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Hemorrhage, hemorrhagic (concealed) R58
    abdomen R58
    accidental antepartum --see Hemorrhage, antepartum
    acute idiopathic pulmonary, in infants R04.81
    adenoid J35.8
    adrenal (capsule) (gland) E27.49
        medulla E27.8
        newborn P54.4
    after delivery --see Hemorrhage, postpartum
        lung, newborn P26.8
        process K08.89
    alveolus K08.89
    amputation stump (surgical) T87.89
    anemia (chronic) D50.0
        acute D62
    antepartum (with) O46.90
        with coagulation defect O46.00-
            afibrinogenemia O46.01-
            disseminated intravascular coagulation O46.02-
            hypofibrinogenemia O46.01-
            specified defect NEC O46.09-
        before 20 weeks gestation O20.9
            specified type NEC O20.8
            threatened abortion O20.0
        due to
            abruptio placenta --see also Abruptio placentae O45.9-
            leiomyoma, uterus --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, specified cause NEC
            placenta previa O44.1-
        specified cause NEC --see subcategory O46.8X-
    anus (sphincter) K62.5
    apoplexy (stroke) --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
    arachnoid --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
    artery R58
        brain --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
    basilar (ganglion) I61.0
    bladder N32.89
    bowel K92.2
        newborn P54.3
    brain (miliary) (nontraumatic) --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
        due to
            birth injury P10.1
            syphilis A52.05
        epidural or extradural (traumatic) --see Injury, intracranial, epidural hemorrhage
        newborn P52.4
            birth injury P10.1
        subarachnoid --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
        subdural --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subdural
    brainstem (nontraumatic) I61.3
        traumatic S06.38-
    breast N64.59
    bronchial tube --see Hemorrhage, lung
    bronchopulmonary --see Hemorrhage, lung
    bronchus --see Hemorrhage, lung
    bulbar I61.5
    capillary I78.8
        primary D69.8
    cecum K92.2
    cerebellar, cerebellum (nontraumatic) I61.4
        newborn P52.6
        traumatic S06.37-
    cerebral, cerebrum --see also Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
        newborn (anoxic) P52.4
            birth injury P10.1
        lobe I61.1
    cerebromeningeal I61.8
    cerebrospinal --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
    cervix NEC (uteri) (stump) N88.8
    chamber, anterior (eye) --see Hyphema
    childbirth --see Hemorrhage, complicating, delivery
    choroid H31.30-
        expulsive H31.31-
    ciliary body --see Hyphema
    cochlea --see subcategory H83.8
    colon K92.2
        abortion --see Abortion, by type, complicated by, hemorrhage
        delivery O67.9
            associated with coagulation defect (afibrinogenemia) (DIC) (hyperfibrinolysis) O67.0
            specified cause NEC O67.8
        surgical procedure --see Hemorrhage, intraoperative
    conjunctiva H11.3-
        newborn P54.8
    cord, newborn (stump) P51.9
    corpus luteum cyst (ruptured) N83.1-
    cortical (brain) I61.1
    cranial --see Hemorrhage, intracranial
    cutaneous R23.3
        due to autosensitivity, erythrocyte D69.2
        newborn P54.5
        following ectopic or molar pregnancy O08.1
        postpartum O72.2
    diathesis (familial) D69.9
    disease D69.9
        newborn P53
        specified type NEC D69.8
    due to or associated with
        afibrinogenemia or other coagulation defect (conditions in categories D65-D69)
            antepartum --see Hemorrhage, antepartum, with coagulation defect
            intrapartum O67.0
        dental implant M27.61
        device, implant or graft --see also Complications, by site and type, specified NEC T85.838
            arterial graft NEC T82.838
            breast T85.838
            catheter NEC T85.838
                dialysis (renal) T82.838
                    intraperitoneal T85.838
                infusion NEC T82.838
                    spinal (epidural) (subdural) T85.830
                urinary (indwelling) T83.83
            electronic (electrode) (pulse generator) (stimulator)
                bone T84.83
                cardiac T82.837
                nervous system (brain) (peripheral nerve) (spinal) T85.830
                urinary T83.83
            fixation, internal NEC (orthopedic) T84.83
            gastrointestinal (bile duct) (esophagus) T85.838
            genital NEC T83.83
            heart NEC T82.837
            joint prosthesis T84.83
            ocular NEC (corneal graft) (orbital implant) T85.838
            orthopedic NEC T84.83
                bone graft T86.838
            specified NEC T85.838
            urinary NEC T83.83
            vascular NEC T82.838
            ventricular intracranial shunt T85.830
    duodenum, duodenal K92.2
        ulcer --see Ulcer, duodenum, with hemorrhage
    dura mater --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subdural
    endotracheal --see Hemorrhage, lung
    epicranial subaponeurotic, birth injury (massive) P12.2
    epidural (traumatic) --see also Injury, intracranial, epidural hemorrhage
        nontraumatic I62.1
    esophagus K22.8
        varix I85.01
            secondary I85.11
    excessive, following ectopic gestation (subsequent episode) O08.1
    extradural (traumatic) --see Injury, intracranial, epidural hemorrhage
        birth injury P10.8
        newborn (anoxic) (nontraumatic) P52.8
        nontraumatic I62.1
    eye NEC H57.89
        fundus --see Hemorrhage, retina
        lid --see Disorder, eyelid, specified type NEC
    fallopian tube N83.6
    fibrinogenolysis --see Fibrinolysis
    fibrinolytic (acquired) --see Fibrinolysis
        ear (nontraumatic) --see Otorrhagia
        tracheostomy stoma J95.01
    fundus, eye --see Hemorrhage, retina
    funis --see Hemorrhage, umbilicus, cord
    gastric --see Hemorrhage, stomach
    gastroenteric K92.2
        newborn P54.3
    gastrointestinal (tract) K92.2
        newborn P54.3
    genital organ, male N50.1
    genitourinary NOS (tract) R31.9
    gingiva K06.8
    globe (eye) --see Hemophthalmos
    graafian follicle cyst (ruptured) N83.0-
    gum K06.8
    heart I51.89
    hypopharyngeal (throat) R04.1
    intermenstrual (regular) N92.3
        irregular N92.1
    internal NEC (organs) R58
        capsule I61.0
        ear --see subcategory H83.8
        newborn P54.8
    intestine K92.2
        newborn P54.3
    intra-abdominal R58
    intra-alveolar, newborn (lung) P26.8
    intracerebral (nontraumatic) --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, intracerebral
    intracranial (nontraumatic) I62.9
        birth injury P10.9
        epidural, nontraumatic I62.1
        extradural, nontraumatic I62.1
        newborn P52.9
            specified NEC P52.8
        intracerebral (nontraumatic) (in) I61.9
            brain stem I61.3
            cerebellum I61.4
            newborn P52.4
                birth injury P10.1
            hemisphere I61.2
                cortical (superficial) I61.1
                subcortical (deep) I61.0
                during a nervous system procedure G97.31
                during other procedure G97.32
            intraventricular I61.5
            multiple localized I61.6
                following a nervous system procedure G97.51
                following other procedure G97.52
            specified NEC I61.8
            superficial I61.1
            traumatic (diffuse) --see Injury, intracranial, diffuse
                focal --see Injury, intracranial, focal
        subarachnoid (nontraumatic) (from) I60.9
            newborn P52.5
                birth injury P10.3
            intracranial artery (cerebral) I60.7
                anterior communicating I60.2
                basilar I60.4
                carotid siphon and bifurcation I60.0-
                communicating I60.7
                    anterior I60.2
                    posterior I60.3-
                middle cerebral I60.1-
                posterior communicating I60.3-
                specified artery NEC I60.6
                vertebral I60.5-
            specified NEC I60.8
            traumatic S06.6X-
        subdural (nontraumatic) I62.00
            acute I62.01
            birth injury P10.0
            chronic I62.03
            newborn (anoxic) (hypoxic) P52.8
                birth injury P10.0
            spinal G95.19
            subacute I62.02
            traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, subdural hemorrhage
        traumatic --see Injury, intracranial, focal brain injury
    intramedullary NEC G95.19
    intraocular --see Hemophthalmos
    intraoperative, intraprocedural --see Complication, hemorrhage (hematoma), intraoperative (intraprocedural), by site
    intrapartum --see Hemorrhage, complicating, delivery
        female N94.89
        male K66.1
    intraperitoneal K66.1
    intrapontine I61.3
    intraprocedural --see Complication, hemorrhage (hematoma), intraoperative (intraprocedural), by site
    intrauterine N85.7
        complicating delivery --see also Hemorrhage, complicating, delivery O67.9
        postpartum --see Hemorrhage, postpartum
    intraventricular I61.5
        newborn (nontraumatic) --see also Newborn, affected by, hemorrhage P52.3
            due to birth injury P10.2
                1 P52.0
                2 P52.1
                3 P52.21
                4 P52.22
    intravesical N32.89
    iris (postinfectional) (postinflammatory) (toxic) --see Hyphema
    joint (nontraumatic) --see Hemarthrosis
    kidney N28.89
    knee (joint) (nontraumatic) --see Hemarthrosis, knee
    labyrinth --see subcategory H83.8
    lenticular striate artery I61.0
    ligature, vessel --see Hemorrhage, postoperative
    liver K76.89
    lung R04.89
        newborn P26.9
            massive P26.1
            specified NEC P26.8
        tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
    massive umbilical, newborn P51.0
    mediastinum --see Hemorrhage, lung
    medulla I61.3
    membrane (brain) I60.8
        spinal cord --see Hemorrhage, spinal cord
    meninges, meningeal (brain) (middle) I60.8
        spinal cord --see Hemorrhage, spinal cord
    mesentery K66.1
    metritis --see Endometritis
    mouth K13.79
    mucous membrane NEC R58
        newborn P54.8
    muscle M62.89
    nail (subungual) L60.8
    nasal turbinate R04.0
        newborn P54.8
    navel, newborn P51.9
    newborn P54.9
        specified NEC P54.8
    nipple N64.59
    nose R04.0
        newborn P54.8
    omentum K66.1
    optic nerve (sheath) H47.02-
    orbit, orbital H05.23-
    ovary NEC N83.8
    oviduct N83.6
    pancreas K86.89
    parathyroid (gland) (spontaneous) E21.4
    parturition --see Hemorrhage, complicating, delivery
    penis N48.89
    pericardium, pericarditis I31.2
    peritoneum, peritoneal K66.1
    peritonsillar tissue J35.8
        due to infection J36
    petechial R23.3
        due to autosensitivity, erythrocyte D69.2
    pituitary (gland) E23.6
    pleura --see Hemorrhage, lung
    polioencephalitis, superior E51.2
    polymyositis --see Polymyositis
    pons, pontine I61.3
    posterior fossa (nontraumatic) I61.8
        newborn P52.6
    postmenopausal N95.0
    postnasal R04.0
    postoperative --see Complications, postprocedural, hemorrhage, by site
    postpartum NEC (following delivery of placenta) O72.1
        delayed or secondary O72.2
        retained placenta O72.0
        third stage O72.0
    pregnancy --see Hemorrhage, antepartum
    preretinal --see Hemorrhage, retina
    prostate N42.1
    puerperal --see Hemorrhage, postpartum
        delayed or secondary O72.2
    pulmonary R04.89
        newborn P26.9
            massive P26.1
            specified NEC P26.8
        tuberculous --see Tuberculosis, pulmonary
    purpura (primary) D69.3
    rectum (sphincter) K62.5
        newborn P54.2
    recurring, following initial hemorrhage at time of injury T79.2
    renal N28.89
    respiratory passage or tract R04.9
        specified NEC R04.89
    retina, retinal (vessels) H35.6-
        diabetic --see Diabetes, retinal, hemorrhage
    retroperitoneal R58
    scalp R58
    scrotum N50.1
    secondary (nontraumatic) R58
        following initial hemorrhage at time of injury T79.2
    seminal vesicle N50.1
    skin R23.3
        newborn P54.5
    slipped umbilical ligature P51.8
    spermatic cord N50.1
    spinal (cord) G95.19
        newborn (birth injury) P11.5
    spleen D73.5
        intraoperative --see Complications, intraoperative, hemorrhage, spleen
        postprocedural --see Complications, postprocedural, hemorrhage, spleen
    stomach K92.2
        newborn P54.3
        ulcer --see Ulcer, stomach, with hemorrhage
    subarachnoid (nontraumatic) --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subarachnoid
    subconjunctival --see also Hemorrhage, conjunctiva
        birth injury P15.3
    subcortical (brain) I61.0
    subcutaneous R23.3
    subdiaphragmatic R58
    subdural (acute) (nontraumatic) --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subdural
        newborn P52.0
            with intraventricular extension P52.1
                and intracerebral extension P52.22
    subgaleal P12.2
    subhyaloid --see Hemorrhage, retina
    subperiosteal --see Disorder, bone, specified type NEC
    subretinal --see Hemorrhage, retina
    subtentorial --see Hemorrhage, intracranial, subdural
    subungual L60.8
    suprarenal (capsule) (gland) E27.49
        newborn P54.4
    tentorium NEC (traumatic) --see Hemorrhage, brain
        newborn (birth injury) P10.4
    testis N50.1
    third stage (postpartum) O72.0
    thorax --see Hemorrhage, lung
    throat R04.1
    thymus (gland) E32.8
    thyroid (cyst) (gland) E07.89
    tongue K14.8
    tonsil J35.8
    trachea --see Hemorrhage, lung
    tracheobronchial R04.89
        newborn P26.0
    traumatic - code to specific injury
        cerebellar --see Hemorrhage, brain
        intracranial --see Hemorrhage, brain
        recurring or secondary (following initial hemorrhage at time of injury) T79.2
    tuberculous NEC --see also Tuberculosis, pulmonary A15.0
    tunica vaginalis N50.1
    ulcer - code by site under Ulcer, with hemorrhage K27.4
    umbilicus, umbilical
            after birth, newborn P51.9
            complicating delivery O69.5
        newborn P51.9
            massive P51.0
            slipped ligature P51.8
        stump P51.9
    urethra (idiopathic) N36.8
    uterus, uterine (abnormal) N93.9
        climacteric N92.4
        complicating delivery --see Hemorrhage, complicating, delivery
        dysfunctional or functional N93.8
        intermenstrual (regular) N92.3
            irregular N92.1
        postmenopausal N95.0
        postpartum --see Hemorrhage, postpartum
        preclimacteric or premenopausal N92.4
        prepubertal N93.8
        pubertal N92.2
    vagina (abnormal) N93.9
        newborn P54.6
    vas deferens N50.1
    vasa previa O69.4
    ventricular I61.5
    vesical N32.89
    viscera NEC R58
        newborn P54.8
    vitreous (humor) (intraocular) H43.1-
    vulva N90.89