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Hematuria R31.9
    due to sulphonamide, sulfonamide --see Table of Drugs and Chemicals, by drug
    benign (familial) (of childhood) --see also Hematuria, idiopathic
        essential microscopic R31.1
    endemic --see also Schistosomiasis B65.0
    gross R31.0
    idiopathic N02.9
        with glomerular lesion
            crescentic glomerulonephritis (diffuse) N02.7
            dense deposit disease N02.6
            endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis N02.4
            focal and segmental hyalinosis or sclerosis N02.1
            membranoproliferative (diffuse) N02.5
            membranous (diffuse) N02.2
            mesangial proliferative (diffuse) N02.3
            mesangiocapillary (diffuse) N02.5
            minor abnormality N02.0
            proliferative NEC N02.8
            specified pathology NEC N02.8
    intermittent --see Hematuria, idiopathic
    malarial B50.8
    microscopic NEC (with symptoms) R31.29
        asymptomatic R31.21
        benign essential R31.1
    paroxysmal --see also Hematuria, idiopathic
        nocturnal D59.5
    persistent --see Hematuria, idiopathic
    recurrent --see Hematuria, idiopathic
    tropical --see also Schistosomiasis B65.0
    tuberculous A18.13