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Fistula (cutaneous) L98.8
    abdomen (wall) K63.2
        bladder N32.2
        intestine NEC K63.2
        ureter N28.89
        uterus N82.5
    abdominorectal K63.2
    abdominosigmoidal K63.2
    abdominothoracic J86.0
    abdominouterine N82.5
        congenital Q51.7
    abdominovesical N32.2
    accessory sinuses --see Sinusitis
    actinomycotic --see Actinomycosis
    alveolar antrum --see Sinusitis, maxillary
    alveolar process K04.6
    anorectal K60.5
    antrobuccal --see Sinusitis, maxillary
    antrum --see Sinusitis, maxillary
    anus, anal (recurrent) (infectional) K60.3
        congenital Q43.6
            with absence, atresia and stenosis Q42.2
        tuberculous A18.32
    aorta-duodenal I77.2
    appendix, appendicular K38.3
    arteriovenous (acquired) (nonruptured) I77.0
        brain I67.1
            congenital Q28.2
                ruptured I60.8
            ruptured I60.8
        cerebral --see Fistula, arteriovenous, brain
        congenital (peripheral) --see also Malformation, arteriovenous
            brain Q28.2
                ruptured I60.8
            coronary Q24.5
            pulmonary Q25.72
        coronary I25.41
            congenital Q24.5
        pulmonary I28.0
            congenital Q25.72
        surgically created (for dialysis) Z99.2
            complication --see Complication, arteriovenous, fistula, surgically created
        traumatic --see Injury, blood vessel
    artery I77.2
    aural (mastoid) --see Mastoiditis, chronic
    auricle --see also Disorder, pinna, specified type NEC
        congenital Q18.1
    Bartholin's gland N82.8
    bile duct (common) (hepatic) K83.3
        with calculus, stones --see Calculus, bile duct
    biliary (tract) --see Fistula, bile duct
    bladder NEC (sphincter) --see also Fistula, vesico- N32.2
        into seminal vesicle N32.2
    bone --see also Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
        with osteomyelitis, chronic --see Osteomyelitis, chronic, with draining sinus
    brain G93.89
        arteriovenous (acquired) I67.1
            congenital Q28.2
    branchial (cleft) Q18.0
    branchiogenous Q18.0
    breast N61.0
        puerperal, postpartum or gestational, due to mastitis (purulent) --see Mastitis, obstetric, purulent
    bronchial J86.0
    bronchocutaneous, bronchomediastinal, bronchopleural, bronchopleuromediastinal (infective) J86.0
        tuberculous NEC A15.5
    bronchoesophageal J86.0
        congenital Q39.2
            with atresia of esophagus Q39.1
    bronchovisceral J86.0
    buccal cavity (infective) K12.2
    cecosigmoidal K63.2
    cecum K63.2
    cerebrospinal (fluid) G96.0
    cervical, lateral Q18.1
    cervicoaural Q18.1
    cervicosigmoidal N82.4
    cervicovesical N82.1
    cervix N82.8
    chest (wall) J86.0
    cholecystenteric --see Fistula, gallbladder
    cholecystocolic --see Fistula, gallbladder
    cholecystocolonic --see Fistula, gallbladder
    cholecystoduodenal --see Fistula, gallbladder
    cholecystogastric --see Fistula, gallbladder
    cholecystointestinal --see Fistula, gallbladder
    choledochoduodenal --see Fistula, bile duct
    cholocolic K82.3
    coccyx --see Sinus, pilonidal
    colon K63.2
    colostomy K94.09
    common duct --see Fistula, bile duct
    congenital, site not listed --see Anomaly, by site
    coronary, arteriovenous I25.41
        congenital Q24.5
    costal region J86.0
    cul-de-sac, Douglas' N82.8
    cystic duct --see also Fistula, gallbladder
        congenital Q44.5
    dental K04.6
    diaphragm J86.0
    duodenum K31.6
    ear (external) (canal) --see Disorder, ear, external, specified type NEC
    enterocolic K63.2
    enterocutaneous K63.2
    enterouterine N82.4
        congenital Q51.7
    enterovaginal N82.4
        congenital Q52.2
        large intestine N82.3
        small intestine N82.2
    enterovesical N32.1
    epididymis N50.89
        tuberculous A18.15
    esophagobronchial J86.0
        congenital Q39.2
            with atresia of esophagus Q39.1
    esophagocutaneous K22.8
    esophagopleural-cutaneous J86.0
    esophagotracheal J86.0
        congenital Q39.2
            with atresia of esophagus Q39.1
    esophagus K22.8
        congenital Q39.2
            with atresia of esophagus Q39.1
    ethmoid --see Sinusitis, ethmoidal
    eyeball (cornea) (sclera) --see Disorder, globe, hypotony
    eyelid H01.8
    fallopian tube, external N82.5
    fecal K63.2
        congenital Q43.6
    from periapical abscess K04.6
    frontal sinus --see Sinusitis, frontal
    gallbladder K82.3
        with calculus, cholelithiasis, stones --see Calculus, gallbladder
    gastric K31.6
    gastrocolic K31.6
        congenital Q40.2
        tuberculous A18.32
    gastroenterocolic K31.6
    gastroesophageal K31.6
    gastrojejunal K31.6
    gastrojejunocolic K31.6
    genital tract (female) N82.9
        specified NEC N82.8
        to intestine NEC N82.4
        to skin N82.5
    hepatic artery-portal vein, congenital Q26.6
    hepatopleural J86.0
    hepatopulmonary J86.0
    ileorectal or ileosigmoidal K63.2
    ileovaginal N82.2
    ileovesical N32.1
    ileum K63.2
    in ano K60.3
        tuberculous A18.32
    inner ear (labyrinth) --see subcategory H83.1
    intestine NEC K63.2
    intestinocolonic (abdominal) K63.2
    intestinoureteral N28.89
    intestinouterine N82.4
    intestinovaginal N82.4
        large intestine N82.3
        small intestine N82.2
    intestinovesical N32.1
    ischiorectal (fossa) K61.39
    jejunum K63.2
    joint M25.10
        ankle M25.17-
        elbow M25.12-
        foot joint M25.17-
        hand joint M25.14-
        hip M25.15-
        knee M25.16-
        shoulder M25.11-
        specified joint NEC M25.18
        tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, joint
        vertebrae M25.18
        wrist M25.13-
    kidney N28.89
    labium (majus) (minus) N82.8
    labyrinth --see subcategory H83.1
    lacrimal (gland) (sac) H04.61-
    lacrimonasal duct --see Fistula, lacrimal
    laryngotracheal, congenital Q34.8
    larynx J38.7
    lip K13.0
        congenital Q38.0
    lumbar, tuberculous A18.01
    lung J86.0
    lymphatic I89.8
    mammary (gland) N61.0
    mastoid (process) (region) --see Mastoiditis, chronic
    maxillary J32.0
    medial, face and neck Q18.8
    mediastinal J86.0
    mediastinobronchial J86.0
    mediastinocutaneous J86.0
    middle ear --see subcategory H74.8
    mouth K12.2
    nasal J34.89
        sinus --see Sinusitis
    nasopharynx J39.2
    nipple N64.0
    nose J34.89
    oral (cutaneous) K12.2
        maxillary J32.0
        nasal (with cleft palate) --see Cleft, palate
    orbit, orbital --see Disorder, orbit, specified type NEC
    oroantral J32.0
    oviduct, external N82.5
    palate (hard) M27.8
    pancreatic K86.89
    pancreaticoduodenal K86.89
    parotid (gland) K11.4
        region K12.2
    penis N48.89
    perianal K60.3
    pericardium (pleura) (sac) --see Pericarditis
    pericecal K63.2
    perineorectal K60.4
    perineosigmoidal K63.2
    perineum, perineal NEC (with urethral involvement) N36.0
        tuberculous A18.13
        ureter N28.89
    perirectal K60.4
        tuberculous A18.32
    peritoneum K65.9
    pharyngoesophageal J39.2
    pharynx J39.2
        branchial cleft (congenital) Q18.0
    pilonidal (infected) (rectum) --see Sinus, pilonidal
    pleura, pleural, pleurocutaneous, pleuroperitoneal J86.0
        tuberculous NEC A15.6
    pleuropericardial I31.8
    portal vein-hepatic artery, congenital Q26.6
    postauricular H70.81-
    postoperative, persistent T81.83
        specified site --see Fistula, by site
    preauricular (congenital) Q18.1
    prostate N42.89
    pulmonary J86.0
        arteriovenous I28.0
            congenital Q25.72
        tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
    pulmonoperitoneal J86.0
    rectolabial N82.4
    rectosigmoid (intercommunicating) K63.2
    rectoureteral N28.89
    rectourethral N36.0
        congenital Q64.73
    rectouterine N82.4
        congenital Q51.7
    rectovaginal N82.3
        congenital Q52.2
        tuberculous A18.18
    rectovesical N32.1
        congenital Q64.79
    rectovesicovaginal N82.3
    rectovulval N82.4
        congenital Q52.79
    rectum (to skin) K60.4
        congenital Q43.6
            with absence, atresia and stenosis Q42.0
        tuberculous A18.32
    renal N28.89
    retroauricular --see Fistula, postauricular
    salivary duct or gland (any) K11.4
        congenital Q38.4
    scrotum (urinary) N50.89
        tuberculous A18.15
    semicircular canals --see subcategory H83.1
    sigmoid K63.2
        to bladder N32.1
    sinus --see Sinusitis
    skin L98.8
        to genital tract (female) N82.5
    splenocolic D73.89
    stercoral K63.2
    stomach K31.6
    sublingual gland K11.4
    submandibular gland K11.4
    submaxillary (gland) K11.4
        region K12.2
    thoracic J86.0
        duct I89.8
    thoracoabdominal J86.0
    thoracogastric J86.0
    thoracointestinal J86.0
    thorax J86.0
    thyroglossal duct Q89.2
    thyroid E07.89
    trachea, congenital (external) (internal) Q32.1
    tracheoesophageal J86.0
        congenital Q39.2
            with atresia of esophagus Q39.1
        following tracheostomy J95.04
    traumatic arteriovenous --see Injury, blood vessel, by site
    tuberculous - code by site under Tuberculosis
    typhoid A01.09
    umbilicourinary Q64.8
    urachus, congenital Q64.4
    ureter (persistent) N28.89
    ureteroabdominal N28.89
    ureterorectal N28.89
    ureterosigmoido-abdominal N28.89
    ureterovaginal N82.1
    ureterovesical N32.2
    urethra N36.0
        congenital Q64.79
        tuberculous A18.13
    urethroperineal N36.0
    urethroperineovesical N32.2
    urethrorectal N36.0
        congenital Q64.73
    urethroscrotal N50.89
    urethrovaginal N82.1
    urethrovesical N32.2
    urinary (tract) (persistent) (recurrent) N36.0
    uteroabdominal N82.5
        congenital Q51.7
    uteroenteric, uterointestinal N82.4
        congenital Q51.7
    uterorectal N82.4
        congenital Q51.7
    uteroureteric N82.1
    uterourethral Q51.7
    uterovaginal N82.8
    uterovesical N82.1
        congenital Q51.7
    uterus N82.8
    vagina (postpartal) (wall) N82.8
    vaginocutaneous (postpartal) N82.5
    vaginointestinal NEC N82.4
        large intestine N82.3
        small intestine N82.2
    vaginoperineal N82.5
    vasocutaneous, congenital Q55.7
    vesical NEC N32.2
    vesicoabdominal N32.2
    vesicocervicovaginal N82.1
    vesicocolic N32.1
    vesicocutaneous N32.2
    vesicoenteric N32.1
    vesicointestinal N32.1
    vesicometrorectal N82.4
    vesicoperineal N32.2
    vesicorectal N32.1
        congenital Q64.79
    vesicosigmoidal N32.1
    vesicosigmoidovaginal N82.3
    vesicoureteral N32.2
    vesicoureterovaginal N82.1
    vesicourethral N32.2
    vesicourethrorectal N32.1
    vesicouterine N82.1
        congenital Q51.7
    vesicovaginal N82.0
    vulvorectal N82.4
        congenital Q52.79