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Encephalopathy (acute) G93.40
    acute necrotizing hemorrhagic G04.30
        postimmunization G04.32
        postinfectious G04.31
        specified NEC G04.39
    alcoholic G31.2
    anoxic --see Damage, brain, anoxic
    arteriosclerotic I67.2
    centrolobar progressive (Schilder) G37.0
    congenital Q07.9
    degenerative, in specified disease NEC G32.89
    demyelinating callosal G37.1
    due to
        drugs - --see also Table of Drugs and Chemicals G92
    hepatic --see Failure, hepatic
    hyperbilirubinemic, newborn P57.9
        due to isoimmunization (conditions in P55) P57.0
    hypertensive I67.4
    hypoglycemic E16.2
    hypoxic --see Damage, brain, anoxic
    hypoxic ischemic P91.60
        mild P91.61
        moderate P91.62
        severe P91.63
    in (due to) (with)
        birth injury P11.1
        hyperinsulinism E16.1 [G94]
        influenza --see Influenza, with, encephalopathy
        lack of vitamin --see also Deficiency, vitamin E56.9 [G32.89]
        neoplastic disease (see also Neoplasm) D49.9 [G13.1]
        serum --see also Reaction, serum T80.69
        syphilis A52.17
        trauma (postconcussional) F07.81
            current injury --see Injury, intracranial
        vaccination G04.02
    lead --see Poisoning, lead
    metabolic G93.41
        drug induced G92
        toxic G92
    myoclonic, early, symptomatic --see Epilepsy, generalized, specified NEC
    necrotizing, subacute (Leigh) G31.82
    neonatal P91.819
        in diseases classified elsewhere P91.811
    pellagrous E52 [G32.89]
    portosystemic --see Failure, hepatic
    postcontusional F07.81
        current injury --see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
    posthypoglycemic (coma) E16.1 [G94]
    postradiation G93.89
    saturnine --see Poisoning, lead
    septic G93.41
    specified NEC G93.49
    spongioform, subacute (viral) A81.09
    toxic G92
        metabolic G92
    traumatic (postconcussional) F07.81
        current injury --see Injury, intracranial
    vitamin B deficiency NEC E53.9 [G32.89]
        vitamin B1 E51.2
    Wernicke's E51.2