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Gumma (syphilitic) A52.79
    artery A52.09
        cerebral A52.04
    bone A52.77
        of yaws (late) A66.6
    brain A52.19
    cauda equina A52.19
    central nervous system A52.3
    ciliary body A52.71
    congenital A50.59
    eyelid A52.71
    heart A52.06
    intracranial A52.19
    iris A52.71
    kidney A52.75
    larynx A52.73
    leptomeninges A52.19
    liver A52.74
    meninges A52.19
    myocardium A52.06
    nasopharynx A52.73
    neurosyphilitic A52.3
    nose A52.73
    orbit A52.71
    palate (soft) A52.79
    penis A52.76
    pericardium A52.06
    pharynx A52.73
    pituitary A52.79
    scrofulous (tuberculous) A18.4
    skin A52.79
    specified site NEC A52.79
    spinal cord A52.19
    tongue A52.79
    tonsil A52.73
    trachea A52.73
    tuberculous A18.4
    ulcerative due to yaws A66.4
    ureter A52.75
    yaws A66.4
        bone A66.6