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Enlargement, enlarged --see also Hypertrophy
    adenoids J35.2
        with tonsils J35.3
    alveolar ridge K08.89
        congenital --see Anomaly, alveolar
    apertures of diaphragm (congenital) Q79.1
    gingival K06.1
    heart, cardiac --see Hypertrophy, cardiac
    labium majus, childhood asymmetric (CALME) N90.61
    lacrimal gland, chronic H04.03-
    liver --see Hypertrophy, liver
    lymph gland or node R59.9
        generalized R59.1
        localized R59.0
    orbit H05.34-
    organ or site, congenital NEC --see Anomaly, by site
    parathyroid (gland) E21.0
    pituitary fossa R93.0
    prostate N40.0
        with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) N40.1
        without lower urinary tract symtpoms (LUTS) N40.0
    sella turcica R93.0
    spleen --see Splenomegaly
    thymus (gland) (congenital) E32.0
    thyroid (gland) --see Goiter
    tongue K14.8
    tonsils J35.1
        with adenoids J35.3
    uterus N85.2
    vestibular aqueduct Q16.5