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Alcohol, alcoholic, alcohol-induced
    addiction (without remission) F10.20
        with remission F10.21
    amnestic disorder, persisting F10.96
        with dependence F10.26
    anxiety disorder F10.980
    bipolar and related disorder F10.94
    depressive disorder F10.94
    major neurocognitive disorder, amnestic-confabulatory type F10.96
    major neurocognitive disorder, nonamnestic-confabulatory type F10.97
    mild neurocognitive disorder F10.988
    psychotic disorder F10.959
    sexual dysfunction F10.981
    sleep disorder F10.982
    brain syndrome, chronic F10.97
        with dependence F10.27
    cardiopathy I42.6
    counseling and surveillance Z71.41
        family member Z71.42
    delirium (acute) (tremens) (withdrawal) F10.231
        with intoxication F10.921
                abuse F10.121
                dependence F10.221
    dementia F10.97
        with dependence F10.27
    deterioration F10.97
        with dependence F10.27
    hallucinosis (acute) F10.951
            abuse F10.151
            dependence F10.251
    insanity F10.959
    intoxication (acute) (without dependence) F10.129
            delirium F10.121
            dependence F10.229
                with delirium F10.221
                uncomplicated F10.220
        uncomplicated F10.120
    jealousy F10.988
    Korsakoff's, Korsakov's, Korsakow's F10.26
    liver K70.9
        acute --see Disease, liver, alcoholic, hepatitis
    mania (acute) (chronic) F10.959
    paranoia, paranoid psychosis (type) F10.950
    pellagra E52
    poisoning, accidental NEC (acute) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, alcohol, poisoning
    psychosis --see Psychosis, alcoholic
    withdrawal (without convulsions) F10.239
        with delirium F10.231