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Gangrene, gangrenous (connective tissue) (dropsical) (dry) (moist) (skin) (ulcer) --see also Necrosis I96
    with diabetes (mellitus) --see Diabetes, gangrene
    abdomen (wall) I96
    alveolar M27.3
    appendix K35.80
            peritonitis, localized --see also Appendicitis K35.31
    arteriosclerotic (general) (senile) --see Arteriosclerosis, extremities, with, gangrene
    auricle I96
    Bacillus welchii A48.0
    bladder (infectious) --see Cystitis, specified type NEC
    bowel, cecum, or colon --see Gangrene, intestine
    Clostridium perfringens or welchii A48.0
    cornea H18.89-
    corpora cavernosa N48.29
        noninfective N48.89
    cutaneous, spreading I96
    decubital --see Ulcer, pressure, by site
    diabetic (any site) --see Diabetes, gangrene
    epidemic --see Poisoning, food, noxious, plant
    epididymis (infectional) N45.1
    erysipelas --see Erysipelas
    emphysematous --see Gangrene, gas
    extremity (lower) (upper) I96
    Fournier N49.3
        female N76.89
    fusospirochetal A69.0
    gallbladder --see Cholecystitis, acute
    gas (bacillus) A48.0
            abortion --see Abortion by type complicated by infection
            ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.0
    glossitis K14.0
    hernia --see Hernia, by site, with gangrene
    intestine, intestinal (hemorrhagic) (massive) --see also Infarct, intestine K55.069
            mesenteric embolism --see also Infarct, intestine K55.069
            obstruction --see Obstruction, intestine
    laryngitis J04.0
    limb (lower) (upper) I96
    lung J85.0
        spirochetal A69.8
    lymphangitis I89.1
    Meleney's (synergistic) --see Ulcer, skin
    mesentery --see also Infarct, intestine K55.069
            embolism --see also Infarct, intestine K55.069
            intestinal obstruction --see Obstruction, intestine
    mouth A69.0
    ovary --see Oophoritis
    pancreas --see Pancreatitis, acute
    penis N48.29
        noninfective N48.89
    perineum I96
    pharynx --see also Pharyngitis
        Vincent's A69.1
    presenile I73.1
    progressive synergistic --see Ulcer, skin
    pulmonary J85.0
    pulpal (dental) K04.1
    quinsy J36
    Raynaud's (symmetric gangrene) I73.01
    retropharyngeal J39.2
    scrotum N49.3
        noninfective N50.89
    senile (atherosclerotic) --see Arteriosclerosis, extremities, with, gangrene
    spermatic cord N49.1
        noninfective N50.89
    spine I96
    spirochetal NEC A69.8
    spreading cutaneous I96
    stomatitis A69.0
    symmetrical I73.01
    testis (infectional) N45.2
        noninfective N44.8
    throat --see also Pharyngitis
        diphtheritic A36.0
        Vincent's A69.1
    thyroid (gland) E07.89
    tooth (pulp) K04.1
    tuberculous NEC --see Tuberculosis
    tunica vaginalis N49.1
        noninfective N50.89
    umbilicus I96
    uterus --see Endometritis
    uvulitis K12.2
    vas deferens N49.1
        noninfective N50.89
    vulva N76.89