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Gonorrhea (acute) (chronic) A54.9
    Bartholin's gland (acute) (chronic) (purulent) A54.02
        with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
    bladder A54.01
    cervix A54.03
    conjunctiva, conjunctivitis (neonatorum) A54.31
    contact Z20.2
    Cowper's gland (with abscess) A54.1
    exposure to Z20.2
    fallopian tube (acute) (chronic) A54.24
    kidney (acute) (chronic) A54.21
    lower genitourinary tract A54.00
        with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
    ovary (acute) (chronic) A54.24
    pelvis (acute) (chronic) A54.24
        female pelvic inflammatory disease A54.24
    penis A54.09
    prostate (acute) (chronic) A54.22
    seminal vesicle (acute) (chronic) A54.23
    specified site not listed --see also Gonococcus A54.89
    spermatic cord (acute) (chronic) A54.23
    urethra A54.01
        with abscess (accessory gland) (periurethral) A54.1
    vagina A54.02
    vas deferens (acute) (chronic) A54.23
    vulva A54.02