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Allergy, allergic (reaction) (to) T78.40
    air-borne substance NEC (rhinitis) J30.89
    alveolitis (extrinsic) J67.9
        due to
            Aspergillus clavatus J67.4
            Cryptostroma corticale J67.6
            organisms systems (fungal, thermophilic actinomycete) growing in ventilation (air conditioning) J67.7
        specified type NEC J67.8
    anaphylactic reaction or shock T78.2
    angioneurotic edema T78.3
    animal (dander) (epidermal) (hair) (rhinitis) J30.81
    bee sting (anaphylactic shock) --see Toxicity, venom, arthropod, bee
    biological --see Allergy, drug
    colitis --see also Colitis, allergic K52.29
    dander (animal) (rhinitis) J30.81
    dandruff (rhinitis) J30.81
    dental restorative material (existing) K08.55
    dermatitis --see Dermatitis, contact, allergic
    diathesis --see History, allergy
    drug, medicament & biological (any) (external) (internal) T78.40
        correct substance properly administered --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, adverse effect
        wrong substance given or taken NEC (by accident) --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug, poisoning
    due to pollen J30.1
    dust (house) (stock) (rhinitis) J30.89
        with asthma --see Asthma, allergic extrinsic
    eczema --see Dermatitis, contact, allergic
    epidermal (animal) (rhinitis) J30.81
    feathers (rhinitis) J30.89
    food NEC (any) (ingested) T78.1
        anaphylactic shock --see Shock, anaphylactic, due to food
        dermatitis --see Dermatitis, due to, food
        dietary counseling and surveillance Z71.3
        in contact with skin L23.6
        rhinitis J30.5
        status (without reaction) Z91.018
            eggs Z91.012
            milk products Z91.011
            peanuts Z91.010
            seafood Z91.013
            specified NEC Z91.018
    gastrointestinal --see also specific type of allergic reaction
        meaning colitis --see also Colitis, allergic K52.29
        meaning gastroenteritis --see also Gastroenteritis, allergic K52.29
        meaning other adverse food reaction not elsewhere classified T78.1
    grain J30.1
    grass (hay fever) (pollen) J30.1
        asthma --see Asthma, allergic extrinsic
    hair (animal) (rhinitis) J30.81
    history (of) --see History, allergy
    horse serum --see Allergy, serum
    inhalant (rhinitis) J30.89
        pollen J30.1
    kapok (rhinitis) J30.89
    medicine --see Allergy, drug
    milk protein --see also Allergy, food Z91.011
        anaphylactic reaction T78.07
        dermatitis L27.2
        enterocolitis syndrome K52.21
        enteropathy K52.22
        gastroenteritis K52.29
        gastroesophageal reflux --see also Reaction, adverse, food K21.9
            with esophagitis K21.0
        proctocolitis K52.82
    nasal, seasonal due to pollen J30.1
    pneumonia J82
    pollen (any) (hay fever) J30.1
        asthma --see Asthma, allergic extrinsic
    primrose J30.1
    primula J30.1
    proctocolitis K52.82
    purpura D69.0
    ragweed (hay fever) (pollen) J30.1
        asthma --see Asthma, allergic extrinsic
    rose (pollen) J30.1
    seasonal NEC J30.2
    Senecio jacobae (pollen) J30.1
    serum --see also Reaction, serum T80.69
        anaphylactic shock T80.59
    shock (anaphylactic) T78.2
        due to
            administration of blood and blood products T80.51
            adverse effect of correct medicinal substance properly administered T88.6
            immunization T80.52
            serum NEC T80.59
            vaccination T80.52
    specific NEC T78.49
    tree (any) (hay fever) (pollen) J30.1
        asthma --see Asthma, allergic extrinsic
    upper respiratory J30.9
    urticaria L50.0
    vaccine --see Allergy, serum
    wheat --see Allergy, food