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    altitude effects T70.20
        anoxia T70.29
            ears T70.0
            sinuses T70.1
        polycythemia D75.1
        foot Q66.7
        palate, congenital Q38.5
    arterial tension --see Hypertension
    basal metabolic rate R94.8
    blood pressure --see also Hypertension
        borderline R03.0
        reading, without diagnosis of hypertension (incidental) (isolated) (nonspecific) R03.0
    cholesterol E78.00
        with high triglycerides E78.2
    diaphragm (congenital) Q79.1
    expressed emotional level within family Z63.8
    head at term O32.4
    palate, congenital Q38.5
        infant NEC Z76.2
        sexual behavior (heterosexual) Z72.51
            bisexual Z72.53
            homosexual Z72.52
    scrotal testis, testes
        bilateral Q53.23
        unilateral Q53.13
    temperature (of unknown origin) R50.9
    thoracic rib Q76.6
    triglycerides E78.1
        with high cholesterol E78.2