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    affective, mixed F39
    depersonalization (in neurotic state) F48.1
    depressive F32.9
        major F32.9
            mild F32.0
            moderate F32.1
            severe (without psychotic symptoms) F32.2
                with psychotic symptoms F32.3
        recurrent F33.9
            brief F33.8
        specified NEC F32.89
    hypomanic F30.8
    manic F30.9
            psychotic symptoms F30.2
            remission (full) F30.4
                partial F30.3
        other specified F30.8
        recurrent F31.89
        without psychotic symptoms F30.10
            mild F30.11
            moderate F30.12
            severe (without psychotic symptoms) F30.13
                with psychotic symptoms F30.2
    psychotic F23
        organic F06.8
    schizophrenic NEC, brief (acute) F23