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Heat (effects) T67.9
    apoplexy T67.0
    burn --see also Burn L55.9
    collapse T67.1
    cramps T67.2
    dermatitis or eczema L59.0
    edema T67.7
    erythema - code by site under Burn, first degree
    excessive T67.9
        specified effect NEC T67.8
    exhaustion T67.5
        anhydrotic T67.3
        due to
            salt depletion (and water) T67.4
            water depletion T67.3
                with salt depletion T67.4
    fatigue (transient) T67.6
    fever T67.0
    hyperpyrexia T67.0
    prickly L74.0
    prostration --see Heat, exhaustion
    pyrexia T67.0
    rash L74.0
    specified effect NEC T67.8
    stroke T67.0
    sunburn --see Sunburn
    syncope T67.1