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    creeping B76.9
    drug (generalized) (taken internally) L27.0
        fixed L27.1
        in contact with skin --see Dermatitis, due to drugs
        localized L27.1
    Hutchinson, summer L56.4
    Kaposi's varicelliform B00.0
    napkin L22
    polymorphous light (sun) L56.4
    recalcitrant pustular L13.8
    ringed R23.8
    skin (nonspecific) R21
        creeping (meaning hookworm) B76.9
        due to inoculation/vaccination (generalized) --see also Dermatitis, due to, vaccine L27.0
            localized L27.1
        erysipeloid A26.0
        feigned L98.1
        Kaposi's varicelliform B00.0
        lichenoid L28.0
        meaning dermatitis --see Dermatitis
        toxic NEC L53.0
    tooth, teeth, abnormal (incomplete) (late) (premature) (sequence) K00.6
    vesicular R23.8