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Edema, edematous (infectious) (pitting) (toxic) R60.9
    with nephritis --see Nephrosis
    allergic T78.3
    amputation stump (surgical) (sequelae (late effect)) T87.89
    angioneurotic (allergic) (any site) (with urticaria) T78.3
        hereditary D84.1
    angiospastic I73.9
    Berlin's (traumatic) S05.8X-
    brain (cytotoxic) (vasogenic) G93.6
        due to birth injury P11.0
        newborn (anoxia or hypoxia) P52.4
            birth injury P11.0
        traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, cerebral edema
    cardiac --see Failure, heart, congestive
    cardiovascular --see Failure, heart, congestive
    cerebral --see Edema, brain
    cerebrospinal --see Edema, brain
    cervix (uteri) (acute) N88.8
        puerperal, postpartum O90.89
    chronic hereditary Q82.0
    circumscribed, acute T78.3
        hereditary D84.1
    conjunctiva H11.42-
    cornea H18.2-
        idiopathic H18.22-
        secondary H18.23-
            due to contact lens H18.21-
    due to
        lymphatic obstruction I89.0
        salt retention E87.0
    epiglottis --see Edema, glottis
    essential, acute T78.3
        hereditary D84.1
    extremities, lower --see Edema, legs
    eyelid NEC H02.849
        left H02.846
            lower H02.845
            upper H02.844
        right H02.843
            lower H02.842
            upper H02.841
    familial, hereditary Q82.0
    famine --see Malnutrition, severe
    generalized R60.1
    glottis, glottic, glottidis (obstructive) (passive) J38.4
        allergic T78.3
            hereditary D84.1
    heart --see Failure, heart, congestive
    heat T67.7
    hereditary Q82.0
    inanition --see Malnutrition, severe
    intracranial G93.6
    iris H21.89
    joint --see Effusion, joint
    larynx --see Edema, glottis
    legs R60.0
        due to venous obstruction I87.1
        hereditary Q82.0
    localized R60.0
        due to venous obstruction I87.1
    lower limbs --see Edema, legs
    lung J81.1
        with heart condition or failure --see Failure, ventricular, left
        acute J81.0
        chemical (acute) J68.1
            chronic J68.1
        chronic J81.1
            due to
                chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation) J68.1
                external agent J70.9
                    specified NEC J70.8
                radiation J70.1
        due to
            chemicals, fumes or vapors (inhalation) J68.1
            external agent J70.9
                specified NEC J70.8
            high altitude T70.29
            near drowning T75.1
            radiation J70.0
        meaning failure, left ventricle I50.1
    lymphatic I89.0
        due to mastectomy I97.2
    macula H35.81
        cystoid, following cataract surgery --see Complications, postprocedural, following cataract surgery
        diabetic --see Diabetes, by type, with, retinopathy, with macular edema
    malignant --see Gangrene, gas
    Milroy's Q82.0
    nasopharynx J39.2
    newborn P83.30
        hydrops fetalis --see Hydrops, fetalis
        specified NEC P83.39
    nutritional --see also Malnutrition, severe
        with dyspigmentation, skin and hair E40
    optic disc or nerve --see Papilledema
    orbit H05.22-
    pancreas K86.89
    papilla, optic --see Papilledema
    penis N48.89
    periodic T78.3
        hereditary D84.1
    pharynx J39.2
    pulmonary --see Edema, lung
    Quincke's T78.3
        hereditary D84.1
    renal --see Nephrosis
    retina H35.81
        diabetic --see Diabetes, by type, with, retinopathy, with macular edema
    salt E87.0
    scrotum N50.89
    seminal vesicle N50.89
    spermatic cord N50.89
    spinal (cord) (vascular) (nontraumatic) G95.19
    starvation --see Malnutrition, severe
    stasis --see Hypertension, venous, (chronic)
    subglottic --see Edema, glottis
    supraglottic --see Edema, glottis
    testis N44.8
    tunica vaginalis N50.89
    vas deferens N50.89
    vulva (acute) N90.89