developmental (specific) F81.0
    receptive language F80.2
    receptor, hormonal, peripheral --see also Syndrome, androgen insensitivity E34.50
    recurrent brief depressive F33.8
    reflex R29.2
    refraction H52.7
        aniseikonia H52.32
        anisometropia H52.31
        astigmatism --see Astigmatism
        hypermetropia --see Hypermetropia
        myopia --see Myopia
        presbyopia H52.4
        specified NEC H52.6
    relationship F68.8
        due to sexual orientation F66
    REM sleep behavior G47.52
    renal function, impaired (tubular) N25.9
    resonance R49.9
        specified NEC R49.8
    respiratory function, impaired --see also Failure, respiration
        postprocedural --see Complication, postoperative, respiratory system
        psychogenic F45.8
    retina H35.9
        angioid streaks H35.33
        changes in vascular appearance H35.01-
        degeneration --see Degeneration, retina
        dystrophy (hereditary) --see Dystrophy, retina
        edema H35.81
        hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, retina
        ischemia H35.82
        macular degeneration --see Degeneration, macula
        microaneurysms H35.04-
        microvascular abnormality NEC H35.09
        neovascularization --see Neovascularization, retina
        retinopathy --see Retinopathy
        separation of layers H35.70
            central serous chorioretinopathy H35.71-
            pigment epithelium detachment (serous) H35.72-
                hemorrhagic H35.73-
        specified type NEC H35.89
        telangiectasis --see Telangiectasis, retina
        vasculitis --see Vasculitis, retina
    retroperitoneal K68.9
    right hemisphere organic affective F07.89
    rumination (infant or child) F98.21
    sacrum, sacrococcygeal NEC M53.3
    schizoaffective F25.9
        bipolar type F25.0
        depressive type F25.1
        manic type F25.0
        mixed type F25.0
        specified NEC F25.8
    schizoid of childhood F84.5
    schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorder F29
        specified NEC F28
    schizophreniform F20.81
        brief F23
    schizotypal (personality) F21
    secretion, thyrocalcitonin E07.0
    sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic use
        mild F13.10
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic-induced
                    anxiety disorder F13.180
                    bipolar and related disorder F13.14
                    depressive disorder F13.14
                    psychotic disorder F13.159
                    sexual dysfunction F13.181
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic intoxication F13.129
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic intoxication delirium F13.121
            in remission (early) (sustained) F13.11
        moderate or severe F13.20
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic-induced
                    anxiety disorder F13.280
                    bipolar and related disorder F13.24
                    depressive disorder F13.24
                    major neurocognitive disorder F13.27
                    mild neurocognitive disorder F13.288
                    psychotic disorder F13.259
                    sexual dysfunction F13.281
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic intoxication F13.229
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic intoxication delirium F13.221
            in remission (early) (sustained) F13.21
    seizure --see also Epilepsy G40.909
        intractable G40.919
            with status epilepticus G40.911
    semantic pragmatic F80.89
        with autism F84.0
    sense of smell R43.1
        psychogenic F45.8
    separation anxiety, of childhood F93.0
        arousal, female F52.22
        aversion F52.1
        function, psychogenic F52.9
        interest/arousal, female F52.22
        masochism F65.51
        maturation F66
        nonorganic F52.9
        preference --see also Deviation, sexual F65.9
            fetishistic transvestism F65.1
        relationship F66
        sadism F65.52
    shyness, of childhood and adolescence F40.10
    sibling rivalry F93.8
    sickle-cell (sickling) (homozygous) --see Disease, sickle-cell
        heterozygous D57.3
        specified type NEC D57.8-
        trait D57.3
    sinus (nasal) J34.9
        specified NEC J34.89
    skin L98.9
        atrophic L90.9
            specified NEC L90.8
        granulomatous L92.9
            specified NEC L92.8
        hypertrophic L91.9
            specified NEC L91.8
        infiltrative NEC L98.6
        newborn P83.9
            specified NEC P83.88
        picking F42.4
        psychogenic (allergic) (eczematous) F54
    sleep G47.9
        breathing-related --see Apnea, sleep
        circadian rhythm G47.20
            advance sleep phase type G47.22
            delayed sleep phase type G47.21
            due to
                    abuse F10.182
                    dependence F10.282
                    use F10.982
                    abuse F15.182
                    dependence F15.282
                    use F15.982
                    abuse F15.182
                    dependence F15.282
                    use F15.982
                    abuse F14.182
                    dependence F14.282
                    use F14.982
                drug NEC
                    abuse F19.182
                    dependence F19.282
                    use F19.982
                    abuse F11.182
                    dependence F11.282
                    use F11.982
                psychoactive substance NEC
                    abuse F19.182
                    dependence F19.282
                    use F19.982
                sedative, hypnotic, or anxiolytic
                    abuse F13.182
                    dependence F13.282
                    use F13.982
                stimulant NEC
                    abuse F15.182
                    dependence F15.282
                    use F15.982
            free running type G47.24
            in conditions classified elsewhere G47.27
            irregular sleep wake type G47.23
            jet lag type G47.25
            non-24-hour sleep-wake type G47.24
            shift work type G47.26
            specified NEC G47.29
        due to
                abuse F10.182
                dependence F10.282
                use F10.982
                abuse F15.182
                dependence F15.282
                use F15.982
                abuse F13.182
                dependence F13.282
                use F13.982
                abuse F15.182
                dependence F15.282
                use F15.982
                abuse F14.182
                dependence F14.282
                use F14.982
            drug NEC
                abuse F19.182
                dependence F19.282
                use F19.982
                abuse F13.182
                dependence F13.282
                use F13.982
                abuse F11.182
                dependence F11.282
                use F11.982
            psychoactive substance NEC
                abuse F19.182
                dependence F19.282
                use F19.982
                abuse F13.182
                dependence F13.282
                use F13.982
            stimulant NEC
                abuse F15.182
                dependence F15.282
                use F15.982
        emotional F51.9
        excessive somnolence --see Hypersomnia
        hypersomnia type --see Hypersomnia
        initiating or maintaining --see Insomnia
        nightmares F51.5
        nonorganic F51.9
            specified NEC F51.8
        parasomnia type G47.50
        specified NEC G47.8
        terrors F51.4
        walking F51.3
    sleep-wake pattern or schedule --see also Disorder, sleep, circadian rhythm G47.9
        specified NEC G47.8
        anxiety (of childhood) F40.10
            generalized F40.11
        functioning in childhood F94.9
            specified NEC F94.8
        pragmatic F80.82
    soft tissue M79.9
        ankle M79.9
        due to use, overuse and pressure M70.90
            ankle M70.97-
            bursitis --see Bursitis
            foot M70.97-
            forearm M70.93-
            hand M70.94-
            lower leg M70.96-
            multiple sites M70.99
            pelvic region M70.95-
            shoulder region M70.91-
            specified site NEC M70.98
            specified type NEC M70.80
                ankle M70.87-
                foot M70.87-
                forearm M70.83-
                hand M70.84-
                lower leg M70.86-
                multiple sites M70.89
                pelvic region M70.85-
                shoulder region M70.81-
                specified site NEC M70.88
                thigh M70.85-
                upper arm M70.82-
            thigh M70.95-
            upper arm M70.92-
        foot M79.9
        forearm M79.9
        hand M79.9
        lower leg M79.9
        multiple sites M79.9
        occupational --see Disorder, soft tissue, due to use, overuse and pressure
        pelvic region M79.9
        shoulder region M79.9
        specified type NEC M79.89
        thigh M79.9
        upper arm M79.9
    somatic symptom F45.1
    somatization F45.0
    somatoform F45.9
        pain (persistent) F45.41
        somatization (multiple) (long-lasting) F45.0
        specified NEC F45.8
        undifferentiated F45.1
    somnolence, excessive --see Hypersomnia
        arithmetical F81.2
        developmental, of motor F82
        reading F81.0
        speech and language F80.9
        spelling F81.81
        written expression F81.81
    speech R47.9
        articulation (functional) (specific) F80.0
        developmental F80.9
        specified NEC R47.89
    speech-sound F80.0
    spelling (specific) F81.81
    spine --see also Dorsopathy
        ligamentous or muscular attachments, peripheral --see Enthesopathy, spinal
        specified NEC --see Dorsopathy, specified NEC
    stereotyped, habit or movement F98.4
    stimulant use (other) (unspecified)
        mild F15.10
            in remission (early) (sustained) F15.11
        moderate or severe F15.20
            in remission (early) (sustained) F15.21
    stomach (functional) --see Disorder, gastric
    stress F43.9
        acute F43.0
        post-traumatic F43.10
            acute F43.11
            chronic F43.12
    substance use (other) (unknown)
        mild F19.10
            with substance-induced
                anxiety disorder F19.180
                bipolar and related disorder F19.14
                depressive disorder F19.14
                major neurocognitive disorder F19.17
                mild neurocognitive disorder F19.188
                obsessive-compulsive and related disorder F19.188
                sexual dysfunction F19.181
            substance intoxication F19.129
            substance intoxication delirium F19.121
        moderate or severe F19.20
            with substance-induced
                anxiety disorder F19.280
                bipolar and related disorder F19.24
                depressive disorder F19.24
                major neurocognitive disorder F19.27
                mild neurocognitive disorder F19.288
                obsessive-compulsive and related disorder F19.288
                sexual dysfunction F19.281
            in remission (early) (sustained) F19.21
            substance intoxication F19.229
            substance intoxication delirium F19.221
    sulfur-bearing amino-acid metabolism E72.10
    sweat gland (eccrine) L74.9
        apocrine L75.9
            specified NEC L75.8
        specified NEC L74.8
    synovium M67.90
        acromioclavicular M67.91-
        ankle M67.97-
        elbow M67.92-
        foot M67.97-
        forearm M67.93-
        hand M67.94-
        hip M67.95-
        knee M67.96-
        multiple sites M67.99
        rupture --see Rupture, synovium
        shoulder M67.91-
        specified type NEC M67.80
            acromioclavicular M67.81-
            ankle M67.87-
            elbow M67.82-
            foot M67.87-
            hand M67.84-
            hip M67.85-
            knee M67.86-
            multiple sites M67.89
            wrist M67.83-
        synovitis --see Synovitis
        upper arm M67.92-
        wrist M67.93-
    temperature regulation, newborn P81.9
        specified NEC P81.8
    temporomandibular joint M26.60-
    tendon M67.90
        acromioclavicular M67.91-
        ankle M67.97-
        contracture --see Contracture, tendon
        elbow M67.92-
        foot M67.97-
        forearm M67.93-
        hand M67.94-
        hip M67.95-
        knee M67.96-
        multiple sites M67.99
        rupture --see Rupture, tendon
        shoulder M67.91-
        specified type NEC M67.80
            acromioclavicular M67.81-
            ankle M67.87-
            elbow M67.82-
            foot M67.87-
            hand M67.84-
            hip M67.85-
            knee M67.86-
            multiple sites M67.89
            trunk M67.88
            wrist M67.83-
        synovitis --see Synovitis
        tendinitis --see Tendinitis
        tenosynovitis --see Tenosynovitis
        trunk M67.98
        upper arm M67.92-
        wrist M67.93-
    thoracic root NEC (nerve) G54.3
    thyrocalcitonin hypersecretion E07.0
    thyroid (gland) E07.9
        function NEC, neonatal, transitory P72.2
        iodine-deficiency related E01.8
        specified NEC E07.89
    tic --see Tic
    tobacco use
        chewing tobacco (mild) (moderate) (severe)
            in remission (early) (sustained) F17.221
        cigarettes (mild) (moderate) (severe)
            in remission (early) (sustained) F17.211
        mild Z72.0
            in remission (early) (sustained) F17.201
        moderate F17.200
            in remission (early) (sustained) F17.201
        severe F17.200
            in remission (early) (sustained) F17.201
        specified product NEC (mild) (moderate) (severe)
            in remission (early) (sustained) F17.291
    tooth K08.9
        development K00.9
            specified NEC K00.8
        eruption K00.6
    Tourette's F95.2
    trance and possession F44.89
    transvestic F65.1
    trauma and stressor-related F43.9
        other specified F43.8
    tricuspid (valve) --see Endocarditis, tricuspid
    tryptophan metabolism E70.5
    tubular, phosphate-losing N25.0
    tubulo-interstitial (in)
        brucellosis A23.9 [N16]
        cystinosis E72.04
        diphtheria A36.84
        glycogen storage disease E74.00 [N16]
        leukemia NEC C95.9- [N16]
        lymphoma NEC C85.9- [N16]
        mixed cryoglobulinemia D89.1 [N16]
        multiple myeloma C90.0- [N16]
        Salmonella infection A02.25
        sarcoidosis D86.84
        sepsis A41.9 [N16]
            streptococcal A40.9 [N16]
        systemic lupus erythematosus M32.15
        toxoplasmosis B58.83
        transplant rejection T86.91 [N16]
        Wilson's disease E83.01 [N16]
    tubulo-renal function, impaired N25.9
        specified NEC N25.89
    tympanic membrane H73.9-
        atrophy --see Atrophy, tympanic membrane
        infection --see Myringitis
        perforation --see Perforation, tympanum
        specified NEC H73.89-
    unsocialized aggressive F91.1
    urea cycle metabolism E72.20
        argininemia E72.21
        arginosuccinic aciduria E72.22
        citrullinemia E72.23
        ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency E72.4
        other specified E72.29
    ureter (in) N28.9
        schistosomiasis B65.0 [N29]
        tuberculosis A18.11
    urethra N36.9
        specified NEC N36.8
    urinary system N39.9
        specified NEC N39.8
    valve, heart
        aortic --see Endocarditis, aortic
        mitral --see Endocarditis, mitral
        pulmonary --see Endocarditis, pulmonary
            aortic --see Endocarditis, aortic, rheumatic
            mitral --see Endocarditis, mitral
            pulmonary --see Endocarditis, pulmonary, rheumatic
            tricuspid --see Endocarditis, tricuspid
        tricuspid --see Endocarditis, tricuspid
    vestibular function H81.9-
        specified NEC --see subcategory H81.8
            in diseases classified elsewhere H82.-
        vertigo --see Vertigo
    vision, binocular H53.30
        abnormal retinal correspondence H53.31
        diplopia H53.2
        fusion with defective stereopsis H53.32
        simultaneous perception H53.33
        suppression H53.34
            blindness H47.619
                left brain H47.612
                right brain H47.611
            due to
                inflammatory disorder H47.629
                    left brain H47.622
                    right brain H47.621
                neoplasm H47.639
                    left brain H47.632
                    right brain H47.631
                vascular disorder H47.649
                    left brain H47.642
                    right brain H47.641
        pathway H47.9
            due to
                inflammatory disorder H47.51-
                neoplasm H47.52-
                vascular disorder H47.53-
            optic chiasm --see Disorder, optic, chiasm
    vitreous body H43.9
        crystalline deposits --see Deposit, crystalline
        degeneration --see Degeneration, vitreous
        hemorrhage --see Hemorrhage, vitreous
        opacities --see Opacity, vitreous
        prolapse --see Prolapse, vitreous
        specified type NEC H43.89
    voice R49.9
        specified type NEC R49.8
    volatile solvent use
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, inhalant
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, inhalant
    voyeuristic F65.3
    white blood cells D72.9
        specified NEC D72.89
    withdrawing, child or adolescent F40.10