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    amniotic fluid --see Pregnancy, complicated by, prematue rupture of membranes
    brain (serous) G93.6
    bronchial --see Bronchitis
    cerebral G93.6
    cerebrospinal --see also Meningitis
        vessel G93.6
    chest --see Effusion, pleura
    chylous, chyliform (pleura) J94.0
    intracranial G93.6
    joint M25.40
        ankle M25.47-
        elbow M25.42-
        foot joint M25.47-
        hand joint M25.44-
        hip M25.45-
        knee M25.46-
        shoulder M25.41-
        specified joint NEC M25.48
        wrist M25.43-
    malignant pleural J91.0
    meninges --see Meningitis
    pericardium, pericardial (noninflammatory) I31.3
        acute --see Pericarditis, acute
    peritoneal (chronic) R18.8
    pleura, pleurisy, pleuritic, pleuropericardial J90
        chylous, chyliform J94.0
        due to systemic lupus erythematosis M32.13
        in conditions classified elsewhere J91.8
        influenzal --see Influenza, with, respiratory manifestations NEC
        malignant J91.0
        newborn P28.89
        tuberculous NEC A15.6
            primary (progressive) A15.7
    spinal --see Meningitis
    thorax, thoracic --see Effusion, pleura