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Hematoma (traumatic) (skin surface intact) --see also Contusion
        injury of internal organs --see Injury, by site
        open wound --see Wound, open
    amputation stump (surgical) (late) T87.89
    aorta, dissecting I71.00
        abdominal I71.02
        thoracic I71.01
        thoracoabdominal I71.03
    aortic intramural --see Dissection, aorta
    arterial (complicating trauma) --see Injury, blood vessel, by site
    auricle --see Contusion, ear
        nontraumatic --see Disorder, pinna, hematoma
    birth injury NEC P15.8
    brain (traumatic)
            cerebral laceration or contusion (diffuse) --see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
                focal --see Injury, intracranial, focal
        cerebellar, traumatic S06.37-
        newborn NEC P52.4
            birth injury P10.1
        intracerebral, traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, intracerebral hemorrhage
        nontraumatic --see Hemorrhage, intracranial
        subarachnoid, arachnoid, traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, subarachnoid hemorrhage
        subdural, traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, subdural hemorrhage
    breast (nontraumatic) N64.89
    broad ligament (nontraumatic) N83.7
        traumatic S37.892
    cerebellar, traumatic S06.37-
    cerebral --see Hematoma, brain
    cerebrum S06.36-
        left S06.35-
        right S06.34-
    cesarean delivery wound O90.2
    complicating delivery (perineal) (pelvic) (vagina) (vulva) O71.7
    corpus cavernosum (nontraumatic) N48.89
    epididymis (nontraumatic) N50.1
    epidural (traumatic) --see Injury, intracranial, epidural hemorrhage
        spinal --see Injury, spinal cord, by region
    episiotomy O90.2
    face, birth injury P15.4
    genital organ NEC (nontraumatic)
        female (nonobstetric) N94.89
            traumatic S30.202
        male N50.1
            traumatic S30.201
    internal organs --see Injury, by site
    intracerebral, traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, intracerebral hemorrhage
    intraoperative --see Complications, intraoperative, hemorrhage
    labia (nontraumatic) (nonobstetric) N90.89
    liver (subcapsular) (nontraumatic) K76.89
        birth injury P15.0
    mediastinum --see Injury, intrathoracic
    mesosalpinx (nontraumatic) N83.7
        traumatic S37.898
    muscle - code by site under Contusion
        muscle M79.81
        soft tissue M79.81
    obstetrical surgical wound O90.2
    orbit, orbital (nontraumatic) --see also Hemorrhage, orbit
        traumatic --see Contusion, orbit
    pelvis (female) (nontraumatic) (nonobstetric) N94.89
        obstetric O71.7
        traumatic --see Injury, by site
    penis (nontraumatic) N48.89
        birth injury P15.5
    perianal (nontraumatic) K64.5
    perineal S30.23
        complicating delivery O71.7
    perirenal --see Injury, kidney
    pinna --see Contusion, ear
        nontraumatic --see Disorder, pinna, hematoma
    placenta O43.89-
    postoperative (postprocedural) --see Complication, postprocedural, hematoma
    retroperitoneal (nontraumatic) K66.1
        traumatic S36.892
    scrotum, superficial S30.22
        birth injury P15.5
    seminal vesicle (nontraumatic) N50.1
        traumatic S37.892
    spermatic cord (traumatic) S37.892
        nontraumatic N50.1
    spinal (cord) (meninges) --see also Injury, spinal cord, by region
        newborn (birth injury) P11.5
    spleen D73.5
        intraoperative --see Complications, intraoperative, hemorrhage, spleen
        postprocedural (postoperative) --see Complications, postprocedural, hemorrhage, spleen
    sternocleidomastoid, birth injury P15.2
    sternomastoid, birth injury P15.2
    subarachnoid (traumatic) --see Injury, intracranial, subarachnoid hemorrhage
        newborn (nontraumatic) P52.5
            due to birth injury P10.3
        nontraumatic --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
    subdural (traumatic) --see Injury, intracranial, subdural hemorrhage
        newborn (localized) P52.8
            birth injury P10.0
        nontraumatic --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subdural
    superficial, newborn P54.5
    testis (nontraumatic) N50.1
        birth injury P15.5
    tunica vaginalis (nontraumatic) N50.1
    umbilical cord, complicating delivery O69.5
    uterine ligament (broad) (nontraumatic) N83.7
        traumatic S37.892
    vagina (ruptured) (nontraumatic) N89.8
        complicating delivery O71.7
    vas deferens (nontraumatic) N50.1
        traumatic S37.892
    vitreous --see Hemorrhage, vitreous
    vulva (nontraumatic) (nonobstetric) N90.89
        complicating delivery O71.7
        newborn (birth injury) P15.5