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Exposure (to) --see also Contact, with T75.89
    acariasis Z20.7
    AIDS virus Z20.6
    air pollution Z77.110
    algae and algae toxins Z77.121
    algae bloom Z77.121
    anthrax Z20.810
    aromatic amines Z77.020
    aromatic compounds NEC (hazardous) Z77.028
    aromatic dyes NOS Z77.028
    arsenic Z77.010
    asbestos Z77.090
    bacterial disease NEC Z20.818
    benzene Z77.021
    blue-green algae bloom Z77.121
    body fluids (potentially hazardous) Z77.21
    brown tide Z77.121
    chemicals NEC (chiefly nonmedicinal) (hazardous) Z77.098
    cholera Z20.09
    chromium compounds Z77.018
    cold, effects of T69.9
        specified effect NEC T69.8
    communicable disease Z20.9
        bacterial NEC Z20.818
        specified NEC Z20.89
        viral NEC Z20.828
        Zika virus Z20.821
    cyanobacteria bloom Z77.121
    disaster Z65.5
    discrimination Z60.5
    dyes Z77.098
    effects of T73.9
    environmental tobacco smoke (acute) (chronic) Z77.22
    Escherichia coli (E. coli) Z20.01
    exhaustion due to T73.2
    fiberglass --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, fiberglass
    German measles Z20.4
    gonorrhea Z20.2
    hazardous metals NEC Z77.018
    hazardous substances NEC Z77.29
    hazards in the physical environment NEC Z77.128
    hazards to health NEC Z77.9
    human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Z20.6
    human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 (HTLV-1) Z20.89
        mesh --see Complications, mesh
        prosthetic materials NEC --see Complications, prosthetic materials NEC
    infestation NEC (parasitic) Z20.7
    intestinal infectious disease NEC Z20.09
        Escherichia coli (E. coli) Z20.01
    lead Z77.011
    meningococcus Z20.811
    mold (toxic) Z77.120
    nickel dust Z77.018
    noise Z77.122
        air contaminants NEC Z57.39
        dust Z57.2
        environmental tobacco smoke Z57.31
        extreme temperature Z57.6
        noise Z57.0
        radiation Z57.1
        risk factors Z57.9
            specified NEC Z57.8
        toxic agents in agriculture (gases) (liquids) (solids) (vapors) Z57.4
        toxic agents in industry NEC (gases) (liquids) (solids) (vapors) Z57.5
        vibration Z57.7
    parasitic disease NEC Z20.7
    pediculosis Z20.7
    persecution Z60.5
    pfiesteria piscicida Z77.121
    poliomyelitis Z20.89
    polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Z77.028
        air Z77.110
        environmental NEC Z77.118
        soil Z77.112
        water Z77.111
    prenatal (drugs) (toxic chemicals) --see Newborn, affected by, noxious substances transmitted via placenta or breast milk
    rabies Z20.3
    radiation, naturally occurring NEC Z77.123
    radon Z77.123
    red tide (Florida) Z77.121
    rubella Z20.4
    second hand tobacco smoke (acute) (chronic) Z77.22
        in the perinatal period P96.81
    sexually-transmitted disease Z20.2
    smallpox (laboratory) Z20.89
    syphilis Z20.2
    terrorism Z65.4
    torture Z65.4
    tuberculosis Z20.1
    uranium Z77.012
    varicella Z20.820
    venereal disease Z20.2
    viral disease NEC Z20.828
    war Z65.5
    water pollution Z77.111
    Zika virus Z20.821