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Gonococcus, gonococcal (disease) (infection) --see also condition A54.9
    anus A54.6
    bursa, bursitis A54.49
    conjunctiva, conjunctivitis (neonatorum) A54.31
    endocardium A54.83
    eye A54.30
        conjunctivitis A54.31
        iridocyclitis A54.32
        keratitis A54.33
        newborn A54.31
        other specified A54.39
    fallopian tubes (acute) (chronic) A54.24
    genitourinary (organ) (system) (tract) (acute)
        lower A54.00
            with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
        upper --see also condition A54.29
    heart A54.83
    iridocyclitis A54.32
    joint A54.42
    lymphatic (gland) (node) A54.89
    meninges, meningitis A54.81
    musculoskeletal A54.40
        arthritis A54.42
        osteomyelitis A54.43
        other specified A54.49
        spondylopathy A54.41
    pelviperitonitis A54.24
    pelvis (acute) (chronic) A54.24
    pharynx A54.5
    proctitis A54.6
    pyosalpinx (acute) (chronic) A54.24
    rectum A54.6
    skin A54.89
    specified site NEC A54.89
    tendon sheath A54.49
    throat A54.5
    urethra (acute) (chronic) A54.01
        with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
    vulva (acute) (chronic) A54.02