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Glaucoma H40.9
        increased episcleral venous pressure H40.81-
        pseudoexfoliation of lens --see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, capsular
    absolute H44.51-
    angle-closure (primary) H40.20-
        acute (attack) (crisis) H40.21-
        chronic H40.22-
        intermittent H40.23-
        residual stage H40.24-
    borderline H40.00-
    capsular (with pseudoexfoliation of lens) --see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, capsular
    childhood Q15.0
    closed angle --see Glaucoma, angle-closure
    congenital Q15.0
    corticosteroid-induced --see Glaucoma, secondary, drugs
    hypersecretion H40.82-
    in (due to)
        amyloidosis E85.4 [H42]
        aniridia Q13.1 [H42]
        concussion of globe --see Glaucoma, secondary, trauma
        dislocation of lens --see Glaucoma, secondary
        disorder of lens NEC --see Glaucoma, secondary
        drugs --see Glaucoma, secondary, drugs
        endocrine disease NOS E34.9 [H42]
            inflammation --see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
            trauma --see Glaucoma, secondary, trauma
        hypermature cataract --see Glaucoma, secondary
        iridocyclitis --see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
        lens disorder --see Glaucoma, secondary,
        Lowe's syndrome E72.03 [H42]
        metabolic disease NOS E88.9 [H42]
        ocular disorders NEC --see Glaucoma, secondary
        onchocerciasis B73.02
        pupillary block --see Glaucoma, secondary
        retinal vein occlusion --see Glaucoma, secondary
        Rieger's anomaly Q13.81 [H42]
        rubeosis of iris --see Glaucoma, secondary
        tumor of globe --see Glaucoma, secondary
    infantile Q15.0
    low tension --see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, low-tension
    malignant H40.83-
    narrow angle --see Glaucoma, angle-closure
    newborn Q15.0
    noncongestive (chronic) --see Glaucoma, open angle
    nonobstructive --see Glaucoma, open angle
    obstructive --see also Glaucoma, angle-closure
        due to lens changes --see Glaucoma, secondary
    open angle H40.10-
        primary H40.11-
            capsular (with pseudoexfoliation of lens) H40.14-
            low-tension H40.12-
            pigmentary H40.13-
            residual stage H40.15-
    phacolytic --see Glaucoma, secondary
    pigmentary --see Glaucoma, open angle, primary, pigmentary
    postinfectious --see Glaucoma, secondary, inflammation
    secondary (to) H40.5-
        drugs H40.6-
        inflammation H40.4-
        trauma H40.3-
    simple (chronic) H40.11-
    simplex H40.11-
    specified type NEC H40.89
    suspect H40.00-
    syphilitic A52.71
    traumatic --see also Glaucoma, secondary, trauma
        newborn (birth injury) P15.3
    tuberculous A18.59