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Fusion, fused (congenital)
    astragaloscaphoid Q74.2
    atria Q21.1
    auditory canal Q16.1
    auricles, heart Q21.1
    binocular with defective stereopsis H53.32
    bone Q79.8
    cervical spine M43.22
    choanal Q30.0
    commissure, mitral valve Q23.2
    cusps, heart valve NEC Q24.8
        mitral Q23.2
        pulmonary Q22.1
        tricuspid Q22.4
    ear ossicles Q16.3
    fingers Q70.0-
    hymen Q52.3
    joint (acquired) --see also Ankylosis
        congenital Q74.8
    kidneys (incomplete) Q63.1
    labium (majus) (minus) Q52.5
    larynx and trachea Q34.8
    limb, congenital Q74.8
        lower Q74.2
        upper Q74.0
    lobes, lung Q33.8
    lumbosacral (acquired) M43.27
        arthrodesis status Z98.1
        congenital Q76.49
        postprocedural status Z98.1
    nares, nose, nasal, nostril (s) Q30.0
    organ or site not listed --see Anomaly, by site
    ossicles Q79.9
        auditory Q16.3
    pulmonic cusps Q22.1
    ribs Q76.6
    sacroiliac (joint) (acquired) M43.28
        arthrodesis status Z98.1
        congenital Q74.2
        postprocedural status Z98.1
    spine NEC (acquired) M43.20
        arthrodesis status Z98.1
        cervical region M43.22
        cervicothoracic region M43.23
        congenital Q76.49
        lumbar M43.26
        lumbosacral region M43.27
        occipito-atlanto-axial region M43.21
        postoperative status Z98.1
        sacrococcygeal region M43.28
        thoracic region M43.24
        thoracolumbar region M43.25
    sublingual duct with submaxillary duct at opening in mouth Q38.4
    testes Q55.1
    toes Q70.2-
    tooth, teeth K00.2
    trachea and esophagus Q39.8
    twins Q89.4
    vagina Q52.4
    ventricles, heart Q21.0
    vertebra (arch) --see Fusion, spine
    vulva Q52.5