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Effect, adverse
    abnormal gravitational forces or states (G) T75.81
    abuse --see Maltreatment
    air pressure T70.9
        specified NEC T70.8
    altitude (high) --see Effect, adverse, high altitude
    anesthesia --see also Anesthesia T88.59
        in labor and delivery O74.9
        local, toxic
            in labor and delivery O74.4
            in pregnancy NEC O29.3-
            postpartum, puerperal O89.3
        postpartum, puerperal O89.9
        specified NEC T88.59
            in labor and delivery O74.8
            postpartum, puerperal O89.8
        spinal and epidural T88.59
            headache T88.59
                in labor and delivery O74.5
                postpartum, puerperal O89.4
            specified NEC
                in labor and delivery O74.6
                postpartum, puerperal O89.5
    antitoxin --see Complications, vaccination
    atmospheric pressure T70.9
        due to explosion T70.8
        high T70.3
        low --see Effect, adverse, high altitude
        specified effect NEC T70.8
    biological, correct substance properly administered --see Effect, adverse, drug
    blood (derivatives) (serum) (transfusion) --see Complications, transfusion
    chemical substance --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
    cold (temperature) (weather) T69.9
        chilblains T69.1
        frostbite --see Frostbite
        specified effect NEC T69.8
    drugs and medicaments T88.7
        specified drug --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, adverse effect
        specified effect - code to condition
    electric current, electricity (shock) T75.4
        burn --see Burn
    exertion (excessive) T73.3
    exposure --see Exposure
    external cause NEC T75.89
    foodstuffs T78.1
        allergic reaction --see Allergy, food
            causing anaphylaxis --see Shock, anaphylactic, due to food
        noxious --see Poisoning, food, noxious
    gases, fumes, or vapors T59.9-
        specified agent --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals
    glue sniffing (airplane)
        due to drug abuse --see Abuse, drug, inhalant
        due to drug dependence --see Dependence, drug, inhalant
    heat --see Heat
    high altitude NEC T70.29
        anoxia T70.29
            ears T70.0
            sinuses T70.1
        polycythemia D75.1
    high pressure fluids T70.4
    hot weather --see Heat
    hunger T73.0
    immersion, foot --see Immersion
    immunization --see Complications, vaccination
    immunological agents --see Complications, vaccination
    infrared NOS (radiation) (rays) T66
        dermatitis or eczema L59.8
    infusion --see Complications, infusion
    lack of care of infants --see Maltreatment, child
    lightning --see Lightning
    medical care T88.9
        specified NEC T88.8
    medicinal substance, correct, properly administered --see Effect, adverse, drug
    motion T75.3
    noise, on inner ear --see subcategory H83.3
    overheated places --see Heat
    psychosocial, of work environment Z56.5
    radiation NOS (diagnostic) (infrared) (natural source) (therapeutic) (ultraviolet) (X-ray) T66
        dermatitis or eczema --see Dermatitis, due to, radiation
        fibrosis of lung J70.1
        pneumonitis J70.0
        pulmonary manifestations
            acute J70.0
            chronic J70.1
        skin L59.9
    radioactive substance NOS
        dermatitis or eczema --see Radiodermatitis
    reduced temperature T69.9
        immersion foot or hand --see Immersion
        specified effect NEC T69.8
    serum NEC --see also Reaction, serum T80.69
    specified NEC T78.8
        external cause NEC T75.89
    strangulation --see Asphyxia, traumatic
    submersion T75.1
    thirst T73.1
    toxic --see Toxicity
    transfusion --see Complications, transfusion
    ultraviolet NOS (radiation) (rays) T66
        burn --see Burn
        dermatitis or eczema --see Dermatitis, due to, ultraviolet rays
            acute L56.8
    vaccine (any) --see Complications, vaccination
    vibration --see Vibration, adverse effects
    water pressure NEC T70.9
        specified NEC T70.8
    weightlessness T75.82
    whole blood --see Complications, transfusion
    work environment Z56.5