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    albumin E88.09
    aortic arch Q25.45
    auditory canal Q17.8
    auricle (heart) Q20.8
    bladder Q64.79
    cervix Q51.820
        with doubling of uterus (and vagina) Q51.10
            with obstruction Q51.11
    inlet ventricle Q20.4
    kidney with double pelvis (renal) Q63.0
    meatus urinarius Q64.75
    monster Q89.4
        left ventricle Q20.2
        right ventricle Q20.1
    pelvis with double ureter (renal) Q62.5
    tongue Q38.3
    ureter (one or both sides) Q62.5
        with double pelvis (renal) Q62.5
    urethra Q64.74
    urinary meatus Q64.75
    uterus Q51.20
            doubling of cervix (and vagina) Q51.10
                with obstruction Q51.11
        complete Q51.21
        in pregnancy or childbirth O34.59-
            causing obstructed labor O65.5
        partial Q51.22
        specified NEC Q51.28
    vagina Q52.10
        with doubling of uterus (and cervix) Q51.10
            with obstruction Q51.11
    vision H53.2
    vulva Q52.79