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Abscess (connective tissue) (embolic) (fistulous) (infective) (metastatic) (multiple) (pernicious) (pyogenic) (septic) L02.91
        diverticular disease (intestine) K57.80
            with bleeding K57.81
            large intestine K57.20
                    bleeding K57.21
                    small intestine K57.40
                        with bleeding K57.41
            small intestine K57.00
                    bleeding K57.01
                    large intestine K57.40
                        with bleeding K57.41
        lymphangitis - code by site under Abscess
    abdomen, abdominal
        cavity K65.1
        wall L02.211
    abdominopelvic K65.1
    accessory sinus --see Sinusitis
    adrenal (capsule) (gland) E27.8
    alveolar K04.7
        with sinus K04.6
    amebic A06.4
        brain (and liver or lung abscess) A06.6
        genitourinary tract A06.82
        liver (without mention of brain or lung abscess) A06.4
        lung (and liver) (without mention of brain abscess) A06.5
        specified site NEC A06.89
        spleen A06.89
    anerobic A48.0
    ankle --see Abscess, lower limb
    anorectal K61.2
    antecubital space --see Abscess, upper limb
    antrum (chronic) (Highmore) --see Sinusitis, maxillary
    anus K61.0
    apical (tooth) K04.7
        with sinus (alveolar) K04.6
    appendix K35.33
    areola (acute) (chronic) (nonpuerperal) N61.1
        puerperal, postpartum or gestational --see Infection, nipple
    arm (any part) --see Abscess, upper limb
    artery (wall) I77.89
    atheromatous I77.2
    auricle, ear --see Abscess, ear, external
    axilla (region) L02.41-
        lymph gland or node L04.2
    back (any part, except buttock) L02.212
    Bartholin's gland N75.1
            abortion --see Abortion, by type complicated by, sepsis
            ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
        following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
    Bezold's --see Mastoiditis, acute
    bilharziasis B65.1
    bladder (wall) --see Cystitis, specified type NEC
    bone (subperiosteal) --see also Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
        accessory sinus (chronic) --see Sinusitis
        chronic or old --see Osteomyelitis, chronic
        jaw (lower) (upper) M27.2
        mastoid --see Mastoiditis, acute, subperiosteal
        petrous --see Petrositis
        spinal (tuberculous) A18.01
            nontuberculous --see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
    bowel K63.0
    brain (any part) (cystic) (otogenic) G06.0
        amebic (with abscess of any other site) A06.6
        gonococcal A54.82
        pheomycotic (chromomycotic) B43.1
        tuberculous A17.81
    breast (acute) (chronic) (nonpuerperal) N61.1
        newborn P39.0
        puerperal, postpartum, gestational --see Mastitis, obstetric, purulent
    broad ligament N73.2
        acute N73.0
        chronic N73.1
    Brodie's (localized) (chronic) M86.8X-
    bronchi J98.09
    buccal cavity K12.2
    bulbourethral gland N34.0
    bursa M71.00
        ankle M71.07-
        elbow M71.02-
        foot M71.07-
        hand M71.04-
        hip M71.05-
        knee M71.06-
        multiple sites M71.09
        pharyngeal J39.1
        shoulder M71.01-
        specified site NEC M71.08
        wrist M71.03-
    buttock L02.31
    canthus --see Blepharoconjunctivitis
    cartilage --see Disorder, cartilage, specified type NEC
    cecum K35.33
    cerebellum, cerebellar G06.0
        sequelae G09
    cerebral (embolic) G06.0
        sequelae G09
    cervical (meaning neck) L02.11
        lymph gland or node L04.0
    cervix (stump) (uteri) --see Cervicitis
    cheek (external) L02.01
        inner K12.2
    chest J86.9
        with fistula J86.0
        wall L02.213
    chin L02.01
    choroid --see Inflammation, chorioretinal
    circumtonsillar J36
    cold (lung) (tuberculous) --see also Tuberculosis, abscess, lung
        articular --see Tuberculosis, joint
    colon (wall) K63.0
    colostomy K94.02
    conjunctiva --see Conjunctivitis, acute
    cornea H16.31-
        cavernosum N48.21
        luteum --see Oophoritis
    Cowper's gland N34.0
    cranium G06.0
    cul-de-sac (Douglas') (posterior) --see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
    cutaneous --see Abscess, by site
    dental K04.7
        with sinus (alveolar) K04.6
    dentoalveolar K04.7
        with sinus K04.6
    diaphragm, diaphragmatic K65.1
    Douglas' cul-de-sac or pouch --see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
    Dubois A50.59
    ear (middle) --see also Otitis, media, suppurative
        acute --see Otitis, media, suppurative, acute
        external H60.0-
    entamebic --see Abscess, amebic
    enterostomy K94.12
    epididymis N45.4
    epidural G06.2
        brain G06.0
        spinal cord G06.1
    epiglottis J38.7
    epiploon, epiploic K65.1
    erysipelatous --see Erysipelas
    esophagus K20.8
    ethmoid (bone) (chronic) (sinus) J32.2
    external auditory canal --see Abscess, ear, external
    extradural G06.2
        brain G06.0
            sequelae G09
        spinal cord G06.1
    extraperitoneal K68.19
    eye --see Endophthalmitis, purulent
    eyelid H00.03-
    face (any part, except ear, eye and nose) L02.01
    fallopian tube --see Salpingitis
    fascia M72.8
    fauces J39.1
    fecal K63.0
    femoral (region) --see Abscess, lower limb
    filaria, filarial --see Infestation, filarial
    finger (any) --see also Abscess, hand
        nail --see Cellulitis, finger
    foot L02.61-
    forehead L02.01
    frontal sinus (chronic) J32.1
    gallbladder K81.0
    genital organ or tract
        female (external) N76.4
        male N49.9
            multiple sites N49.8
            specified NEC N49.8
    gestational mammary O91.11-
    gestational subareolar O91.11-
    gingival --see Peridontitis, localized
    gland, glandular (lymph) (acute) --see Lymphadenitis, acute
    gluteal (region) L02.31
    gonorrheal --see Gonococcus
    groin L02.214
    gum --see Peridontitis, localized
    hand L02.51-
    head NEC L02.811
        face (any part, except ear, eye and nose) L02.01
    heart --see Carditis
    heel --see Abscess, foot
    helminthic --see Infestation, helminth
    hepatic (cholangitic) (hematogenic) (lymphogenic) (pylephlebitic) K75.0
        amebic A06.4
    hip (region) --see Abscess, lower limb
    horseshoe K61.31
    ileocecal K35.33
    ileostomy (bud) K94.12
    iliac (region) L02.214
        fossa K35.33
    infraclavicular (fossa) --see Abscess, upper limb
    inguinal (region) L02.214
        lymph gland or node L04.1
    intersphincteric K61.4
    intestine, intestinal NEC K63.0
        rectal K61.1
    intra-abdominal --see also Abscess, peritoneum K65.1
        following procedure T81.43
            obstetrical O86.03
        postprocedural T81.49
            retroperitoneal K68.11
    intracranial G06.0
    intramammary --see Abscess, breast
    intramuscular, following procedure T81.42
        obstetrical O86.02
    intraorbital --see Abscess, orbit
    intraperitoneal K65.1
    intrasphincteric (anus) K61.4
    intraspinal G06.1
    intratonsillar J36
    ischiorectal (fossa) (specified NEC) K61.39
    jaw (bone) (lower) (upper) M27.2
    joint --see Arthritis, pyogenic or pyemic
        spine (tuberculous) A18.01
            nontuberculous --see Spondylopathy, infective
    kidney N15.1
        with calculus N20.0
            with hydronephrosis N13.6
        puerperal (postpartum) O86.21
    knee --see also Abscess, lower limb
        joint M00.9
    labium (majus) (minus) N76.4
        caruncle --see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages, acute
        gland --see Dacryoadenitis
        passages (duct) (sac) --see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages, acute
    lacunar N34.0
    larynx J38.7
    lateral (alveolar) K04.7
        with sinus K04.6
    leg (any part) --see Abscess, lower limb
    lens H27.8
    lingual K14.0
        tonsil J36
    lip K13.0
    Littre's gland N34.0
    liver (cholangitic) (hematogenic) (lymphogenic) (pylephlebitic) (pyogenic) K75.0
        amebic (due to Entamoeba histolytica) (dysenteric) (tropical) A06.4
                brain abscess (and liver or lung abscess) A06.6
                lung abscess A06.5
    loin (region) L02.211
    lower limb L02.41-
    lumbar (tuberculous) A18.01
        nontuberculous L02.212
    lung (miliary) (putrid) J85.2
        with pneumonia J85.1
            due to specified organism (see Pneumonia, in (due to))
        amebic (with liver abscess) A06.5
                brain abscess A06.6
                pneumonia A06.5
    lymph, lymphatic, gland or node (acute) --see also Lymphadenitis, acute
        mesentery I88.0
    malar M27.2
    mammary gland --see Abscess, breast
    marginal, anus K61.0
    mastoid --see Mastoiditis, acute
    maxilla, maxillary M27.2
        molar (tooth) K04.7
            with sinus K04.6
        premolar K04.7
        sinus (chronic) J32.0
    mediastinum J85.3
    meibomian gland --see Hordeolum
    meninges G06.2
    mesentery, mesenteric K65.1
    mesosalpinx --see Salpingitis
    mons pubis L02.215
    mouth (floor) K12.2
    muscle --see Myositis, infective
    myocardium I40.0
    nabothian (follicle) --see Cervicitis
    nasal J32.9
    nasopharyngeal J39.1
    navel L02.216
        newborn P38.9
            with mild hemorrhage P38.1
            without hemorrhage P38.9
    neck (region) L02.11
        lymph gland or node L04.0
    nephritic --see Abscess, kidney
    nipple N61.1
        associated with
            lactation --see Pregnancy, complicated by
            pregnancy --see Pregnancy, complicated by
    nose (external) (fossa) (septum) J34.0
        sinus (chronic) --see Sinusitis
    omentum K65.1
    operative wound T81.49
    orbit, orbital --see Cellulitis, orbit
    otogenic G06.0
    ovary, ovarian (corpus luteum) --see Oophoritis
    oviduct --see Oophoritis
    palate (soft) K12.2
        hard M27.2
    palmar (space) --see Abscess, hand
    pancreas (duct) --see Pancreatitis, acute
    parafrenal N48.21
    parametric, parametrium N73.2
        acute N73.0
        chronic N73.1
    paranephric N15.1
    parapancreatic --see Pancreatitis, acute
    parapharyngeal J39.0
    pararectal K61.1
    parasinus --see Sinusitis
    parauterine --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
    paravaginal --see Vaginitis
    parietal region (scalp) L02.811
    parodontal --see Peridontitis, aggressive, localized
    parotid (duct) (gland) K11.3
        region K12.2
    pectoral (region) L02.213
    pelvis, pelvic
        female --see Disease, pelvis, inflammatory
        male, peritoneal K65.1
    penis N48.21
        gonococcal (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
    perianal K61.0
    periapical K04.7
        with sinus (alveolar) K04.6
    periappendicular K35.33
    pericardial I30.1
    pericecal K35.33
    pericemental --see Peridontitis, aggressive, localized
    pericholecystic --see Cholecystitis, acute
    pericoronal --see Peridontitis, aggressive, localized
    peridental --see Peridontitis, aggressive, localized
    perimetric --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
    perinephric, perinephritic --see Abscess, kidney
    perineum, perineal (superficial) L02.215
        urethra N34.0
    periodontal (parietal) --see Peridontitis, aggressive, localized
        apical K04.7
    periosteum, periosteal --see also Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
        with osteomyelitis --see also Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
            acute --see Osteomyelitis, acute
            chronic --see Osteomyelitis, chronic
    peripharyngeal J39.0
    peripleuritic J86.9
        with fistula J86.0
    periprostatic N41.2
    perirectal K61.1
    perirenal (tissue) --see Abscess, kidney
    perisinuous (nose) --see Sinusitis
    peritoneum, peritoneal (perforated) (ruptured) K65.1
        with appendicitis --see also Appendicitis K35.33
            female --see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
            male K65.1
        postoperative T81.49
        puerperal, postpartum, childbirth O85
        tuberculous A18.31
    peritonsillar J36
    perityphlic K35.33
    periureteral N28.89
    periurethral N34.0
        gonococcal (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
    periuterine --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
    perivesical --see Cystitis, specified type NEC
    petrous bone --see Petrositis
    phagedenic NOS L02.91
        chancroid A57
    pharynx, pharyngeal (lateral) J39.1
    pilonidal L05.01
    pituitary (gland) E23.6
    pleura J86.9
        with fistula J86.0
    popliteal --see Abscess, lower limb
    postcecal K35.33
    postlaryngeal J38.7
    postnasal J34.0
    postoperative (any site) --see also Infection, postoperative wound T81.49
        retroperitoneal K68.11
    postpharyngeal J39.0
    posttonsillar J36
    post-typhoid A01.09
    pouch of Douglas --see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
    premammary --see Abscess, breast
    prepatellar --see Abscess, lower limb
    prostate N41.2
        gonococcal (acute) (chronic) A54.22
    psoas muscle K68.12
    puerperal - code by site under Puerperal, abscess
    pulmonary --see Abscess, lung
    pulp, pulpal (dental) K04.01
        irreversible K04.02
        reversible K04.01
    rectovaginal septum K63.0
    rectovesical --see Cystitis, specified type NEC
    rectum K61.1
    renal --see Abscess, kidney
    retina --see Inflammation, chorioretinal
    retrobulbar --see Abscess, orbit
    retrocecal K65.1
    retrolaryngeal J38.7
    retromammary --see Abscess, breast
    retroperitoneal NEC K68.19
        postprocedural K68.11
    retropharyngeal J39.0
    retrouterine --see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
    retrovesical --see Cystitis, specified type NEC
    root, tooth K04.7
        with sinus (alveolar) K04.6
    round ligament --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
    rupture NOS (spontaneous) L02.91
    sacrum (tuberculous) A18.01
        nontuberculous M46.28
    salivary (duct) (gland) K11.3
    scalp (any part) L02.811
    scapular --see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
    sclera --see Scleritis
    scrofulous (tuberculous) A18.2
    scrotum N49.2
    seminal vesicle N49.0
    septal, dental K04.7
        with sinus (alveolar) K04.6
    serous --see Periostitis
    shoulder (region) --see Abscess, upper limb
    sigmoid K63.0
    sinus (accessory) (chronic) (nasal) --see also Sinusitis
        intracranial venous (any) G06.0
    Skene's duct or gland N34.0
    skin --see Abscess, by site
    specified site NEC L02.818
    spermatic cord N49.1
    sphenoidal (sinus) (chronic) J32.3
    spinal cord (any part) (staphylococcal) G06.1
        tuberculous A17.81
    spine (column) (tuberculous) A18.01
        epidural G06.1
        nontuberculous --see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
    spleen D73.3
        amebic A06.89
    stitch T81.41
        following an obstetrical procedure O86.01
    subarachnoid G06.2
        brain G06.0
        spinal cord G06.1
    subareolar --see Abscess, breast
    subcecal K35.33
    subcutaneous --see also Abscess, by site
        following procedure T81.41
            obstetrical O86.01
        pheomycotic (chromomycotic) B43.2
    subdiaphragmatic K65.1
    subdural G06.2
        brain G06.0
            sequelae G09
        spinal cord G06.1
    sub-fascial, following an obstetrical procedure O86.02
    subgaleal L02.811
    subhepatic K65.1
    sublingual K12.2
        gland K11.3
    submammary --see Abscess, breast
    submandibular (region) (space) (triangle) K12.2
        gland K11.3
    submaxillary (region) L02.01
        gland K11.3
    submental L02.01
        gland K11.3
    subperiosteal --see Osteomyelitis, specified type NEC
    subphrenic K65.1
        following an obstetrical procedure O86.03
        postoperative T81.43
    suburethral N34.0
    sudoriparous L75.8
    supraclavicular (fossa) --see Abscess, upper limb
    supralevator K61.5
    suprapelvic, acute N73.0
    suprarenal (capsule) (gland) E27.8
    sweat gland L74.8
    tear duct --see Inflammation, lacrimal, passages, acute
    temple L02.01
    temporal region L02.01
    temporosphenoidal G06.0
    tendon (sheath) M65.00
        ankle M65.07-
        foot M65.07-
        forearm M65.03-
        hand M65.04-
        lower leg M65.06-
        pelvic region M65.05-
        shoulder region M65.01-
        specified site NEC M65.08
        thigh M65.05-
        upper arm M65.02-
    testis N45.4
    thigh --see Abscess, lower limb
    thorax J86.9
        with fistula J86.0
    throat J39.1
    thumb --see also Abscess, hand
        nail --see Cellulitis, finger
    thymus (gland) E32.1
    thyroid (gland) E06.0
    toe (any) --see also Abscess, foot
        nail --see Cellulitis, toe
    tongue (staphylococcal) K14.0
    tonsil (s) (lingual) J36
    tonsillopharyngeal J36
    tooth, teeth (root) K04.7
        with sinus (alveolar) K04.6
        supporting structures NEC --see Peridontitis, aggressive, localized
    trachea J39.8
    trunk L02.219
        abdominal wall L02.211
        back L02.212
        chest wall L02.213
        groin L02.214
        perineum L02.215
        umbilicus L02.216
    tubal --see Salpingitis
    tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, abscess
    tubo-ovarian --see Salpingo-oophoritis
    tunica vaginalis N49.1
    umbilicus L02.216
        limb L02.41-
        respiratory J39.8
    urethral (gland) N34.0
    urinary N34.0
    uterus, uterine (wall) --see also Endometritis
        ligament --see also Disease, pelvis, inflammatory N73.2
        neck --see Cervicitis
    uvula K12.2
    vagina (wall) --see Vaginitis
    vaginorectal --see Vaginitis
    vas deferens N49.1
    vermiform appendix K35.33
    vertebra (column) (tuberculous) A18.01
        nontuberculous --see Osteomyelitis, vertebra
    vesical --see Cystitis, specified type NEC
    vesico-uterine pouch --see Peritonitis, pelvic, female
    vitreous (humor) --see Endophthalmitis, purulent
    vocal cord J38.3
    von Bezold's --see Mastoiditis, acute
    vulva N76.4
    vulvovaginal gland N75.1
    web space --see Abscess, hand
    wound T81.49
    wrist --see Abscess, upper limb