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Fever (inanition) (of unknown origin) (persistent) (with chills) (with rigor) R50.9
    abortus A23.1
    Aden (dengue) A90
    African tick-borne A68.1
        mountain (tick) A93.2
        spotted A77.0
    aphthous B08.8
    arbovirus, arboviral A94
        hemorrhagic A94
        specified NEC A93.8
    Argentinian hemorrhagic A96.0
    Assam B55.0
    Australian Q A78
    Bangkok hemorrhagic A91
    Barmah forest A92.8
    Bartonella A44.0
    bilious, hemoglobinuric B50.8
    blackwater B50.8
    blister B00.1
    Bolivian hemorrhagic A96.1
    Bonvale dam T73.3
    boutonneuse A77.1
    brain --see Encephalitis
    Brazilian purpuric A48.4
    breakbone A90
    Bullis A77.0
    Bunyamwera A92.8
    Burdwan B55.0
    Bwamba A92.8
    Cameroon --see Malaria
    Canton A75.9
    catarrhal (acute) J00
        chronic J31.0
    cat-scratch A28.1
    Central Asian hemorrhagic A98.0
    cerebral --see Encephalitis
    cerebrospinal meningococcal A39.0
    Chagres B50.9
    Chandipura A92.8
    Changuinola A93.1
    Charcot's (biliary) (hepatic) (intermittent) --see Calculus, bile duct
    Chikungunya (viral) (hemorrhagic) A92.0
    Chitral A93.1
    Colombo --see Fever, paratyphoid
    Colorado tick (virus) A93.2
    congestive (remittent) --see Malaria
    Congo virus A98.0
    continued malarial B50.9
    Corsican --see Malaria
    Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic A98.0
    Cyprus --see Brucellosis
    dandy A90
    deer fly --see Tularemia
    dengue (virus) A90
        hemorrhagic A91
        sandfly A93.1
    desert B38.0
    drug induced R50.2
    due to
        conditions classified elsewhere R50.81
        heat T67.0
    enteric A01.00
    enteroviral exanthematous (Boston exanthem) A88.0
    ephemeral (of unknown origin) R50.9
    epidemic hemorrhagic A98.5
    erysipelatous --see Erysipelas
    estivo-autumnal (malarial) B50.9
    famine A75.0
    five day A79.0
    following delivery O86.4
    Fort Bragg A27.89
    gastroenteric A01.00
    gastromalarial --see Malaria
    Gibraltar --see Brucellosis
    glandular --see Mononucleosis, infectious
    Guama (viral) A92.8
    Haverhill A25.1
    hay (allergic) J30.1
        with asthma (bronchial) J45.909
                exacerbation (acute) J45.901
                status asthmaticus J45.902
        due to
            allergen other than pollen J30.89
            pollen, any plant or tree J30.1
    heat (effects) T67.0
    hematuric, bilious B50.8
    hemoglobinuric (malarial) (bilious) B50.8
    hemorrhagic NOS (arthropod-borne) A94
        with renal syndrome A98.5
        arenaviral A96.9
            specified NEC A96.8
        Argentinian A96.0
        Bangkok A91
        Bolivian A96.1
        Central Asian A98.0
        Chikungunya A92.0
        Crimean-Congo A98.0
        dengue (virus) A91
        epidemic A98.5
        Junin (virus) A96.0
        Korean A98.5
        Kyasanur forest A98.2
        Machupo (virus) A96.1
        mite-borne A93.8
        mosquito-borne A92.8
        Omsk A98.1
        Philippine A91
        Russian A98.5
        Singapore A91
        Southeast Asia A91
        Thailand A91
        tick-borne NEC A93.8
        viral A99
            specified NEC A98.8
    hepatic --see Cholecystitis
    herpetic --see Herpes
    icterohemorrhagic A27.0
    Indiana A93.8
    infective B99.9
        specified NEC B99.8
    intermittent (bilious) --see also Malaria
        of unknown origin R50.9
        pernicious B50.9
    iodide R50.2
    Japanese river A75.3
    jungle --see also Malaria
        yellow A95.0
    Junin hemorrhagic (virus) A96.0
    Katayama B65.2
    kedani A75.3
    Kenya (tick) A77.1
    Kew Garden A79.1
    Korean hemorrhagic A98.5
    Lassa A96.2
    Lone Star A77.0
    Machupo hemorrhagic (virus) A96.1
    malaria, malarial --see Malaria
    Malta A23.9
    Marseilles A77.1
    marsh --see Malaria
    Mayaro (viral) A92.8
    Mediterranean --see also Brucellosis A23.9
        familial M04.1
        tick A77.1
    meningeal --see Meningitis
    Meuse A79.0
    Mexican A75.2
    mianeh A68.1
    miasmatic --see Malaria
    mosquito-borne (viral) A92.9
        hemorrhagic A92.8
    mountain --see also Brucellosis
        meaning Rocky Mountain spotted fever A77.0
        tick (American) (Colorado) (viral) A93.2
    Mucambo (viral) A92.8
    mud A27.9
    Neapolitan --see Brucellosis
    neutropenic D70.9
    newborn P81.9
        environmental P81.0
    Nine-Mile A78
    non-exanthematous tick A93.2
    North Asian tick-borne A77.2
    Omsk hemorrhagic A98.1
    O'nyong-nyong (viral) A92.1
    Oropouche (viral) A93.0
    Oroya A44.0
    paludal --see Malaria
    Panama (malarial) B50.9
    Pappataci A93.1
    paratyphoid A01.4
        A A01.1
        B A01.2
        C A01.3
    parrot A70
    periodic (Mediterranean) M04.1
    persistent (of unknown origin) R50.9
    petechial A39.0
    pharyngoconjunctival B30.2
    Philippine hemorrhagic A91
    phlebotomus A93.1
    Piry (virus) A93.8
    Pixuna (viral) A92.8
    Plasmodium ovale B53.0
    polioviral (nonparalytic) A80.4
    Pontiac A48.2
    postimmunization R50.83
    postoperative R50.82
        due to infection T81.40
    posttransfusion R50.84
    postvaccination R50.83
    presenting with conditions classified elsewhere R50.81
    pretibial A27.89
    puerperal O86.4
    Q A78
    quadrilateral A78
    quartan (malaria) B52.9
    Queensland (coastal) (tick) A77.3
    quintan A79.0
    rabbit --see Tularemia
    rat-bite A25.9
        due to
            Spirillum A25.0
            Streptobacillus moniliformis A25.1
    recurrent --see Fever, relapsing
    relapsing (Borrelia) A68.9
        Carter's (Asiatic) A68.1
        Dutton's (West African) A68.1
        Koch's A68.9
        louse-borne A68.0
            louse-borne A68.0
            tick-borne A68.1
        Obermeyer's (European) A68.0
        tick-borne A68.1
    remittent (bilious) (congestive) (gastric) --see Malaria
    rheumatic (active) (acute) (chronic) (subacute) I00
        with central nervous system involvement I02.9
        active with heart involvement --see category I01
        inactive or quiescent with
            cardiac hypertrophy I09.89
            carditis I09.9
            endocarditis I09.1
                aortic (valve) I06.9
                    with mitral disease (valve) I08.0
                mitral (valve) I05.9
                    with aortic disease (valve) I08.0
                pulmonary (valve) I09.89
                tricuspid (valve) I07.8
            heart disease NEC I09.89
            heart failure (congestive) (conditions in category I50.) I09.81
            left ventricular failure (conditions in I50.1- I50.4-) I09.81
            myocarditis, myocardial degeneration (conditions in I51.4) I09.0
            pancarditis I09.9
            pericarditis I09.2
    Rift Valley (viral) A92.4
    Rocky Mountain spotted A77.0
    rose J30.1
    Ross River B33.1
    Russian hemorrhagic A98.5
    San Joaquin (Valley) B38.0
    sandfly A93.1
    Sao Paulo A77.0
    scarlet A38.9
    seven day (leptospirosis) (autumnal) (Japanese) A27.89
        dengue A90
    shin-bone A79.0
    Singapore hemorrhagic A91
    solar A90
    Songo A98.5
    sore B00.1
    South African tick-bite A68.1
    Southeast Asia hemorrhagic A91
    spinal --see Meningitis
    spirillary A25.0
    splenic --see Anthrax
    spotted A77.9
        American A77.0
        Brazilian A77.0
        cerebrospinal meningitis A39.0
        Colombian A77.0
        due to Rickettsia
            australis A77.3
            conorii A77.1
            rickettsii A77.0
            sibirica A77.2
            specified type NEC A77.8
        Ehrlichiosis A77.40
            due to
                E. chafeensis A77.41
                specified organism NEC A77.49
        Rocky Mountain A77.0
    steroid R50.2
    streptobacillary A25.1
    subtertian B50.9
    Sumatran mite A75.3
    sun A90
    swamp A27.9
    swine A02.8
    sylvatic, yellow A95.0
    Tahyna B33.8
    tertian --see Malaria, tertian
    Thailand hemorrhagic A91
    thermic T67.0
    three-day A93.1
        American mountain A93.2
        Colorado A93.2
        Kemerovo A93.8
        Mediterranean A77.1
        mountain A93.2
        nonexanthematous A93.2
        Quaranfil A93.8
    tick-bite NEC A93.8
    tick-borne NEC (hemorrhagic) A93.8
    trench A79.0
    tsutsugamushi A75.3
    typhogastric A01.00
    typhoid (abortive) (hemorrhagic) (intermittent) (malignant) A01.00
        complicated by
            arthritis A01.04
            heart involvement A01.02
            meningitis A01.01
            osteomyelitis A01.05
            pneumonia A01.03
            specified NEC A01.09
    typhomalarial --see Malaria
    typhus --see Typhus (fever)
    undulant --see Brucellosis
    unknown origin R50.9
    uveoparotid D86.89
    valley B38.0
    Venezuelan equine A92.2
    vesicular stomatitis A93.8
    viral hemorrhagic --see Fever, hemorrhagic, by type of virus
    Volhynian A79.0
    Wesselsbron (viral) A92.8
        African B50.8
        Nile (viral) A92.30
                complications NEC A92.39
                cranial nerve disorders A92.32
                encephalitis A92.31
                encephalomyelitis A92.31
                neurologic manifestation NEC A92.32
                optic neuritis A92.32
                polyradiculitis A92.32
    Whitmore's --see Melioidosis
    Wolhynian A79.0
    worm B83.9
    yellow A95.9
        jungle A95.0
        sylvatic A95.0
        urban A95.1
    Zika virus A92.5