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Encounter (with health service) (for) Z76.89
    adjustment and management (of)
        breast implant Z45.81
        implanted device NEC Z45.89
        myringotomy device (stent) (tube) Z45.82
    administrative purpose only Z02.9
        examination for
            adoption Z02.82
            armed forces Z02.3
            disability determination Z02.71
            driving license Z02.4
            employment Z02.1
            insurance Z02.6
            medical certificate NEC Z02.79
            paternity testing Z02.81
            residential institution admission Z02.2
            school admission Z02.0
            sports Z02.5
        specified reason NEC Z02.89
    aftercare --see Aftercare
    antenatal screening Z36.9
        cervical length Z36.86
        chromosomal anomalies Z36.0
        congenital cardiac abnormalities Z36.83
        elevated maternal serum alphafetoprotein level Z36.1
        fetal growth retardation Z36.4
        fetal lung maturity Z36.84
        fetal macrosomia Z36.88
        hydrops fetalis Z36.81
        intrauterine growth restriction/small-for-dates (IUGR) Z36.4
        isoimmunization Z36.5
        large-for-dates Z36.88
        malformations Z36.3
        non-visualized anatomy on a previous scan Z36.2
        nuchal translucency Z36.82
        raised alphafetoprotein level Z36.1
        risk of pre-term labor Z36.86
        specified type NEC Z36.89
        specified follow-up NEC Z36.2
        specified genetic defects NEC Z36.8A
        Streptococcus B Z36.85
        suspected anomaly Z36.3
        uncertain dates Z36.87
    assisted reproductive fertility procedure cycle Z31.83
    blood typing Z01.83
        Rh typing Z01.83
    breast augmentation or reduction Z41.1
    breast implant exchange (different material) (different size) Z45.81
    breast reconstruction following mastectomy Z42.1
    check-up --see Examination
    chemotherapy for neoplasm Z51.11
    colonoscopy, screening Z12.11
    counseling --see Counseling
    delivery, full-term, uncomplicated O80
        cesarean, without indication O82
    desensitization to allergens Z51.6
    ear piercing Z41.3
    examination --see Examination
    expectant parent pre-birth pediatrician visit (s) (adoptive) Z76.81
    fertility preservation procedure (prior to cancer therapy) (prior to removal of gonads) Z31.84
    fitting (of) --see Fitting (and adjustment) (of)
            nonprocreative Z71.83
            procreative Z31.5
        testing --see Test, genetic
    hearing conservation and treatment Z01.12
    immunotherapy for neoplasm Z51.12
    in vitro fertilization cycle Z31.83
    instruction (in)
        childbirth Z32.2
        child care (postpartal) (prenatal) Z32.3
        natural family planning
            procreative Z31.61
            to avoid pregnancy Z30.02
    insulin pump titration Z46.81
    joint prosthesis insertion following prior explantation of joint prosthesis (staged procedure)
        hip Z47.32
        knee Z47.33
        shoulder Z47.31
    laboratory (as part of a general medical examination) Z00.00
        with abnormal findings Z00.01
    mental health services (for)
        abuse NEC
            perpetrator Z69.82
            victim Z69.81
        child abuse
                perpetrator Z69.021
                victim Z69.020
                perpetrator Z69.011
                victim Z69.010
        child neglect
                perpetrator Z69.021
                victim Z69.020
                perpetrator Z69.011
                victim Z69.010
        child psychological abuse
                perpetrator Z69.021
                victim Z69.020
                perpetrator Z69.011
                victim Z69.010
        child sexual abuse
                perpetrator Z69.021
                victim Z69.020
                perpetrator Z69.011
                victim Z69.010
        non-spousal adult abuse (perpetrator) (victim) Z69.81
        spousal or partner
                perpetrator Z69.12
                victim Z69.11
                perpetrator Z69.12
                victim Z69.11
            psychological abuse
                perpetrator Z69.12
                victim Z69.11
                perpetrator (physical) (sexual) Z69.12
                victim (physical) Z69.11
                    sexual Z69.81
    observation (for) (ruled out)
        exposure to (suspected)
            anthrax Z03.810
            biological agent NEC Z03.818
    pediatrician visit, by expectant parent (s) (adoptive) Z76.81
    placental sample (taken vaginally) --see also Encounter, antenatal screening Z36.9
    plastic and reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury NEC Z42.8
        supervision of --see Pregnancy, supervision of
        test Z32.00
            result negative Z32.02
            result positive Z32.01
    procreative management and counseling for gestational carrier Z31.7
    prophylactic measures Z29.9
        antivenin Z29.12
        fluoride administration Z29.3
        immunotherapy for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Z29.11
        rabies immune globin Z29.14
        Rho immune globulin (D) Z29.13
        specified NEC Z29.8
    radiation therapy (antineoplastic) Z51.0
    radiological (as part of a general medical examination) Z00.00
        with abnormal findings Z00.01
    reconstructive surgery following medical procedure or healed injury NEC Z42.8
    removal (of) --see also Removal
            arm Z44.00-
                complete Z44.01-
                partial Z44.02-
            eye Z44.2-
            leg Z44.10-
                complete Z44.11-
                partial Z44.12-
        breast implant Z45.81
            tissue expander (without synchronous insertion of permanent implant) Z45.81
        device Z46.9
            specified NEC Z46.89
            fixation device - code to fracture with seventh character D
            prosthesis, prosthetic device Z44.9
                breast Z44.3-
                specified NEC Z44.8
        implanted device NEC Z45.89
        insulin pump Z46.81
        internal fixation device Z47.2
        myringotomy device (stent) (tube) Z45.82
        nervous system device NEC Z46.2
            brain neuropacemaker Z46.2
            visual substitution device Z46.2
                implanted Z45.31
        non-vascular catheter Z46.82
        orthodontic device Z46.4
            ureteral Z46.6
        urinary device Z46.6
    repeat cervical smear to confirm findings of recent normal smear following initial abnormal smear Z01.42
    respirator [ventilator] use during power failure Z99.12
    Rh typing Z01.83
    screening --see Screening
    specified NEC Z76.89
    sterilization Z30.2
    suspected condition, ruled out
        amniotic cavity and membrane Z03.71
        cervical shortening Z03.75
        fetal anomaly Z03.73
        fetal growth Z03.74
        maternal and fetal conditions NEC Z03.79
        oligohydramnios Z03.71
        placental problem Z03.72
        polyhydramnios Z03.71
    suspected exposure, ruled out (to)
        anthrax Z03.810
        biological agents NEC Z03.818
    termination of pregnancy, elective Z33.2
    testing --see Test
    therapeutic drug level monitoring Z51.81
    titration, insulin pump Z46.81
    to determine fetal viability of pregnancy O36.80
        insulin pump Z46.81
    X-ray of chest (as part of a general medical examination) Z00.00
        with abnormal findings Z00.01