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Fibrosis, fibrotic
    adrenal (gland) E27.8
    amnion O41.8X-
    anal papillae K62.89
    arteriocapillary --see Arteriosclerosis
    bladder N32.89
        interstitial --see Cystitis, chronic, interstitial
        localized submucosal --see Cystitis, chronic, interstitial
        panmural --see Cystitis, chronic, interstitial
    breast --see Fibrosclerosis, breast
    capillary --see also Arteriosclerosis I70.90
        lung (chronic) --see Fibrosis, lung
    cardiac --see Myocarditis
    cervix N88.8
    chorion O41.8X-
    corpus cavernosum (sclerosing) N48.6
    cystic (of pancreas) E84.9
            distal intestinal obstruction syndrome E84.19
            fecal impaction E84.19
            intestinal manifestations NEC E84.19
            pulmonary manifestations E84.0
            specified manifestations NEC E84.8
    due to device, implant or graft --see also Complications, by site and type, specified NEC T85.828
        arterial graft NEC T82.828
        breast (implant) T85.828
        catheter NEC T85.828
            dialysis (renal) T82.828
                intraperitoneal T85.828
            infusion NEC T82.828
                spinal (epidural) (subdural) T85.820
            urinary (indwelling) T83.82
        electronic (electrode) (pulse generator) (stimulator)
            bone T84.82
            cardiac T82.827
            nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal) T85.820
            urinary T83.82
        fixation, internal NEC (orthopedic) T84.82
        gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus) T85.828
        genital NEC T83.82
        heart NEC T82.827
        joint prosthesis T84.82
        ocular NEC (corneal graft) (orbital implant) T85.828
        orthopedic NEC T84.82
        specified NEC T85.828
        urinary NEC T83.82
        vascular NEC T82.828
        ventricular intracranial shunt T85.820
    ejaculatory duct N50.89
    endocardium --see Endocarditis
    endomyocardial (tropical) I42.3
    epididymis N50.89
    eye muscle --see Strabismus, mechanical
    heart --see Myocarditis
    hepatic --see Fibrosis, liver
    hepatolienal (portal hypertension) K76.6
    hepatosplenic (portal hypertension) K76.6
    infrapatellar fat pad M79.4
    intrascrotal N50.89
    kidney N26.9
    liver K74.0
        with sclerosis K74.2
        alcoholic K70.2
    lung (atrophic) (chronic) (confluent) (massive) (perialveolar) (peribronchial) J84.10
            anthracosilicosis J60
            anthracosis J60
            asbestosis J61
            bagassosis J67.1
            bauxite J63.1
            berylliosis J63.2
            byssinosis J66.0
            calcicosis J62.8
            chalicosis J62.8
            dust reticulation J64
            farmer's lung J67.0
            ganister disease J62.8
            graphite J63.3
            pneumoconiosis NOS J64
            siderosis J63.4
            silicosis J62.8
        capillary J84.10
        congenital P27.8
        diffuse (idiopathic) J84.10
            chemicals, gases, fumes or vapors (inhalation) J68.4
            interstitial J84.10
                acute J84.114
            talc J62.0
        following radiation J70.1
        idiopathic J84.112
        postinflammatory J84.10
        silicotic J62.8
        tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
    lymphatic gland I89.8
    median bar --see Hyperplasia, prostate
    mediastinum (idiopathic) J98.59
    meninges G96.19
    myocardium, myocardial --see Myocarditis
    ovary N83.8
    oviduct N83.8
    pancreas K86.89
    penis NEC N48.6
    pericardium I31.0
    perineum, in pregnancy or childbirth O34.7-
        causing obstructed labor O65.5
    pleura J94.1
    popliteal fat pad M79.4
    prostate (chronic) --see Hyperplasia, prostate
    pulmonary --see also Fibrosis, lung J84.10
        congenital P27.8
        idiopathic J84.112
    rectal sphincter K62.89
    retroperitoneal, idiopathic (with ureteral obstruction) N13.5
        with infection N13.6
    sclerosing mesenteric (idiopathic) K65.4
    scrotum N50.89
    seminal vesicle N50.89
    senile R54
    skin L90.5
    spermatic cord N50.89
    spleen D73.89
        in schistosomiasis (bilharziasis) B65.9 [D77]
    subepidermal nodular --see Neoplasm, skin, benign
    submucous (oral) (tongue) K13.5
    testis N44.8
        chronic, due to syphilis A52.76
    thymus (gland) E32.8
    tongue, submucous K13.5
    tunica vaginalis N50.89
    uterus (non-neoplastic) N85.8
    vagina N89.8
    valve, heart --see Endocarditis
    vas deferens N50.89
    vein I87.8