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Dysplasia --see also Anomaly
    acetabular, congenital Q65.89
    alveolar capillary, with vein misalignment J84.843
    anus (histologically confirmed) (mild) (moderate) K62.82
        severe D01.3
    arrhythmogenic right ventricular I42.8
    arterial, fibromuscular I77.3
    asphyxiating thoracic (congenital) Q77.2
    brain Q07.9
    bronchopulmonary, perinatal P27.1
    cervix (uteri) N87.9
        mild N87.0
        moderate N87.1
        severe D06.9
    chondroectodermal Q77.6
    colon D12.6
    craniometaphyseal Q78.8
    dentinal K00.5
    diaphyseal, progressive Q78.3
    dystrophic Q77.5
    ectodermal (anhidrotic) (congenital) (hereditary) Q82.4
        hydrotic Q82.8
    epithelial, uterine cervix --see Dysplasia, cervix
    eye (congenital) Q11.2
        bone NEC (monostotic) M85.00
            ankle M85.07-
            foot M85.07-
            forearm M85.03-
            hand M85.04-
            lower leg M85.06-
            multiple site M85.09
            neck M85.08
            rib M85.08
            shoulder M85.01-
            skull M85.08
            specified site NEC M85.08
            thigh M85.05-
            toe M85.07-
            upper arm M85.02-
            vertebra M85.08
        diaphyseal, progressive Q78.3
        jaw M27.8
        polyostotic Q78.1
    florid osseous --see also Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
    high grade, focal D12.6
    hip, congenital Q65.89
    joint, congenital Q74.8
    kidney Q61.4
        multicystic Q61.4
    leg Q74.2
    lung, congenital (not associated with short gestation) Q33.6
    mammary (gland) (benign) N60.9-
        cyst (solitary) --see Cyst, breast
        cystic --see Mastopathy, cystic
        duct ectasia --see Ectasia, mammary duct
        fibroadenosis --see Fibroadenosis, breast
        fibrosclerosis --see Fibrosclerosis, breast
        specified type NEC N60.8-
    metaphyseal Q78.5
    muscle Q79.8
    oculodentodigital Q87.0
    periapical (cemental) (cemento-osseous) --see Cyst, calcifying odontogenic
    periosteum --see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
    polyostotic fibrous Q78.1
    prostate --see also Neoplasia, intraepithelial, prostate N42.30
        severe D07.5
        specified NEC N42.39
    renal Q61.4
        multicystic Q61.4
    retinal, congenital Q14.1
    right ventricular, arrhythmogenic I42.8
    septo-optic Q04.4
    skin L98.8
    spinal cord Q06.1
    spondyloepiphyseal Q77.7
    thymic, with immunodeficiency D82.1
    vagina N89.3
        mild N89.0
        moderate N89.1
        severe NEC D07.2
    vulva N90.3
        mild N90.0
        moderate N90.1
        severe NEC D07.1