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Donor (organ or tissue) Z52.9
    blood (whole) Z52.000
        autologous Z52.010
        specified component NEC (lymphocytes) (platelets) Z52.008
            autologous Z52.018
            specified donor NEC Z52.098
        specified donor NEC Z52.090
        stem cells Z52.001
            autologous Z52.011
            specified donor NEC Z52.091
    bone Z52.20
        autologous Z52.21
        marrow Z52.3
        specified type NEC Z52.29
    cornea Z52.5
    egg (Oocyte) Z52.819
        age 35 and over Z52.812
            anonymous recipient Z52.812
            designated recipient Z52.813
        under age 35 Z52.810
            anonymous recipient Z52.810
            designated recipient Z52.811
    kidney Z52.4
    liver Z52.6
    lung Z52.89
    lymphocyte --see Donor, blood, specified components NEC
    Oocyte --see Donor, egg
    platelets Z52.008
    potential, examination of Z00.5
    semen Z52.89
    skin Z52.10
        autologous Z52.11
        specified type NEC Z52.19
    specified organ or tissue NEC Z52.89
    sperm Z52.89