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    adrenal E27.9
        hyperfunction E27.0
        due to alcohol G31.2
        somatoform F45.8
    bladder N31.9
        neurogenic NOS --see Dysfunction, bladder, neuromuscular
        neuromuscular NOS N31.9
            atonic (motor) (sensory) N31.2
            autonomous N31.2
            flaccid N31.2
            nonreflex N31.2
            reflex N31.1
            specified NEC N31.8
            uninhibited N31.0
    bleeding, uterus N93.8
    cerebral G93.89
    colon K59.9
        psychogenic F45.8
    colostomy K94.03
    cystic duct K82.8
    cystostomy (stoma) --see Complications, cystostomy
    ejaculatory N53.19
        anejaculatory orgasm N53.13
        painful N53.12
        premature F52.4
        retarded N53.11
    endocrine NOS E34.9
    endometrium N85.8
    enterostomy K94.13
    erectile --see Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile
    gallbladder K82.8
    gastrostomy (stoma) K94.23
    gland, glandular NOS E34.9
        meibomian, of eyelid --see Dysfunction, meibomian gland
    heart I51.89
    hemoglobin D75.89
    hepatic K76.89
    hypophysis E23.7
    hypothalamic NEC E23.3
    ileostomy (stoma) K94.13
    jejunostomy (stoma) K94.13
    kidney --see Disease, renal
    labyrinthine --see subcategory H83.2
    left ventricular, following sudden emotional stress I51.81
    liver K76.89
    male --see Dysfunction, sexual, male
    meibomian gland, of eyelid H02.889
        left H02.886
            lower H02.885
            upper H02.884
            upper and lower eyelids H02.88B
        right H02.883
            lower H02.882
            upper H02.881
            upper and lower eyelids H02.88A
    orgasmic (female) F52.31
        male F52.32
    ovary E28.9
        specified NEC E28.8
    papillary muscle I51.89
    parathyroid E21.4
    physiological NEC R68.89
        psychogenic F59
    pineal gland E34.8
    pituitary (gland) E23.3
    platelets D69.1
    polyglandular E31.9
        specified NEC E31.8
    psychophysiologic F59
    psychosexual F52.9
            dyspareunia F52.6
            premature ejaculation F52.4
            vaginismus F52.5
    pylorus K31.9
    rectum K59.9
        psychogenic F45.8
    reflex (sympathetic) --see Syndrome, pain, complex regional I
    segmental --see Dysfunction, somatic
    senile R54
    sexual (due to) R37
        alcohol F10.981
        amphetamine F15.981
                abuse F15.181
                dependence F15.281
        anxiolytic F13.981
                abuse F13.181
                dependence F13.281
        cocaine F14.981
                abuse F14.181
                dependence F14.281
        excessive sexual drive F52.8
        failure of genital response (male) F52.21
            female F52.22
        female N94.9
            aversion F52.1
            dyspareunia N94.10
                psychogenic F52.6
            frigidity F52.22
            nymphomania F52.8
            orgasmic F52.31
            psychogenic F52.9
                aversion F52.1
                dyspareunia F52.6
                frigidity F52.22
                nymphomania F52.8
                orgasmic F52.31
                vaginismus F52.5
            vaginismus N94.2
                psychogenic F52.5
        hypnotic F13.981
                abuse F13.181
                dependence F13.281
        inhibited orgasm (female) F52.31
            male F52.32
            of sexual enjoyment F52.1
            or loss of sexual desire F52.0
        male N53.9
            anejaculatory orgasm N53.13
            ejaculatory N53.19
                painful N53.12
                premature F52.4
                retarded N53.11
            erectile N52.9
                drug induced N52.2
                due to
                    disease classified elsewhere N52.1
                    drug N52.2
                postoperative (postprocedural) N52.39
                        cryotherapy N52.37
                        interstitial seed therapy N52.36
                        prostate ablative therapy N52.37
                        prostatectomy N52.34
                            radical N52.31
                        radiation therapy N52.35
                        radical cystectomy N52.32
                        ultrasound ablative therapy N52.37
                        urethral surgery N52.33
                psychogenic F52.21
                specified cause NEC N52.8
                    arterial insufficiency N52.01
                        with corporo-venous occlusive N52.03
                    corporo-venous occlusive N52.02
                        with arterial insufficiency N52.03
            impotence --see Dysfunction, sexual, male, erectile
            psychogenic F52.9
                aversion F52.1
                erectile F52.21
                orgasmic F52.32
                premature ejaculation F52.4
                satyriasis F52.8
                specified type NEC F52.8
            specified type NEC N53.8
        nonorganic F52.9
            specified NEC F52.8
        opioid F11.981
                abuse F11.181
                dependence F11.281
        orgasmic dysfunction (female) F52.31
            male F52.32
        premature ejaculation F52.4
        psychoactive substances NEC F19.981
                abuse F19.181
                dependence F19.281
        psychogenic F52.9
        sedative F13.981
                abuse F13.181
                dependence F13.281
        sexual aversion F52.1
        vaginismus (nonorganic) (psychogenic) F52.5
    sinoatrial node I49.5
    somatic M99.09
        abdomen M99.09
        acromioclavicular M99.07
        cervical region M99.01
        cervicothoracic M99.01
        costochondral M99.08
        costovertebral M99.08
        head region M99.00
        hip M99.05
        lower extremity M99.06
        lumbar region M99.03
        lumbosacral M99.03
        occipitocervical M99.00
        pelvic region M99.05
        pubic M99.05
        rib cage M99.08
        sacral region M99.04
        sacrococcygeal M99.04
        sacroiliac M99.04
        specified NEC M99.09
        sternochondral M99.08
        sternoclavicular M99.07
        thoracic region M99.02
        thoracolumbar M99.02
        upper extremity M99.07
    somatoform autonomic F45.8
    stomach K31.89
        psychogenic F45.8
    suprarenal E27.9
        hyperfunction E27.0
    symbolic R48.9
        specified type NEC R48.8
    temporomandibular (joint) M26.69
        joint-pain syndrome M26.62-
    testicular (endocrine) E29.9
        specified NEC E29.8
    thymus E32.9
    thyroid E07.9
    ureterostomy (stoma) --see Complications, stoma, urinary tract
    urethrostomy (stoma) --see Complications, stoma, urinary tract
    uterus, complicating delivery O62.9
        hypertonic O62.4
        hypotonic O62.2
            primary O62.0
            secondary O62.1
    ventricular I51.9
        with congestive heart failure --see also Failure, heart I50.9
        left, reversible, following sudden emotional stress I51.81