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Gastroenteritis (acute) (chronic) (noninfectious) --see also Enteritis K52.9
    allergic K52.29
            eosinophilic gastritis or gastroenteritis K52.81
            food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome K52.21
            food protein-induced enteropathy K52.22
    dietetic --see also Gastroenteritis, allergic K52.29
    drug-induced K52.1
    due to
        Cryptosporidium A07.2
        drugs K52.1
        food poisoning --see Intoxication, foodborne
        radiation K52.0
    eosinophilic K52.81
    epidemic (infectious) A09
    food hypersensitivity --see also Gastroenteritis, allergic K52.29
    infectious --see Enteritis, infectious
    influenzal --see Influenza, with gastroenteritis
    noninfectious K52.9
        specified NEC K52.89
    rotaviral A08.0
    Salmonella A02.0
    toxic K52.1
    viral NEC A08.4
        acute infectious A08.39
            type Norwalk A08.11
        infantile (acute) A08.39
        Norwalk agent A08.11
        rotaviral A08.0
        severe of infants A08.39
        specified type NEC A08.39